The streaming service Netflix already shows the great own productions that subscribers expect in 2022. These Netflix films 2022 set a lot of star casts and are dedicated to a wide variety of genres. There are about Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill in the comedy “You People”, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in Action Thriller “The Gray Man” or a fresh ex-bond performer Daniel Craig in the hot expected Crime-Mystery ” Knives out 2 “. Overall, the sympathetic video full of embassies to the audience shows 28 different Netflix films 2022. We have held you for you:

Which movies shows the trailer to Netflix 2022?

  • The Mother \ – Action Thriller with Jennifer Lopez as an assassin who protects her daughter
  • The Adam Project \ – Action with Ryan Reynolds as a time traveler pilot who meets his younger I
  • Day Shift \ – Fantasy action with Jamie Foxx as a vampire hunter in modernity
  • The Gray Man \ – Action Thriller with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans about an ex-CIA agent who is on the run
  • Escape from Spiderhead \ – Sci-Fi thriller about a dystopic prison – with Chris Hemsworth in the lead role
  • Slumberland \ – Fantasy movie with Jason Momoa about the search of a girl after his father in a dreamland
  • Falling for Christmas \ – Rom-Com with Lindsay Lohan
  • Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio \ – gloomy stop motion implementation of the legendary history of doll boys
  • a madea homecoming \ – the 12th comedy of Tyler Perry, in which he slips into the notorious role of Madea

Netflix 2022 Movie Preview | Official Trailer
* Boo! \ – Halloween comedy with Marlon Wayans, in which a teenager accidentally releases a powered spirit
* They Cloned Tyrone \ – Sci-Fi Mystery, over which is not much known, but Jamie Foxx and John Boyega play important roles.
* Carter \ – Korean thriller about a special agent without memories
* The School for Good and Evil \ – Fantasy-novel implementation with Charlize Theron in a supporting role
* ENOLA Holmes 2 \ – Sequel to the successful detective hit , again with Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill
* Tall Girl 2 \ – More Rome-Com for teenagers around a very large schoolgirl and their problems
* END OF THE ROAD \ – Thriller with Queen Latifah in the main role. It’s about a family going in the middle of the desert aim of a mysterious killer who hunts them.
* Hustle \ – Sport drama with Adam Sandler and Queen Latifah over a dropped basketball coach who wants to train a talented boy
* We have a ghost \ – supernatural comedy around a family that encounters a spirit (David Harbor) in their new home and becomes directly at the sensation
* Me Time \ – Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in a comedy about a wild boy’s weekend, which goes wrong.
* The Good Nurse \ – True Crime Thriller with Jessica Chastain, which helps to make a murderous caregiver (Eddie Redmayne), which has killed 300 patients over 16 years.
* Wendell & Wild \ – another gloomy stop motion movie! This comes from the Nightmare-Before Christmas creator Henry Selick and revolves around two demonic brothers who escaped from the underworld.
* Looks Girl Alive \ – Mystery with Mila Kunis about a successful businesswoman having a gloomy and traumatic past.
* YOU People \ – Comedy with Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy – about the differences between cultures and generations in modernity. Director is Kenya Barris, which also comes from the similar series Black-Ish.
* The TakeDown \ – Thriller from France with Omar Sy, but so far, there is hardly any information about the story, with it that two men want to protect their families and have to go to the utmost.
* The Sea Beast \ – Children’s Animation Film from the maker of Big Hero 6 (Baymax). In history it’s about a little girl and his friendship with a monster of the ocean.
* The Mothership \ – Ominous Sci-Fi movie with Spielberg Vibes in the first scenes shown and hall Berry in the lead role
* Knives out 2 \ – the most expected Sequel! The new mystery movie resets again on Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc, while the Cast is packed with stars again: Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, Ethan Hawke and and and…

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