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Dualsense of PS5 nicknamed the best controller of all time in a public vote

Image: Push the square

The BEST PS5 Controller EVER (DualSense Aim Controller 5 Months Later)

What is the best video game controller of all? You could probably defend many of them. This is a very subjective question, but you must imagine that the different iterations of the Sony Dualshock would be in the running, since it is a design that the company has reused several times. For our money, however, the dualsense is probably the best that Sony has ever produced – but how does it compare to other platforms?

Well, if you ask the public, apparently very favorably. Bafta Games has recently organized a tournament to find the best controller of all time, opposing various Pads over the years in a number of Twitter polls. In the end, it was the dualsense against Dualshock 2, and the PlayStation 5 controller prevailed:

Yes, the Dualsense has been crowned best controller of all time by vote of the public. This is a very good approval for the pad, and we would say it’s a deserving winner. There are many fantastic controllers, but the haptic return and adaptive triggers of Dualsense push it beyond the limits, and physical design is an improvement over the dualshock to virtually every respect.

Anyway, do you agree? Is the dualsense globally the best controller? Express yourself in the comments section below.

The fall of Babylon of the PS5 live service game, PS4 does not look good

Image: ApzonRunner

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! - Babylon's Fall Honest Review (PS4/PS5)

Platinumgames wants to create more live service software – Is it not everyone right now? – But you’ll have to do better than Babylon’s Fall, which starts pathetically. We are always preparing our review – Attention to that soon – but the first indications are terrible for the hack-and-slash published by Square Enix.

For example, on the PC Steam showcase, he culminated with about 650 simultaneous players. As a comparison, God of War – which was launched in January and is not a live service game – culminated at a little over 5,000 players today. Okay, it’s not necessarily just comparing a massive and established name like God of War in Babylon’s Fall – but we’re just trying to put things into perspective.

It is unlikely that this will improve either, because this long-standing development effort seems void. In an attempt to arouse some enthusiasm, Square Enix paid a group of popular streamers to play game, which is a relatively normal practice for publishers nowadays. Unfortunately, we do not think that the investment has borne fruit as expected, as shown by clips like this:

So, yes, Babylon’s Fall – a game filled with the presumptuous Battle Pass and recurring gaming loops, with very few people who are committed. Making live service games is notoriously difficult, so maybe we should not insist on PlatinumGames here. Yet, this one is in development since an eternity – one wonders whether it will one day recover its development costs.

Introducing Instagram, 3D Avatar … “Mette First Step”

3D avatar was introduced in Instagram Story. Facebook and Messenger will be updated to use 3D avatars.

According to the US CEN, Facebook, which replaces the mission, the Me-suk, the Me-suk, is scheduled to introduce 3D avatars and expand to other areas by introducing North American geothermal, such as the United States, Canada and Mexico.

On Facebook, you can already use the avatar profile as an image, but the 3D animation function is added. On the other hand, the instagram is the first to introduce avatar image.

“We are looking for a digital world to be a digital world that Mobile and Computer, VR and AR are interconnected,” through a separate interview with CNENSE MENTA AVA, I explained the first strategy to realize. “

Meta adds 3D avatars to Instagram, Facebook, Messenger

If you set an avatar in Facebook or Messenger, it is also reflected on the instant image. On the contrary, if set in the instant, it applies to the messenger. You can still set up avatars per platform.

The meta-side is a plan to proceed with updates so that users can easily move multiple platforms over time.

Ice pickled in an instant if I touch it! Mystery of “Subnautica: Below Zero” Polarity Blyninkle Mystery [Watch the world in the game # 18]

If you are exploring the sea, you may sometimes find a strange phenomenon under ice. It is similar to the ice pillars, but suddenly grows from ice, and it is a mysterious object that breaks up and breaks up. If you get approached, the player’s body will freeze and get some of them.

If you observe it carefully, the fish is sticking, and it is an ice with ice. If the player touches by hand, it may not be peeled like this. Since it is not covered by the scan, there is no explanation of what this is what this is why this is the game.

This is a rare phenomenon that is called Brindle (ARTICLE) , and the sea is only visible. If you jump into a cold sea that dies in an instant, it is probably because it has become difficult to see images that can be seen in extremely difficulty, just by shooting photos. Leading the image of the process of growing the process, just for the first time it was taken for the first time. Because there is an adventurer who has a life that challenges the polar exploration, you can bring back images that such a no one saw.

When seawater frozen, impurities are separated from ice, and the salivated salt is concentrated on the salinity is concentrated. As the salinity becomes dark, the melting point and the liquid freezing temperature decreases, so the temperature of the liquid flowing out of ice remains greater than 0 degrees. When the saline is saturated, the melting point is lowered up to 21.3 degrees minus, and dark salt water brine flows from ice to the sea.

This is the BBC commentary that shot the world’s first time lapse. It looks like it’s also the longest end of Brinkley. This indicates that it is like a mirage due to the difference in density and that the salinity is concentrated. Seawater is frozen to wrap this flow, and forms a pipe like a pipe.


If you touch this flow, it will be frozen in an instant, and if it is a small fish, you can only wait for death. When the flow of brine reaches the seabed, the surroundings were frozen like a river, and many starfish and sea urchin have been caught in the image. Since we grow while involving the organism one after another, it is also called .

Instantaneous freezing by this Brinkley can be easily reproduced in your home environment. The way is very simple and adds salt to ice water until saturated, and use it to cool ordinary water.

It is a metal bat of large and small cooking, ice and salt. And it is water with low impurities such as passing the water purifier.

Put water and ice in the larger bat and lower the temperature while melting the salt well. It is okay to use a cold storage agent in combination.

The temperature dropped to the surface of the cold storage agent. Put the water with a smaller water and put a smaller bat, and shock it with a cool cooler, and it’s frozen to see it, but I’m sorry, but I’m sorry! I did not get it!

Because of the 100cc water to saturate salt, it is used for about 30 grams and about 30 grams, so it is not enough for the amount of image to make 1 liter of silk water necessary to cool enough. Hmm. Since 300 grams of salt per one time are no longer, this time we borrow the experimental image from the teacher’s channel.

You can expand freezing while drawing a beautiful pattern that can be expressed as Kojak’s wing. Water with few impurities is overcooking which maintains liquid with a settled state below the melting point. When an impact is applied, it will be unstable, and it will change from there to ice at once. Some Brinkley appear to make a pointed ice crystals and create a mysterious formation that is not a just an ice pillar.

In order to conduct over cooling experiments, the outside air is cooling. Because there is a risk of frozen, I would like to avoid touching the cold water directly, but it is also unusual to prepare salt ice water in the cooler box and try cooling experiments outdoors.

Even if it is not an alpha, the sea in the earth’s polarity is still unexplored. There are many strangely shaped creatures and sights that were not seen elsewhere. A full-scale exploration has begun to be equipped and is also called a place with a lot of mysterious than universe. In the water closed to ice, there are places where primordial life cyanobacteria will breed, and it seems that the scene is in a race while. About 3 billion years ago, it is sought to be saved round and is an important place to explore the origin of life. A strange creature like the Subnautica series may also be found in the planned ground ball.

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