[CEO Seo Moon Young-soo] Netmarble (CEO Young-Sik Kwon, Do Ki-wook) is a subsidiary Netmarble Ento (CEO Min-Gwan Kwon) and Netmarble F & C (CEO Seo Woo-won). It was announced on the 16th that it was selected.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor has selected 100 Korean jobs every year since 2018 to contribute to job creation and to encourage companies that have improved job quality. We will discover excellent companies by evaluating job creation, shortening working hours and practicing work and living balance, excellent youth employment, consideration of women, disabled people, elderly people, and converting regular workers in non-regular workers.

Netmarble Ento is a game company that developed ‘Marvel of All’, ‘Money Kungya Island’, and ‘Magumagu’ series. Netmarble Ento is also a participatory company of the Ministry of Employment and Labor. This campaign is a campaign to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the company by improving the way of working and working practices so that workers can be able to exert their ability.

In April, Lee Ji-hyun, head of Netmarble Ento Part, won the ‘Industrial Packaging’ at the 2022 Disabled Employment Promotion Contest in recognition of contributing to the improvement of the employment awareness of the disabled.

Netmarble F & C, which was selected together, was selected as the best company in Korea for two consecutive years, for the second consecutive year, for its contribution to continuous job creation, improvement of job quality, and work and living balance. The number of Netmarble F & C employees increased 117% year-on-year, and the employment rate of full-time employees reached 99.6%.


Netmarble F & C has produced a global hit ‘Seven Sins: Grand Cross’ and mobile MMORPG ‘Blade & Soul Revolution’. Currently, its subsidiary Meta Bus World, Meta Bus Entertainment, Study O and are actively developing not only games but also blockchain-based platforms, digital human, webtoons and web novels.

Meanwhile, Netmarble Company has been implementing the ‘Working Culture Improvement Plan’, including ▲ outing overtime and weekend work, introducing flexible work system, and expanding comprehensive health checkups, and ‘selective working hours system’ where employees are freely determined by employees from 2018. It was introduced.

In addition, annual salary ▲ Welfare points worth 2.5 million won per year ▲ support for vacation and vacation every 5 years ▲ Comprehensive health checkups and medical expenses support ▲ support for medical expenses ▲ It is operated.