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“Amazon New Life Sale” Sales Summary in the TV Game Store! Prepaid card also bargain

Amazon New Life Sale” is being held on March 29, 2012 (Tuesday) at 23:59 in Amazon. I think that I would be checked for various products at all, such as home appliances, furniture, and daily necessities that you want to buy at the time of moving.

This time, we will introduce various sails implemented in the TV Game Store. Download Card, EPOS Gaming Headset, Controller and Peripherals, such as Download Version Software, DLC, etc. The broad product is available, so don’t miss it!

“Amazon New Life Sale” Official Page

# “Amazon New Life Sale” Sales Summary in the TV Game Store

# # TV game prepaid card sale

Nintendo E-Shops Download Version Software Purchases, etc. Various prepaid cards are bargain. It is recommended for those who think that you are looking at inds games that you are worried about in the Nintendose switch or try to try a subsque on this occasion!

“TV game prepaid card sale” is here

# # TV game software can be purchased

Nintendose switch “Super Mario Party” “Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl” and PS4 “Back For Blood” will be the sale price. Since January-March had a large number of large titles, I would like to buy a game I missed and put it!

In addition, soft sets such as the Nintendose switch body and the “Soft-Harako Tomo Tomo” are also subject to sale.

“TV game software is purchased” here

# # PS4 masterpiece software 2,200 yen with 2

It is a set sale of PLAYSTATION HITS / VALUE SELECTION that was also popular with black friday, a large sale at the end of last year. Both can be purchased to a very good value for manufacturer’s suggested retail prices.

The lineup, including the “Horizon Zero Dawn”, which has just been released by the latest work, and the movie, the movie, “Marvel’s Spider-Man”, which was also flying a big hit, and the series can be played together The Last of US I + II “set,” Gravity Daze 1 + 2 “set etc. You can order with your favorite combination. I have heard that the title name has been heard, but you thought I was not playing…… Let’s buy it immediately!

Click here for “2,200 yen for PS4 masterpiece software”

# # PS VR Body + soft set can be purchased

PS VR Body and PS VR-specific software “Astro Bot: Rescue Mission” “Minecraft Starter Collection” “All Golf VR” “Gran Turism Spoert” is also being able to save your favorite software with a set of one set..

Moreover, since “PlayStation VR Worlds” which is a dedicated software is also included in the PS VR body, it is possible to play two substantially two. Camera adapters for PS5 are also included, so you can enjoy virtual space at home soon.

Click here for “PS VR Body + Soft Set”

# # EPOS headset bargain

EPOS Gaming Headset “GSP 301” and “GSP 302” are sold at sales price. High quality design and split headband are a headset with a comfortable feeling of wear.

Currently, I think that there are many people who are enjoying the game with the speakers and the music for music. However, if you are playing an FPS that grasps the enemy’s position with a gunshot or footstone, such as “Apex Legends” or “Valorant”, you want to recommend the introduction of a gaming headset that will make your war station grasping and easier!

“EPOS headset is buying” here

# # Controller / peripheral device can be purchased

Amazon Gift Card kaise kharide or use kare | How to Buy and Use Amazon Pay Gift Card |
e-Sports The best controller “ThrustMaster Eswap X Pro Controller” and Switch Peripherals and flight sticks will be sailed.

Click here for “Controller / peripheral device”

Above, we introduced the Sale of the TV Game Store from the Amazon new life sale currently being held. A chance to buy various products from game software to peripheral devices at a bargain price is until 23:59 on February 29, 2012. Do not miss it!

“Amazon New Life Sale” Official Page

Elden Ring: Some players have already received the title and share spoilers on the Internet

Although the release of Elden Ring (from 50.99 € at pre-order) is still one week away, it has become the first player to come to a copy of the long-waiting project from FROM Software. However, this also has the consequence that there are now numerous spoilers to find various places on the Internet. For this reason, you should not want to search for Elden Ring at YouTube, Twitter and Co. For the time being, if you want to start in the player as spoiler free.

Elden Ring Spoilers Have Leaked - IGN Daily Fix

As Eurogamer reports, u.a. already the complete opening sequence at YouTube was released. While Publisher Bandai Namco fights against the publication of the videos, but not all clips can be quickly removed from the Internet. In recent days, there were already twitch streamers who have shown a bit gameplay from Elden Ring for a few minutes. However, the channels were blocked after a short time. Full spoiler is currently the Reddit Forum, which includes screenshots of hitherto unknown areas. Elden Ring appears on February 25, 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

Last updated video: StoryTrailer

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