The stadium in Salzburg is sold out, the mood heated. A K. O. game in the premier class accordingly. And for the two teams certainly an additional motivation boost. Although the FC Bayern is not likely to need another incitement in Bochum after his 2: 4 in Bochum anyway. It was a setback, says Thomas Müller and a wake-up call that less than 100 percent do not reach in the Bundesliga. “We were remembered the most obvious,” says the attacker.

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Of course, primarily the defensive behavior of the team was criticized. But “to Lewy”, so Robert Lewandowski, who achieved two goals and “made his job”, as Müller says, especially in the first half hardly someone played at a normal level. He did not even. Nevertheless, the defensive must become more stable. Because in the past year she had been “not Nobel Prize Relectory”, as the ur-Bavaria knows.

For him, it’s now in Salzburg, so after this retirement defeat to a learning process in terms of mentality or setting. “How strong do you suffer for a success? How strong is the suffering when you do not have the success?”, Says Müller. He and his colleagues would have to work, “that we do not need the pressure from the outside to torture us more,” explains the 32-year-old: “So that we do not suffer such sets in the next few weeks, in which it may The sausage goes. ” In Salzburg a reaction should follow.