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Former handball national coach Petre Ivanescu died

Ivanescu, once national coach and success coach of the VfL Gummersbach and the Tusem food, died on the consequences of a cancer. This confirmed the family of Romanians to the SID on Friday. Ivanescu was from 1987 to 1989 national coach.

As a player twice World Champion (1961 and 1964) and 13 times Romanian champions, Ivanescu came to Germany in 1966 and then celebrated great successes above all as coaches. He took three German championships and four cup victories with Gummersbach and eating in the 80s and 90s. He also won the European Cup of the national master with Gummersbach in 1983.

SPEKTAKULÄRES Treffen!! Handball-Legenden gegen Allstar-Team mit Weltmeistern von 2007

Brand: “I often felt with him”

His former protégé Heiner Brand, virus of VfL Gummersbach, appreciated the deceased. “I often got myself with him, but we have always found a common way,” said the World Champion of 1978: “He was an outstanding expert with a pronounced handball expertise. An absolute respective person.”

National coach Alfred Gislason, under Ivanescu from 1983 to 1988 Player of Tusem food, joined the on: “A fantastic coach, without question. Petre Ivanescu has shaped Tusem food to a top team in Europe. He was a sophisticated man and scary consistently.”

Hoped for Renaissance at DHB remained

As a national coach Ivanescu had much less success. At first he seemed to have set up the second-rate DHB selection, but the hoped for renaissance ended in a debacle at the 1989 B-World Cup in France. The German team crashed into the third class.

Even in advanced age, Ivanescu pursued the handball with passion. He leaves two children.

Football World Cup: National coach Flick wants quarters

After the World Cup draw in Doha, national coach Hansi Flick hopes a quick solution in the quarters issue.

“We will look at everything again and then clear,” said Flick before his return journey to Germany. The German Football Confederation must decide between two accommodations, favorite for the tournament in Qatar (21 November to 18 December) is a quarters in the north of the country.

First training of Hansi Flick as German head coach in full length
“It’s about where we have the best conditions. It’s quiet, there you can open the window, you’re alone in this hotel. That would be a good thing,” Flick said, but: “It is not yet finalized We still patient. “

The alternative is according to DFB director Oliver Bierhoff “a large city hotel with many other guests”. The advantage: “We do not need to travel there.”

The DFB team starts in the World Cup on 23 November against Japan. Other preliminary round opponents are ex-world champion Spain (November 27) and Costa Rica or New Zealand (1 December).

The preparation can start on the 14th of November due to the ligabeide. “Of course, we think about how we can experience the climatic conditions here as early as possible. We want to make a preparatory game,” said Bierhoff.

“Clear order”: No release for Kühns return

National coach Alfred Gílson forms the 16er squad from the Spain game, this is fixed since 19.30. A hoped-for return of Julius Kuhn, the first German infected professional at the EM, is meanwhile flat.

The back room player of the Mt Messenger is further in the waiting stand, as the PCR re-test made on Friday did not meet the requirements for a return to the tournament. After two negative PCR tests, a medical release is also necessary. This will be done on the basis of a sports medical and cardio logical examination in the Universityikum Vienna, so the DHB.

We have a clear order for the return of our players: first it must give the green light of completely independently independent physicians, then Alfred Gílson can decide when and how he uses the additional sporty option, will Axel Kramer, board sports At the DHB quoted.

Significant viral load at the co-trainer

In isolation Meanwhile Erik White. The co-trainer had already separated after an unclear finding on Thursday. The specially promoted PCR test resulted in a significant viral load on Friday. We are glad to have traded so carefully, says Kramer. Duties Part On Deutsche Bank, Manager Oliver will Rogan again.

The German squad at a glance:

Gate: Johannes Bitter, Daniel Reimann
Left outside: Rune Dame, Patrick Viewer
Rear space left: Paul Drug, Lukas State, Simon Ernst

Rear space center: Philipp Weber, Julian Foster

Rear space right: Fabian Wide, Christoph Steiner, David Schmidt
Rights: Lukas Were, Tobias Eichmann
Circle: Johannes Golda, Patrick Whence

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