Ubisoft is a major publisher and developer of video games. For Honor is one of his most popular titles and year 6 arrives soon. Over the year, fans can expect a ton of new content, including heroes and more. The Pirate Hero will be released on January 27 as part of a Deal package. Pirate Hero will cost players €7,99 / $7.99 and includes an exclusive ornament, three chaplaincal crates and seven days of champion status. In addition, players can unlock the hero using 15,000 steel units in the game from February 10th.

The Pirate will join as a member of the Outlander group, which will include five adventurers without cultural bond. These individuals bring relics and treasures, the first being the pirate. In addition, there will be new seasonal variations for all heroes. The variations of the pirate have unfortunately been delayed and will be available at a later date.

The pirate comes from the archipelago and arrives at Heath moor in search of a treasure, while he leads his crew around the world. The two-minute discharge trailer of the pirate shows his fighter talents, his costumes and more.

In addition, on January 27th, there will be a significant improvement in customization. In order to remain faithful to the colors of the preview, this change allows the coloring system of materials to be more precise.

In addition, Ubisoft confirmed that the year 6: lost horizons will begin from March 17th. It will consist of four seasons, two new heroes, customization options and other game enhancements.

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