While fans patiently wait for the first material to the second part of the final fantasy 7 remake, which is to be revealed according to Square Enix finally this year, a character of the JRPG classic is currently especially on everyone’s lips: The speech is from TIFA Lockhart . The leg-hard fighter does not just make a great figure in the game.

Frequently, TIFen is also selected as a cosplay model and recently litched together with Teampartner Cloud a truly spicy scene in the Italian Senate, as a participant of the zoom conference accidentally a final fantasy porn over Facebook and Italian television shared.

Shorthair mod for TIA brings fresh wind in FF7

By the meantime, TAFA also also on the PC The Shinras Shinras, because the remake of Final Fantasy 7 has been available since December 16 last year via the Epic Games Store, a publication about Steam is still out. Although the PC version thanks to high price and dirty porting some trouble approached, many in the community have fun with the title.

Therefore, it did not last long until players have developed the first mods and one of them also affects the bang-hard TIFA. With the MOD by User Gojeeb, you can finally change the hairstyle of TIFA and you miss a short haircut . Like that looks in the game, the above-embedded video shows.

If you reach photos, but you can also visit the official NexusMods page of the mod. There you will also find a detailed instructions for installing TIFA’s short hairstyle. Although a few players complain about problems with the mod in the comments, many are very satisfied.

Do you like Tifa's short haircut?- Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The mod is also quite successful: Since its upload on January 17, the NexusMods page of TIFA’s new hairstyle has already recorded just under 30,000 views and over 3000 downloads. How we find: Gojeeb has delivered a great job with the mod and TIFA is the new haircut really good.

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