It’s about Morshabaal, which was introduced during the recent celebration of the 25th anniversary of the game.

According to Airsoft Marshall, this The greatest challenge we have measured so far, which can be translated as the strongest Boss in Tibia.

This enemy is a difficult opponent and will probably be the biggest challenge with which you have helped.

Difficulty Morshabalaka also reveals to the fact that this is a World Boss, which has a dynamic respawn and appears at different intervals on different servers. G Dy will appear first marks of the invasion, the teleport er will appear in a stone circle in the north-western part of Enron.

The first people who managed to reach and kill Morshabaal were players from the South American server Genera. It happened on the night from 12 to 13 January.

However, it was not without complications. Overcoming Boss has absorbed the life of 73 players (from 600-1400 Level), which clearly shows that Morshabaal is not a pomp, but a powerful monster that deals gigantic injuries. Really gigantic.

Example? Here you are. 19 people are killed simultaneously from one Skill Morshabaal (watch from 43 seconds):


And here is a successful sample and World First: