In Thuringia, the rest of the season is finished under 3G conditions. At the end of January, a board meeting of the Thuringian Football Association (TFV) had shown that the game operation under 2G would not be resumed. As the TFV now complements in a press release, a survey would have revealed that the clubs also pronounced a resumption of playing under 2G conditions. This would shift down the restart from the association league down to early March at the earliest.

Verbandliga starts earlier than the state class

But when should it go on now and above all how should the whole remaining games be brought under a hat? After the ball had sometimes rested last year due to the rapidly rising Corona fall figures in Thuringia, the appointment calendar of the leagues on land and circle level is already plump filled anyway. For example, in the Verbandliga Thüringen, a strength of 17 teams should be played on average, in average, eleven games played on average than that one could look carefree into the future of the current season. Whether you solve the time problem in Thuringia in the same way as the Nofv Oberligen and the last official gaming days stroking, the association apparently does not consider. Due to the following friable, the TFV now wants to open the door to the backup of the game operation at least once:

The rule game operation is resumed after the applicable legal regulations under 3G (or better or without limitation) outdoors to 01.03.2022. The pointplay series will continue with the matchdays, which were discontinued on weekends 19./20.11.2021. The following dates apply to resumption in the seasons:

Thuringion League: Weekend 05./06.03.2022 with matchday 14

Landesclass 2: Weekend 12./13.03.2022 with matchday 13

Landesclass 1 and 3: Weekend 19./20.03.2022 with matchday 12

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To the announcement of the relevant reliefer adds Sven Wenzel, Chairman of the Game Committee of the Thuringian Football Association (TFV): “The appointments mentioned are subject to the fact that the political requirements are currently in revision and we optimistically focused on reducing the current Limitations look. Likewise, the Board of the Association on 22.02.22 will deal with the situation. It is intended to decide further details on the resumption of the game operation. However, we would like to give a clear perspective with the current publication and call a target date To align the preparation of the teams on this date. ” The schedules would therefore be adapted after 22 February. Point games until the end of February has not yet been recognized.