For the celebration of the Moon New Year and the Tiger of the Tiger, Xbox has designed 15 Xbox Series S-consoles and Xbox Wireless Controller together with the Chinese Draftsman BU2MA, which are inspired by an iconic figure from his work.

2 weeks later - NOW do I regret getting the Xbox Series S?

Fans around the world can participate in celebrations and the raffle of the exclusive set by the official tweet to raffle by 3 February 3, 2022 at the latest.

The Xbox Series S and the Xbox Wireless Controller to the Moon New Year’s festival show the tiger in a modern robe. Inspired by the traditional lucky color of the moonne year, red and gold, is the individual design for well-being and happiness.

The Xbox Wireless Controller is held in a festive red and shows the tiger in black Chinese ink, which is often used in traditional Chinese washing paintings. In order to underline the meaning of the zodiac sign, a golden tiger in Chinese font is shown on the back of the controller.