Cygames has published some of the balance adjustments to be implemented on February 24 at “ Uma daughter Pretty Derby ” on February 16th. In addition to adding mechanisms of racing-dependent races, a large number of skills / fostering horse daughter / support cards are planned to be conducted. In addition, the rare skill “great screw” will be added to a partial training event of Silence Suzka.

“Uma daughter Pretty Derby” weaves a horse daughter who inherited the name of the competitive horse that accomplished name lace and name records, cross media content. The game version is a simulation game that players become trainers and foster horse daughters.

Next Week’s coordination of February 24 seems to have a race mechanism and it seems that the status “Root” will be reviewed. First, immediately after the race start, “Positioning” occurs. Position quotes are those who ran out the pace to run before, while the race start after the race start. The grown horses of the roots are to be tenacious and strong in the position fight. Subsequently, the final straight line generates “chase comparison”. Tituing compared to the final straight line occurs when two or more horse daughters are tightly connected. If it occurs, the horse daughter raises the speed with each other, but the grown horseradish and the grown horse daughter, the more it runs at a faster. In addition, although not the addition of the system, the laste spart affects the ridges, and the higher the rooting, the change to increase the speed in the last spat. Since next week, it is likely to be a status that is more important than the current environment.

The status “Root” is reviewed because the ridges have been low compared to other statuses. When raising a powerful horse daughter, such as fostering for champions meetings, the development of three-status of speed / power / wise is mainstream. Although there is an impact on the development scenario, the speed is the highest speed, power is accelerated, and the wisdom affects the positioning, and these are believed to lead to the outcome. The remaining stamina and the rooting are believed to affect the last spart. However, the edge has a low degree of impact than stamina, and training specifications were also considered as the most unfortunate status. In this adjustment, the importance of neurality has increased by adding a mechanism that affects rhoot-dependent race deployment. Depending on the adjustment, the status “Root” itself or the native type support card, so-called native training may also look at the day.

In relation to the race mechanism, a new “drift” is added. The Great runs, more than the start of the operation “Runaway”, pull it off even after the start and tries to run out to the end as it is. During the expansion, a horse daughter who has a rare skill “great screw” is generated when the strategy runs away. It is possible to obtain at a partial growth event of Silence Suzka and no factor is given. In the future, a foster event that can get hints may be added, but the Silence Suzka is the only great run. In addition, due to the addition of great runs, it may be near the day when the twin turbo appears as a training horse daughter. In addition, in the mechanism of the race, the mechanism adjustment of the slope judgment of the course, the adjustment that the daughter is easier to be expanded sideways, and adjustment that the chase of the course shearing skill is easy to grow is conducted.

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In addition, a large number of adjustments are conducted for some nurturing horse daughter events / skills / support cards and parameters that can be acquired by support cards. Development Hama daughter / support card is the center of adjustment that I had appeared from the beginning. A large number of horse daughters that add new branches to new and events and events are also described.

In addition, the skill is reviewed by a large number of skills, and the effect amount, effect time, etc. are reviewed. Specifically, trigger condition relaxation for many skills such as steel will, mile ruler, overwhelming lead, and # lookatcurren. Adjustment of triggering position conditions of skills centered on corner and slopes and triggered timing adjustment such as the leading victory and margin. Effect time extension of skills for arc wire professors, speed stars, winds, whole body spirits, killer tunes, etc. is performed. There is also a skill to which a new effect is added, and the environment will change even by skill adjustment. For full text, please refer to the official site.

Also, after the update on February 24, reconciliation is also conducted in bad condition associations, such as resting and bad conditions in summer houses. During the night flickering, the probability of recovering many physical strength by the good night command is also granted, and even if a bad condition is given, it is likely to be easier to recover.

“Uma daughter Pretty Derby” is delivered for PC (DMM Games) / iOS / Android. From 12:00 on February 16, Admaya Vega has appeared as a training horse daughter.