League of Legends has already provided a series of incredible moments for its community, such as the announcement of new games, the Arcane animation series, music groups clips with Moba’s own champions as singers and the participation of famous artists, among other things.

But when it comes to the balance of the game, the community usually agrees that the developer has made a series of mistakes. It is true that it is complicated to adjust a game with so many characters, but the little self-criticism of a developer gave rise to the famous meme of the 200 years of Riot experience in video game design.

It all started with Wukong…

The meme of the more than 200 years of experience in Video Games design began with an argument between the Rioter Nathan ‘Lutzburg’ Lutz and the streamer Main Wukong Harambe on Twitter. The designer published in his profile that a new version of Wukong was available in the PBE, the League of Legends test server.


This did not seem to convince Harambe, who responded by saying that the champion needed more damage and that he barely knew what skill level first because they practically had no effect on the game.

Lutz quickly responded to the complaint, stating that no one in Riot thought that Wukong’s damage was too low.I’m sorry you feel like that, but I don’t know what to tell you when more than 20 professionals say otherwise _.

A player intervened saying that perhaps Riot needed to listen to a player with more experience with that champion than 20 professionals, and in Rioter’s next response, the meme appeared:Being good with a certain champion in a game is valuable, but I I remain with the more than 200 years of professional experience in the video game design of the employees _, said Lutz, without knowing that a simple tweet could become one of the most deadly irony in the history of LOL.

and ended with Aphelia, Zeri and other champions

Unfortunately for Riot, Aphelia had been launched in LOL little less than a month before Lutz’s speech, which caused the community to begin using the joke in everything related to this champion. Because you may not remember it, but Aphelia was one of the most broken characters in League of Legends.

Each and every one of the champions that became problematic in the launch, such as Aphelia, Viego, Zeri, among others, will have their name associated with the 200 years of experience in video game design.