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More than 290 games of domestic and overseas games, Indie Krafts most receptionist

Global Indie Games Festival 2022 Indexed Virtual Games showed that recruitment of the exhibition was achieved the highest support.

The InDieCraft Operation Secretariat said that 241 domestic 241 domestic and 50 Indie games were received from the last 14 days of recruitment deadline. Indie Kraft, which started in 2019, has increased the participation of each year and maintained an increase this year.

This year event opens with a virtual game show through the metabus, providing a total prize money and a variety of business support. Especially, when the exhibition participation is selected for Top 50, in May, it is possible to play on the virtual game show that is operated in August, followed by the domestic exhibition in August, in August.

Indie World: Best-Selling Indie Games of 2020 on Nintendo Switch

Final exhibition is a smaller in April of April, and after the announcement of the announcement, the announcement of the Indie Kraft official homepage and individual guide. The final selection developer explains the support projects such as virtual game show operations and business grants, and mentoring through business descriptions.

Then, on May 25, 29, the online virtual game show is conducted, and August opens the local publicity and online virtual game show in August 2022.

The Korean Mobile Games Association, who cooperates with Indie Kraft, said, “Thank you for all the small and medium-sized games developers that support the Indian Kraft exhibitions every year. Especially this year I was able to identify the interest I sent to this exhibition through the highest support. Fair “2022 Indie Kraft” will be prepared to be reborn as a global game festival through a thorough review. “

FIFA 22: Russia is picked after losing with Spain on the online Qualifiers of FIFA Nation

Real football piquers also reach the virtual; More specifically to FIFA 22. Currently, the online qualifiers of FIFA Nations are playing where the Spanish team, commanded by Gravesen, Neat and Adriman are standing to stay at the top of the classification.

After finishing the first day with 13 points, the second has begun with a vital duel against Russia, where we needed to win so as not to be away from Top 3, which is the goal. Our boys have not disappointed and have expired the two matches to the Russian combination, for 2-0 and 1-0. It seems that he has not sat well to his federation.

Fifa 22:Russia vs Hungary
The Federation of Official Russia has answered with a Tuit putting a photo that reminded us of the Penaltis Tanda in the last real football world, where they eliminated us at the lottery of the eleven meters. Probably, because it is the only thing they can take chest before us. In fact, this is remembered Javi Villar , coach of the national team.

A curious pique, which does not go further, and that surely the Russians have done with their particular humor. At the moment, Spain is in the Top 3 and they are struggling to avoid the descent.

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