Real football piquers also reach the virtual; More specifically to FIFA 22. Currently, the online qualifiers of FIFA Nations are playing where the Spanish team, commanded by Gravesen, Neat and Adriman are standing to stay at the top of the classification.

After finishing the first day with 13 points, the second has begun with a vital duel against Russia, where we needed to win so as not to be away from Top 3, which is the goal. Our boys have not disappointed and have expired the two matches to the Russian combination, for 2-0 and 1-0. It seems that he has not sat well to his federation.

Fifa 22:Russia vs Hungary
The Federation of Official Russia has answered with a Tuit putting a photo that reminded us of the Penaltis Tanda in the last real football world, where they eliminated us at the lottery of the eleven meters. Probably, because it is the only thing they can take chest before us. In fact, this is remembered Javi Villar , coach of the national team.

A curious pique, which does not go further, and that surely the Russians have done with their particular humor. At the moment, Spain is in the Top 3 and they are struggling to avoid the descent.