Rank tier in place. What can you increase if you improve? AI-based play analysis tool playreport starts the service.

Your.GG, which provides League of Legends (LOL) data analysis service, unveiled its new report service. Playliport is a service that analyzes and provides the summoner’s solo rank play.

Playliport analyzes the champion play of the summoner who has applied for the service, providing various data and improvements. Based on the AI analytics system of the location, you can check the entire report immediately without the need to provide replays or wait for feedback.

The report contains a variety of data, including analysis of players by time, comparison of data with other high-ranking players, presenting customized missions, tier prediction, and careless play. This will allow users to receive guides for increasing tier/odds.


The support of support has been introduced such as ‘All Analysis’, which provides the summoner’s play data, and ‘Multi Search AI’, which provides information such as team chemistry with a team in the game and recent records. He also formed a data partnership with the LOL e-sports league, LCK, and professional Live Sandbox.

For more information about the Play Port, please visit the official website.