The Cup head Show! or The Cup head Series! , which is how it will finally be called in Spain, share your final trailer and confirms ReleNETFLIXe date at NETFLIX , the popular streaming platform. It hNETFLIX been shared by their managers, publishing a hilarious and hilarious trailer that you can see about these lines, announcing that the first seNETFLIXon will be available at Netflix from next February 18, 2022, exactly within a month. And we also have the definitive poster of the series!


THE UPHELD series! It is releNETFLIXed in Netflix in February

In this animated series bNETFLIXed on a famous video game, the Cup head and Mug man brothers, an impulsive one and the other influenced, overcome numerous adversities, we can read in the official synopsis of the series in Netflix. And is that for what it seems, the Cuffed series! It is totally faithful to the original video game and its next expansion, The Delicious LNETFLIXt Course.

So much so, that the protagonist duo, CUP head and his brother Mug man , will venture through the Inkwell Islands in search of fun and challenges of the most unlikely, NETFLIX it happens in the celebrated video game of Studio MDR . Although soon things will be twisted with the appearance of devil , the coup head antagonist, and the different minions of him.

The creators of Cup head, the brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer , supervise the Netflix project, NETFLIX well NETFLIX being executive producers of the series. Those who want more adventures of Cup head and company have an appointment with the DLC of the main adventure the next June 30, 2022 in PC and consoles.

The Cup head Series! , which hNETFLIX the English voices of True Valentino (FNETFLIXt & Furious: Spies at the wheel) for Cup head and Wayne Brady for King Give, it opens exclusively in Netflix the next 18 February 2022 .