Com2us (CEO Jae-jun Song, Joo-hwan Lee) will hold a commemorative event in its KBO-based popular mobile baseball game lineup for ‘Baseball Day’.

‘Baseball Day’ will celebrate the 14th anniversary this year by the KBO’s day to commemorate the first day of the Korean national baseball team in the Olympic history. This event, which was designed to reminisce with the game users and to provide various benefits with the game users of the glory of Korean baseball, is in Com2us’ No. 1 baseball game ‘Com2us Pro Baseball’ (hereinafter referred to as comamps) series. It spread out colorfully.

First of all, the representative baseball game ‘Com2us Pro Baseball 2022’ (Coml, 2022) will hold an event that provides various popular game items as a package. All users who connect to the game by the 31st will be able to obtain the ‘Baseball Day Pack’, which includes ‘Live Selection Pack’, ‘Live Selection Pack’ and ‘Unique Power Changes’. In particular, the ‘Select Signature Player Pack’ included in the package is one of the most preferred items that users prefer because they can obtain cards containing autographs of all active players who have played outstanding in the KBO League as the club they want.

There is also a ‘Hidden Picture Finding Event’ for the official cafe users. In the image designed under the theme of ‘Baseball Day’, it is a way to find hidden baseball-related items, and if you leave the correct answer, ‘Live Player Pack’ will be rewarded.

The Com2S Professional Baseball V22 (Comlja V22), which is responsible for another axis of the Com2us Real Baseball Game Line, also communicated with users through community events. Rewarding items that can help play game play will be paid to users who have answered the quiz of ‘Baseball Day’, which was given every day by the 29th. If the cumulative number of respondents reach a certain goal, there will be additional items including ‘Advanced Scout Tickets’. In addition, through the ‘Baseball Day Surprise Gift’ event, which will be held until the 31st, it will provide abundant benefits to all participating users.

Com2us’ popular baseball management game ‘Com2us Pro Baseball for Manager LIVE’ (hereinafter referred to as Commae) will also hold a special attendance reward event to commemorate this’ Baseball Day ‘. The users who have been attending a total of seven days by September 1 will present various items that can help the club, including game goods and the club.