Since the start of Twitch in 2011, a lot has happened on the streaming platform. In the beginning, the focus was above all in video games, until you have decided to offer a wider range of contents a few years ago. Due to the pandemic, the number of users from Twitch last significantly increased significantly. Meanwhile, on average, two million viewers ** are on the platform at all times.

Who has the most followers on Twitch?

A variety of streamers has been able to build a community with over a millions of followers in recent years. In order to belong to the most successful streamers on Twitch, but now over ten million follower are needed. And only a handful of this has done so far. We introduce you to the most popular content Creator the platform today.

Ninja continue the undisputed number 1

Even if Tyler “Ninja” Blevins last more and more viewers lost , his followers is still unobtrusive at the top by the former Fortnite Hype. Over 17.4 million followers , the 30-year-old has collected his channel. Most recently, Ninja has attention with negative lags .

Spanish streamer complete the podium

Twitch Streamer Comparison: A Full Statistical Overview [2016-2021]

Frequently underestimated is the Popularity Spanish-speaking Streamer , which in recent years reach again and again impressive audience numbers. On Twitch include Auronplay (11.7 million) and Rubius (11,1 million) to the famous representatives and are on 2nd place 2 and 3 of the ranking. In addition, with Thegrefg (9.5 million) and Ibai (9.3 million) are two more streamers with Spanish as native language in the top 10.

Where are XQC, Pokimane and Co.?

After Pokimane has only extended her contract at Twitch only a few days ago , the 25-year-old lies with its 8.9 million followers on the ninth place. The milestone of ten million followers have recently cracked XQC and Shroud and thus belong with TFUE (10.8 million) and the top 3 to the elite of the platform. Despite 5 5, Felix “XQC” Lengyel is the mostly related steamer on Twitch. Alone in the last 30 days, his transfers were viewed over 22.4 million hours .

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