On the 17th, Minister of Information and Communication Department of Information and Communication Department is a 3.4 GHz band frequency, which requires additional allocation of 3.4GHz band frequency, which requested additional allocation of 3.4GHz band frequency, which requested additional allocation of LG U +, I said I would ask for a “comprehensive” person.

Given the Comments of CEO of CEO, Im Hye Sook, who listened to the feedback of the Frequency of CEO, to increase the quality of 5G services for frequency allocation, and the top priority that promotes the investment is not unchanged, and it would be presented in a certain level of assignment rooms and schedules to be presented within a seal I answered.

The Minister of Engine also needs to expand its continued investment in accordance with the delivery of the BS, and continued to establish a base station construction implemented on April 30, in addition to providing a 28GHz base station for a subway Wi-Fi highway. I asked you to try.

The following is the Moon, Chang-hyuk, the Changchang-Ri, and the Korea Communications Industry Policy,

** \ – What is the exact meaning of the ‘Impacts’,’

“When frequency allocation is done, the time is quite a quantity, including investment until the actual use. (3.5GHz bands allocated for current 5G purposes) to use the actual use and to have a year to 6 months. Businessmen takes time to invest in real investment. The equipment authentication and terminal authentication must be obtained from being able to be frequency allocation. 3.4GHz, but it is a frequency that is clearing 3.7GHz 300 MHz. ” (Choi Woo Hyuk, Director)

\ – The minister said that it was ‘comprehensive review’. I mean, 3.4 GHz requested last year, which means to review 3.7GHz requested this year.

“We reviewed the direction of allocation for the 3.4 GHz last year and conducted a public hearing. In the business, the government has asked to discuss the 3.7 GHz, considering the public benefit, and a fair use environment. It is difficult to say that it is unusual to be unusual, but it is difficult to merge. I will do it as soon as possible. ” (Choi Woo Hyuk, Director)

\ – 3.4GHz Assignment schedule eventually postponed.

“It takes a lot of time to frequency allocation. It is true that it is slower than our announcement. Considering the entire schedule, there is a possibility that it can be practically responded to the time of use in reality, and it is difficult to say that when using the operator’s efforts, it is difficult to play. ” (Choi Woo Hyuk, Director)

If you have not been able to keep the announcement of the 3.4GHz allocation plan in February.

“It’s a policy that you have to announce the policy and keep the date. There is a complaint by law. However, the frequency assignment to the propagation method 11, 16, there is no legal restriction date. I do not mean to do it. Even if such a period of time, the discretion is wide in the impact of the frequency allocation.

On January 25, SK Telecom has been raised by major benefits, and KT has been reviewed by 3.7 GHz responsiveness, so it is comprehensively reviewed, and it is comprehensively reviewed, and to minimize administrative procedures to minimize administrative procedures, You can ahead. February announcement that remains about ten days is not easy. ” (Choi Woo Hyuk, Director)

\ – Actually, the auction assignment will be delayed after the presidential election. What is the position of concerns that continuity drops?

“The presidential election is a political act and publicly enforced by law. As the budget execution, the business is going to go. It is a matter of time to discuss today and to work as soon as it is a problem, and it is said that it is a matter of work in the researchers, coming in the researchers, and meetinging them with CEOs, and discussing it with CEOs, and told the allocation measure. Political schedules and administrative schedules are different. ” (Choi Woo Hyuk, Director)

\ – 3.4GHz Assignment Review Investment in the research center already accepts 3 companies. If the discussion is added, it is dancing.

“According to the Radio Method 16 2, LG U Plus has been available since the request for additional assignments in the LG Ulus. The assignment was concluded and converted to a public hearing.

However, it responds to the 3.7GHz, and reviews it as well. Because the new request came into the same line, it is difficult and separate, so it is difficult and separate, and it is difficult to see a lot of benefits and fair competition in LG Yuplus. I talked about the national benefits and fair competition investments, and we will be valid, and we will review new requests and review new requests. ” (Choi Woo Hyuk, Director)

\ – If it is as a merge auction, additional allocation conditions can be added. What is the government position on the assignment condition?

“When we talk to KT, we have a variance of frequency regions by frequency. The most important thing when the government administration is administrative. At that time, fair competition seems to be reviewed priority. There should be a frequency difference in the region, so that there may be a difference in the area.

Right now, it is a very sensitive element, but it is difficult to speak, because it affects the price of sensitive factors in auctions, and it is difficult to speak. ” (Choi Woo Hyuk, Director)

\ – Reviews, and that LG U Plus did not determine whether LG Yuplus has requested the requested frequency. The decision of the policy can not be predicted.

“It seems to be a practical work if you have to stand in a 300 MHz band rather than speaking. It would be necessary to have a 3.7 GHz supply and how much it is to be appropriate for the time. It seems to be a bit faster review according to how much of the administrative input. From next week, I run the researcher. ” (Choi Woo Hyuk, Director)

Is LG Ulus has been excluded, which firstly assigns the frequency requested to assignment.

“I did not completely exclude it. Review. ” (Choi Woo Hyuk, Director)

** \ – When the actual people think in the government, is the time to use the frequency?

“The frequency supplied in June 2018 wrote since April 2019. I was commercialized first with Verizon and one hour difference, but this case does not just fall. The technical standards, equipment certification, and terminal certification should be done and testing. Only the time the government is supplied, the legislative preview period is the time that the period can not even be narrowed and can not be increased. If you test your equipment such as Samsung Electronics, Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, you can quickly do it according to your investment, and Samsung has a significant effect on how quickly. There is no correct answer that you can write after nine months later. Rather, it may be more compacted to worry about allocation measures in the front, and the portion of the back can be increased. ” (Choi Woo Hyuk, Director)

\ – SK Telecom has a story that requested additional allocation is the story of the propagation municipal mixture problem.

“In the United States, the problem is first issue and discussing trends and discussing with the Ministry of Land, Transport. Since the 3.70 to 3.72GHz band is presented, it is considerably not to be organized in it because it is quite a questions that the policy direction is presented. There is a way to turn off the base station like the United States because there is an expected cause, but because it is not sure that it is not sure, (Choi Woo Hyuk, Director)

\ – If you said that it would increase your investment, it will be a rural area and 28GHz.

“There was a story about the overall investment scale and did not distinguish it in detail. Basically, the carrier said he would actively aggressively invest in 3.5GHz and said that 28GHz would do our best. ” (Chung Chang-ri, Director)