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Shiya “Tactics Ouga” reimy? Skueni “Tactics Ogre: Reborn” Trademark Application

According to the Site “Trademark Watch”, which examines the commitment status such as a trademark, Square Enix has filed a trademark of “ Tactics Ogre: Reborn ” on March 31.

Although this application is not clear except that “Tactics Ogre: Reborn”, “Tactics Ogre” is the SRPG “Tactics Ouga” that the company is currently owning IP. This title has finally stopped the series deployment of the remake work “Tactics Ouga fate” released for PSP in 2010 and the series expansion has stopped, and “Reborn” is expected from the word “REBORN”.

In addition, Square Enix launches “Triangle Strategy” on March 4 and has made “THE DIOFIELD CHRONICLE” on March 10, and has been focusing on simulation games in recent years, and half a year ago The presence of play tests for “Final Fantasy Tactics” and “Legendary Ouga Battle” have been reported.

At the moment, no data is registered in the government official “J-PLATPAT”, but the data on the day of issuance may not be reflected, so if you want to check the status of the application with that eye, wait for a while It is likely to be.

Early Epiders CT P path

Bock on free items in your free of charge Genshin Impact? Then you’ve missed a great opportunity for 300 virgins in March 2022: / On March 18, 2022, the people of Mihoyo organized the LiveStream to GI Update 2.6 and distributed three promo codes – UT7C2TD8C5ZD, 3tpuksv8c5x9 and ab7ckbvqule5. However, these codes are only valid for one or two days! Therefore, already holds the eyes for the LiveStream to GI Update 2.7 open, which will probably take place in April 2022 – so that the items do not take you on the next time Fall!

Genshin Impact Promo Codes in March 2022

Currently, two promo codes are active for Genshin Impact, and maybe you have not used one or the other yet! When you encounter a code, you will receive the message in the game that you can collect the items about the post in the pause menu.

The currently valid codes:

  • ZSPDKSC3V8V5 brings you 60 virgin and 5 adventurer EP
  • Genshingift brings you 50 virgin and 3 of a hero wisdom for XP

Pity! About the promotion site of Amazon Prime and Prime Gaming you can not get any goodies in the form of virgin or Mora as a member of Prime in March 2022. Should Genshin Impact be recorded again in the Prime Gaming program, you will learn from us!

If you are anyway MMO fan, then do not forget to get you as a customer of Amazon Prime the gaming bonuses for Lost Ark, New World and Guild Wars 2!

  • Guild Wars 2: Hero amplifier until 2 April 2022
  • New World: Package “Covered Scharlatan” until 4 April 2022
  • Lost Ark: Egg pet package until 5 April 2022

Senshin Impact – Redeem Code

To redeem the code, you must first play your account to adventure rank 10 (PC and Mobile). Then you visit the website for redeeming Promo Codes, searches the server, enter the Ingame name and solves the code. In the PlayStation versions of Genshin Impact you can enter the code via the gear menu at the bottom left if you press the options button. The codes enter your account tab.

CT-SEDS IEP Preview Series - Session 1: Notice of PPT Meeting (3/7/22)

If you encounter a code that you have already used, he will still be displayed as valid. Only in the game, you then receive a message that the respective Genshin Impact Promo code has already been used. Speaking codes for Genshin Impact: Always pursue the live streams from Mihoyo to new versions of the game, because then there’s usually a temporally limited promo code for extra items!

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First-person perspective horror “Remorse: The List” to release April 22. Death of hardships that face creatures with limited resources

Developer’s Deppresick Team announced on March 18th, first-person viewing horror remorse: the list ” to be released on April 22, 24th. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam).

“Remorse: THE LIST” is a classic survival horror. The stage is the small town of Hungary Hidegpuszta. Here, it seems that the existence of horrible variants is 跋扈. The player will unlike what happens with Hidegpuszta and have to survive. The clue is a list of mystery to get the main character. At first glance, tours are unknown, and the player should search Hidegpuszta every corner and unlike the secret.

This work is expanded about a list for which the main character is obtained. Gameplay is designed open and it seems to be dependent on the player’s choose whether to unlike the secret from any part of the list. Sometimes the battle with monsters can not be avoided. In this work, a firewrox and a near-field weapon are prepared, and in the trailer, it is possible to face the monster with a hand gun, a full-automatic gun, a gm, and the like.


“Remorse: The List” is also characterized by the fact that the player’s inventory is limited. Each item to be obtained consumes 1 to 2 slots. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the items used for weapons and emergency kits, ammunition and stage puzzles while doing well.

This work should be made of Unreal Engine 4. DePPresick Team, which is working on development, is originally a team that was working on MOD production. As a past work, the Horror MOD “Mistake-1” for “HALF-LIFE” in 2008 and “HALF-LIFE 2: Episode Two” Horror MOD “Grey” for 2012 is released. It seems that “Remorse: THE LIST” was developed using the know-how of this horror work production. Although the animator was a vacancy that the animator is a vacancy, it will finally be a new year and finally announced.

“Remorse: The List” is scheduled to be delivered on the PC on April 22nd at STeam.

State of Play: What is your favorite game game? Vote here

The State of Play of this March 9 hVALKYRIE ELYSIUM left us with a few interesting ads for the video game panorama, not only PlayStation . Konami , Square Enix or Capcom You have not been lost this appointment and presented new projects that, depending on our tVALKYRIE ELYSIUMtes, can be some of those that we sitable ipso de facto on the face radar To the rest of the year.

What wVALKYRIE ELYSIUM your favorite game of the State of Play? You can vote below

Valkyrie Elysium - State of Play March 2022 Announcement Trailer | PS5, PS4
Compilation of the ninja turtles ; Update for Returnal ; The title of cooperative action with wicks of Capcom, exoprimal ; The return of jojo’s with a handwriting title of cyberconnect2… all not to mention the new trailer of forspoken and the two great ads by Square Enix, one of the most outstanding publishers of the State Of Play, with The Diofield Chronicle and VALKYRIE ELYSIUM **.

In this survey we invite you to choose your favorite game, the title that caught you the attention of everything shown in the twenty minutes of presentation of the PlayStation event. In addition, we leave you a direct link with all the news we have published in Meristation about it. And which one do you prefer?

  • VALKYRIE ELYSIUM is the new saga game for PS4, PS5 and PC: First Details and Trailer
  • Rorthin: VALKYRIE ELYSIUMcension announced, a free update that will add cooperative and more
  • CAPCOM announces exoprimal, cooperative action and wicks for consoles and pc
  • The Diofield Chronicle, new Square Enix strategy RPG; First trailer and platforms
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure returns from the hand of Cyberconnect2: First trailer
  • Ninja turtles (TMNT) returned in this collection of 13 clVALKYRIE ELYSIUMsics 8 and 16 bits
  • Forspoken overflows action on ps5 with new enemies in this intense trailer
  • Trek to Yomi honors the clVALKYRIE ELYSIUMsic films of feudal Japan in their new trailer

WRIGHT FLYER STUDIOS × KEY gives Drama-Tic RPG “Heaven Burns Red” Story Event “Requiem for the Blue”, which plays an active part in Mizusa! SS [Judent Fall In Love] Mizusa Strawberry, SS [Aftermitsu] Mizuse Somomo appeared in

WRIGHT FLYER STUDIOS x Key given by Key, Drama Tic RPG “Heaven Burns Red” informed that the story event “Requiem for the Blue” started delivery from March 8, 2022.

WRIGHT FLYER STUDIOS × KEY gives a drama-tic RPG “Heaven Burns Red”, and the story event “Requiem for the Blue” started from March 8, 2022 (Tuesday).

▼ Story Event “Requiem For The Blue” Promotion Movie

※ This video is recommended to clear the main story Chapter 2.

The story event “Requiem for the Blue” is a limited-time event that Mizusa is active.

In addition, in the pickup platinum gacha starting at the same time, SS [joyful fall in love] Mizusa strawberry, SS [aftermoon] Mizusu also appeared!

# Story event “Requirem for the Blue” held!

This event allows you to play special stories that were not told in the main story.

# # # Synopsis

Do not forget the warmth of your hands.

Strictly hit Aoi. However, there was a meaningful meaning of her behavior….

# # Holding period

March 8, 2022 (Tuesday) 11:00 to March 31, 2022 (Thu) 10:59

※ The event story is a play condition that the main story is a play condition.

# Participating in the event and limited style s [the crowd of the day] Let’s get the 梢!

You can collect “exchange medal” that can be acquired in the event “Requiem for the Blue” and exchange event-limited style s at the exchange office, can be replaced with the 梢.

# # Holding period

March 8, 2022 (Tuesday) 11:00 to July 20, 2022 (Sun) 10:59

# SS Mizusa Mitaka / SS Mizuse Susumu also appeared! Pickup platinum gacha

SS [Judent Fall In Love] Mizuse Strawberry, SS [Aftermitsu] Mizusu Somo Momo Pickup Platinum Gacha appeared!

# # Holding period

March 8, 2012 (Tuesday) 11:00 to March 22, 2022 (Tuesday) 10:59

※ For details, please check the announcement in the game.

# “Heaven Burns Red”

# # is also delivered in iOS / Android!

▼ Installation is here

# # Latest information is checked by official Twitter!

We will post up-to-date with the official Twitter of “Hebban”, so please follow me!

Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/heavenburnsred

Official hashtag: # Hebban

Official YouTube Channel

Promotion Movie, unit introduction video, latest videos such as plow of live broadcasting in the past!

Official YouTube Channel:

# # Official LINE account

Get a Hebban Original Wallpaper with a friend registration!

Official LINE: HTTPS: //LIN.ee/h0Pdups

# “Heaven Burns Red” Overview


Discover the solution for the DCE was 15, a team creation challenge to be done on the fashion was FIFA 22. This DTE is intended to save you a Players Players Rare + a token was Birthday by completing it.

Note that this challenge starts on Monday, March 7 at 19h and lasts two days, ending on Thursday, March 10 at 7pm. By completing this challenge, you will get a Player Players Rare + a token was Birthday.

Should this DCE do?

The DCE was a unique challenge, linked to the event was Birthday on the mode was FIFA 22. In view of the price of the cards and the criteria requested, we recommend completing it.

  • Recommendation: Yes
  • Probable credit gain? No

was 15, the criteria

  • Different nationalities: maximum 6
  • Same league: minimum 3
  • Same club: maximum 4

* Rare cards: minimum 5
* Overall team rating: 80
* Collective: Minimum 90
* Reward: A Rare Electrum Players Pack + A token was Birthday
* End of the challenge: Thursday, March 10 at 19h
* Price: 8.2k

Our example of a solution for the DCE was 15 was made with the Futbin team creator.

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to achieve these DCE at the cheapest price possible without having cards. It is obviously possible to achieve these challenges with other cards. Attention also because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward as risen) over time.

You can find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE). In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

The game “Bandori! Girls Band Party!”, Maxed 100 times free gacha, and “Star x 5000” presents, etc. ~ 5th Anniversary Anime Interlocking Planning Information, “Rounding Bird”, etc. Cover Music Additional Information

CRAFT EGG Co., Ltd., CRAFT EGG Co., Ltd., which develops development business of smartphone app, CHAFT EGG, “Bundoli! Girls Band Party!”, March 5, 2022, 2012 Artist Tie-up 4th edition “Pastel * Palettes × ZAQ” has been decided, and information on various campaigns of Garper’s 5th anniversary started from March 12 (Saturday).

CRAFT EGG Co., Ltd. to develop a planning development business of smartphone apps Hereinafter, the game “Bandori! Girls Band Party!” By the joint production of Bushiroad) is the official live broadcast of March 5, 2022, the fourth edition of artist tie-up “Pastel * PALETTES × ZAQ” We announced information about various campaigns of Garper’s 5th anniversary, which was decided by what was decided and starting from March 12 (Saturday).

“Bandri! Girls Band Party!” This is a rhythmic & adventure game, which is expanded by the worldview of the next-generation girls band project “Bang Dream! (Bundoli!)” Linked by character and real live. Easy-to-use rhythm games can play at the same time with up to 5 people, and enjoy the music and live music songs for anime or live. In addition, the story scene has high quality Live2D, and the character moves with lively. From the start of offer, his fifth year of his fifth year, the number of domestic users will overpower his 14 million people, and more expectations are increasing.

# Artist Tie-Up Information

# # 1. Follow-up report of the third “ROSELIA × EVE”

From an artist active in each music genre, it is possible to hold the third “Roselia × EVE” of “artist tie-up” planning to provide music to each band from 0 o’clock on March 12, 2022 (Saturday). I decided. EVE adds the song “flash” written to her Roselia and the new animation MV in the game. In addition, in commemoration of artist tie-up with Eve, the cover music “詞 奇” (lyrics: EVE, composer: EVE, arrangement: ELEMENTS GARDEN) It was decided.

# # 2.Pastel * Palettes decided to provide music from her ZAQ!

As the fourth edition of artist tie-up, he has decided to provide music from ZAQ in Pastel * Palettes. The fourth implementation is scheduled to be 15 o’clock on March 18 (Fri). In addition to the music offer, I also announced the production of animation MV. Animation MV allows you to see her Pastel * Palettes member of different character designs. In addition, in commemoration of artist tie-up with ZAQ, on March 18 (Fri) 15 o’clock, cover music “Sparkling daydream” (lyrics: ZAQ · Composition: ZAQ · Arrangement: ELEMENTS GARDEN) It was decided to add.

# Garper 5th Anniversary Campaign Information Overview

# # 1. In commemoration of the 5th anniversary, the maximum “star x 5000” is presented!

Receive period: March 12 (Saturday) 0: 00— 6 (Wed) 3:59

March 12 (Saturday) When the first login after 0 o’clock, “Star x 5000” will be presented, and “Sonic Crystal x 100” will be presented.

# # 2. 5th Anniversary 10 times a day free Gacha will be held!

Holding period: March 12 (Sat) 0: 00-August 9 (Saturday) 23:59

★ The 5th anniversary of the 3 or more members will hold a free gacha 10 times a day. This gacha is
It is possible to draw a lot for free of charge. Details are informed in the game at the time of this Gacha
Please confirm.

# Garpa’s new key Visual and new costumes for each band

# Anime interlocking plan outline

# # # 1. Anime interlocking game Event “Backstage Pass 5” held!

We will hold “Backstage Pass 5” where Garper’s 5th Anniversary Anime and the event in-game events are linked. You can see the events “Circle Thanks Party!” To those who are indebted from Circle, which are drawn in this animation, can be seen from the viewpoint of animation and games.

2. 2. Garupamember Member Announced song title and additional day to sing with 35 people!

The title of the song to sing with 35 Garupamembers has been decided as “Circle Thanks MUSIC ♪”.

“Circle Thanks Music ♪” will be added in the game from 0:00 on Saturday, March 12th. In addition, the recording has also been recorded in the album “Bang Dream! Dreamer’s Best” scheduled to be released on March 16 (Wednesday).

# 5th Anniversary Festival Gacha Holding Overview

# # # 1. “Dream Festival Gacha” will be held!

Holding period: March 12 (Saturday) 0: 00-3 June 17 (Thu) 14:59

From March 12 (Saturday) 0:00, “Dream Festival Gacha” will be held. As a new Diorife limited member, Himi Uehara, and Maruyama appeared, as a limited time member, Ichigaya, Shibata, Misaki Okawa, Misaki Hagazawa, Paleo, will appear.

★ 4 Himari Uehara (CV: Kato Hideaki)

★ 4 Maruyama Aya (CV: Ami Maimi)

★ 4 Ichigaya Yasaki (CV: Ayasa Ito)

★ 4 platinum phosphorus (CV: Shizaki Akane)

★ 4 Okawazawa Misaki (CV: Kurosawa)

★ 3 Hagazutsu (CV)

★ 3 Paleoo (CV: Kasakoi)

<Cumulative Event P Reward Members of <“Backstage Pass 5”>

★ 3 Wakamiya Eve (CV: Sakai Kazuko)

★ 3 Yashiro Toya (CV: AYASA)

# # 2. “Kirameki Festival Gacha” will be held!

Holding period: March 18 (Fri) 15: 00-August 24 (Thu) 14:59

From 15:00 on March 18, we will hold “Kirameki Festival Gacha”.

※ Details such as the appearance members will be notified later.

# 5th Anniversary Music Campaign Information!

1. Thank you 5th anniversary! Cover music additional campaign! Held decision!

From March 13 (Sun) to March 20 (Sun), we will add a total of 7 songs of each band, a total of 7 songs and sequential games. In the main student broadcast, we have released the tip of the cover music. The details of the cover music added from March 13 (Sun) will be announced from Garpa Official Twitter account “@bang_dream_gbp” from March 6 (Sun) to March 10 (Thursday).

2. Difficulty level “Special” 7 days continuous addition campaign! Held decision!

From March 19 (Saturday), one song will be added daily for 7 days, and the music of the difficulty level “Special” will be added.

March 19 (Saturday) Roselia “ETERNAL BLAZE”
March 20 (Sun) Morfonica “Ageha Butterfly”
March 21 (Mon) AFTERGLOW “Tenno Weak”
March 22 (Tuesday) Poppin’Party “If I light”
March 23 (Wed) Pastel * Palettes “DISCOTHEQUE”
March 24 (Thu) RAISE A SUILEN “Hitari Night”
March 25 (Fri) Hello, Happy World! “GO! GO! MANIAC”

3. Mv 6 consecutive campaign! Held decision!

Bandari from March 12 (Saturday)! A total of 14 MVs are added in the game from the movie version work.

From the Movie version “Bang Dream! Film Live 2nd Stage”
“STAR BEAT! ~ Hoshinokodou-” “Uh Kyan ☆ Frefre! “Tenka Toys A to Z ☆ ☆”

From the Movie version “Bang Dream! Film Live 2nd Stage”
“Hey-day craze (Capritio)” “R”

From the movie version “Bang Dream! Episode of Roselia I: Promise”

From the theater version “Bang Dream! Episode of Roselia II: Song I Am.”

From the theater version “Bang Dream! Episode of Roselia II: Song I Am.”
“Song I am.”

From the theater version “Bang Dream! Popin ‘Dori!”
“Breakthrough” “TIME LAPSE” “Tokimeki Experience! “

From the theater version “Bang Dream! Popin ‘Dori!”
“Prelude to golden” “Drive us crazy”

Also, for “Drive Us Crazy”, MV and music will be added.

# Future Update Information Overview

1. Add “Star Seal” feature!

From March 12 (Saturday) 0 o’clock, we will add the “Star Seal” feature. “Star seal” can be acquired by automatic conversion from a gacha seal that has not reached the number of exchangeable sheets during the gacha period, and it is possible to replace the Gacha seal of Gacha while being held at any timing I can do it. Also, at the new “Star Seal Exchange”, it is also possible to use “Star Seal”, and it is also possible to replace 4 members added in the past. Please check the details for details.

2. Add “Stage Challenge” function!

From March 12 (Saturday) 0 o’clock, we will add “Stage Challenge” function. “Stage Challenge” plays a challenge song in the “Band Condition Condition” determined for each stage, and you can challenge the next stage by achieving one or more three-step “target scores”. By collecting ★ that can be acquired at the time of achievement, you can earn a achievement reward, such as the first title of the stage challenge.

3. MV live work live live live!

From March 12 (Saturday) 0 o’clock, you will be able to select MV live in cooperation live. In addition, only songs that have been downloaded MV data in advance are available.

# # # 4. Some of the past dream festival limited members can be exchanged!

In the past “Dream Festival Gacha” “Dream Festival Gacha” in the past
Limited members of the Leam Festival Gacha Limited Members are replaceable.

※ We are planning to update her 5th anniversary of various other things. Please check the notification in the game for details

# Service Basic Information

Title: “Bandri! Girls Band Party!” Genre: Rhythm & Adventure Game Provision: March 16, 2017 (Thu) Delivery: App Store, Google Play Usage Price: Basic Play Free, Item Private Site URL: HTTPS : //bang-dream.bushimo.jp/ Official Twitter URL: https: //twitter.com/bang_dream_gbp (@bang_dream_gbp) Promotional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch? V = 81NFiW2TvQy YouTube “Bandori-chan ☆ https://www.youtube.com/channel/ucn-bfidjm0gqlgx7h6lkcza App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/Garupa/id1195834442 Google Play: https://play.google.com /store/apps/details?id=jp.co.CrafTegg.band ※ Android, Google Play and Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. * The iPhone, iTunes and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.

© Bang Dream! Project © Craft Egg Inc. © bushiroad all rights reserved.;

Sea of Thieves: Start of Season 6 is imminent

Season 6 of Sea of ​​Thieves (from 36,27 € at Buy) has received a start date: from March 10, you can go back to the adventure with your pirate crew and look forward to a lot of new content. Suitable for this the developers of Rare Games published a small preview trailer. The greatest innovation in Season 6 is the introduction of six sea fortresses described as a kind of “mini-raid” experience. These fortresses can be attacked and plundered both alone and with a full crew. Rare assures that even solo players will have no problems and have no worries to miss the valuable prey. In the fortress itself, phantoms and pirate captains are waiting to fight it.

Unlike the fortresses who already exist in the game and bring together various crews, Rare Games wants to offer a more personal experience with the sea fortresses. In addition, new legendary trips are added, which can be repeated, but always offer variation. In addition, the developers presented their long-term plan for 2022 in the form of a roadmap. The plans for Season 7, 8 and 9 were announced, whereby a season takes about three months.

Of course, new adventures and a new Schlunder-Pass will expect you in every season. Thus, in Season 7, a new progress system and new ways will be introduced to play in Season 8, more role-playing elements and quest species are added and in Season 9, which starts in December 2022, crews will receive new opportunities for social interaction.

Season Six - Sea of Thieves 2022 Preview

Last current video: Season Six PreviewTrailer

【Kemco / Top reservation start for smartphone】 Middle of the kingdom! Popular series that draws the essence of life Latest work “Alphadia Neo” March 10 Delivery decision & pre-reservation start!

New work “Alpha Diano” for Kemco’s smartphone was scheduled to be delivered on March 10 (Thu).

A new work “Alphadia Neo” for Kemco’s smartphone was scheduled to be delivered on March 10 (Thu).

It is the latest “Alphadia” series popular from the feature phone era.

From today, we have started pre-booking at the top 10!

If you have a pre-reservation, we will notify you of release information quickly.

◆ Title: Alphadia Neo ◆ Genre: Fantasy RPG ◆ Delivery date: March 10 (Thu) Delivery schedule ◆ Corresponding OS: iOS, Android ◆ Price: 860 yen ※ ANDROID only (free of charge) (A) and two types of premium versions (no pay and advertising display) are scheduled to be delivered.

# Pv

New Listing Alert - Swarmio Media (CSE: SWRM): Powering the Gaming & Esports Ecosystem

# Official HP


# Booking Site

· Book Top 10
(IOS) https://yoyaku-top10.jp/apps/nzm2mti?os=IOS
(Android Regular Version) https://yoyaku-top10.jp/apps/nzm2mti?os=android

# “Alphadiano” Overview

Real-rigtical fantasy RPG “Alphadia” series latest work with the essence of life and decisions to lose the energy “Energy” to live in life, and the latest work of the “Alphadia” series is finally appeared!

Three powers that the battle over Energe broke out. The princess destroyed by her hometown kingdom and young man who do not have memory meet, and the gear of history moves a little bit.

What is the thing of the heart of Energy Institute of Life, and the prince of the sadness is the determination of her chest? Hostly passing out the road with friends, the royal road middle and fantasy stories!

# # Murner the style!

Select three styles for each character. Since the style can be changed during battle, let’s change the style and use it to move to the front row at the time of recovery, or move it to the front row at the timing of physical attacks to increase the effects of attacks and techniques.

# # Explosion · Lesoniononskill!

Special Move “Resonionon Kill” that will be released in cooperation with friends is intense! Since that qualification time takes time, it is more important to aim at timing and aiming at the behavior order of the triggering member. Let’s acquire skills at various timings, such as level up and events.

# # Aim for fishing Master! ?

You can catch fishing at any time with fishing points scattered in various places. The big fish that is caught with the chosen fishing ties will be replaced with various items. Powerful equipment that can only be obtained here too!


“Fantasy God Section 2” Guardian “Cody” appeared again! New time events are also held newly!

Smartphone MMORPG “Fantastic Sun, 2”, which X-Legend produced itself, after maintenance on March 2, “Cody” is re-appeared at the shop! Furthermore, a limited-time event “Memefesta” will be held newly.

Smartphone MMORPGFantastic Sun 2″, which X-Legend produced itself, after maintenance on March 2, the goddess “Cody” will be re-appeared at the shop! Furthermore, a limited-time event “Memefesta” will be held newly. Let’s challenge this opportunity!

(Reprint) Guardian “Cody”

# Limited time event “Memefesta”

Villagers held special events for children! A fluffy festival with a theme of sheep, and everyone will be exciting together!

2022-02-16 Wrestling Observer Live: Cody leaves AEW, AEW Dynamite, NXT 2.0, and more
Holding period:
After 2022 (Wed) Maintenance-
March 16, 2012 (Wed) 14:30 (planned)

# # Limited time Avatar “Pirate of the Piracy of Genten”

Costumes: Gillola Hair Ornaments: Pilat Hat (Male)

Costumes: Pilate Adri Hair Ornament: Pirat Long Curl (Women)

Costumes: Pilatilt Adri Hair Ornament: Pilatrate Twinte (Nymph)

Sales period:
After 2022 (Wed) Maintenance-
March 9, 2022 (Wed) 14:30 (planned)

(Reprint) Limited Release

Left: White Ball-kun Right: Black Sesame-kun (Muto)

Sales period:
After 2022 (Wed) Maintenance-
March 9, 2022 (Wed) 14:30 (planned)

(Reprint) Limited Wing Wing

Cobalt Duef

Sales period:
After 2022 (Wed) Maintenance-
March 9, 2022 (Wed) 14:30 (planned)

Official site: https://www.x-legend.com/ajaurakingDom2/UTM_SOURCE = NEWS & UTM_MEDIUM = News
Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/AurakingDom2_JP
Android: https: //go.onelink.me/app/m12jpnewsand
Ios: https: //go.onelink.me/app/m12jpnewsios

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