Max Kruse has won the PR7 game show “beat the star” against moderator Steven Gatte. However, the Union Berlin Star embarked on the subject of football questions.

In the second competition of the evening, the two candidates should name famous scorers in historic WM or EM tournaments. Kruse pulled the shorter with 5: 7 – among other things because he did not know the names of several Knipser.

So the Union striker remained the answers Oliver Bierhoff, as the Golden Goal scorer at the German EM Triumph 1996, and Gerd Müller, as a crucial scorer of the 2: 1 victory at the World Cup final 1974 against the Netherlands, owe. Kruses explanation: “I was not there yet.”

He also named the match winner in Greece’s surprise EM triumph 2004. Instead of the actual scorer Angelos Charisteas Kruse Ex-Frankfurter called theofanis cognitive.

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Max Kruse - Top 5 Goals

In the course of the show, it went back and forth again and again. After playing twelve, both candidates had six games each – and 39 points each on the account. Ultimately, Kruse then sat down. Late in the night of Sunday, he was a winner after the 15th game and won a total of 100,000 euros.