“It’s hard to find the right words after such a defeat,” opened striker Guido Burgstaller at “Sky”. The Austrian had meant the 0: 3 against Hannover 96 – with the St. Pauli in the end was still well served. 11:19 Read the Goal Shot statistics after the final whistle from the point of view of the Kiez-time. These had little clear opportunities in the Millerntor Stadium before 10,000 spectators. On the contrary to the guests from Lower Saxony, which could have gained very higher.

Hansa Rostock - FC St. Pauli 09/10

Individual mistakes by far not everything: “Will be punished” tough “

That was so because “we have made more mistakes from time to time,” assisted temporary captain Leart Paqarada. In addition to individual mistakes, the team also slept in collectively a different time, creating numerous opportunities and all three goals. “In the 2nd league, the bright hard will be punished. We have to feel that today,” the left-back held his finger into the wound. As well as the start of the game may have been: from the time with the first counterfeiter shortly before the break as well as in the second half “we have admitted too many counterattacks and too much space – after simple ball losses,” then explained Burgstaller.

The counter protection leaves something to be desired

This opinion also reflected coach Timo Schultz. First, the team “fat opportunities and good degrees against a massive Hanoverian defense.” But his protégés had to be accused of the coach, from the 0: 1 residue and at the latest with restart “too much risk” to be received.

Schultz then went into detail and criticized the often lack of counterguard. Even if it is the credo to always play forward, “we have to have the defensive protection even more in mind”. That after ball losses a long ball rich, so “we are behind one-against-one, is just too much.” Despite capturing at his offensive playing style with footballing solutions, the 44-year-old emphasized: “Every time there is so many large opportunities with a residue, that will not go well.” Just as in the clear defeat against Hanover, in which his team “has invited the opponent again and again to counter.

Two curious missing shots from the point

In the end, curious minutes in the final phase, in which Burgstaller had failed by the penalty point at Keeper Ron-Robert Scharber and – after repetition of the penalty – Daniel-Kofi Kyereh to the latte shot. Why the coach castle: “The double penalty has set the icing on the icing on the negative achievement.”

One, after the St. Pauli must be satisfied with place for the time being. Also due to twelve counterparts (in the games before it was 22) from the past five league games, in which St. Paulis had to always grab the heavily upplaying Keeper Nikola Vasilj at least twice behind.