-Thai Vampire esports, both major tournaments win

-Korea’s Damwon Kia, Main Tournament 5th record

Craftton said today (22nd) that it has completed the 2022 Battleground Mobile World Invitational (2022 PMWI).


The 2022 PMWI is a tournament with 18 teams who won the league in each region of the world and covered the world’s strongest team in the first half of this year.

The tournament was held in three years in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, in connection with the e-sports festival, Gamers Eight, hosted by the Saudi E-Sports Federation.

In addition to the main tournament held in the first week, and the extra tournament After-Party Showdown held in the second week, all Thai vampire esports won the championship. Vampire esports won all winners of the tournament and won a total of $ 700,000.

The main tournament participated in 18 teams, winning a total of $ 2 million and competing with a total of 18 matches a day. Vampire esports finished the first day of the tournament and fell to fourth place on the second day of the tournament.

Saudi Arabia’s Team Falcon, who ranked second, rose to the first place on the second day, but on the third day, he finally reversed the vampire esports, ranking second with only three points, making it $ 300,000.. The third-placed Mongolian Stal Wott esports and Nigma Galaxy in the fourth-team Iraq won $ 160,000 and $ 100,000, respectively.

Damwon Kia, who played as a representative of Korea, finished the 15th place at 15th, but after rebounding to the fourth place on the second day, he finished the tournament with the final 5th record and secured the last entry of the after-party showdown.

After-party showdown was a total of $ 1 million for 12 teams, including the top five teams of the main tournament, six teams by region, and R8 E-Sports of Saudi Arabia, who participated as a special invitation team.

Vampire esports showed a sluggish appearance in the after-party Sodaeun, but soon won the reversal championship by acquiring six chickens based on the overwhelming performance.

Damwon Kia finished second in the first day, but finished the tournament with the final seventh place. In particular, Damwon Kia won the second place in the special reward given to the team that shows a unique and fun entrance ceremony before the start of the game.

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