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The postponement of PS4 / PS5 “Horizon Forbidden West” was “to avoid excessive labor”. Studio attitude that avoided crunch

Horizon Forbidden West ” that released on February 18 this month. The same work is an open world action RPG for PLAYSTATION 4 / PlayStation 5, which is the stage of the world after half a year from the previous work “Horizon Zero Dawn”. The protagonist Aaroy will survey the cause of the mysterious corrosion phenomenon and save the world to a new stage to the western United States.

This work was originally planned to release the 2021 Holiday Season. However, in summer, it announced that it will be offended on February 18, 2022. After all, it is the case of the release of this month. About these postponed backgrounds, Mathijs de Jonge, who serves as a game director at Guerrilla Games in Development Studio, responded. He talks in the interview with overseas media nu.nl.

Interviewer asked JONGE that many of the game companies tend to have an overall working time. On the other hand, JONGE responds that such a development team of Horizon Forbidden West does not happen almost. The team telled me that he understands the drawbacks of the crunch well. Therefore, when the team plans, it seems to be careful about the disadvantages of the crunch.

As an example, at the Christmas time, I did not work at all, and all the staff have been able to take a two weeks. Since the office itself was closed, it was not possible to work and work. For some staff, I chose to continue working without holiday. Although I did not stop such a person, I was strongly disseminating as a company as a company as much as possible.

And JONGE also mentions the postponement of “Horizon Forbidden West”. The same work was originally released at the end of 2021, but for that purpose, the development team had to impose overweight labor. However, Jonge comments that the staff should relax and spend a vacation and spend with family and friends. Such policies say that the release of “Horizon Forbidden West” extends to the present.

JONGE is answering any other questions in the interview. For example, it was also told the reason for adopting a female hero in “Horizon Zero Dawn”. According to JONGE, in the “Kill zone” series, which is the past work of the studio, he only felt frustration that the spot was just on the enemy character such as Helgast. In addition, since the gray color tone was mainly due to “Kill zone”, we challenge the opposite effort in “Horizon Zero Dawn”. He was not a strong warrior, but a female hero decides to draw in a colorful world.

In addition, Arroy is a female protagonist, but is no longer drawn out of the femininity. As a development team, it was said that a plain look character was needed to draw a young warrior who fights against a machine beast. It was said that it was thought that it was not necessary to push the sex, making a cool character. I want you to see the entire interview here (Dutch).

“Horizon Forbidden West” is on sale for PS4 / PS5.

Horizon Forbidden West: Despite small quirk an action RPG of the extra class – test to the blockbuster

Short five years after the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn now appears with Horizon: Forbidden West finally the successor to the Open World Action Roleplay. At that time, Zero Dawn was still a surprise, as developer Guerrilla Games had not read so right to tell such a rousing story within an original, atmospheric game world, Forbidden West is now facing the task of fulfilling tremendous expectations.

The predecessor finally applies as one of the best and most popular PS4 games and sold alone on the console over ten million times. So with Heroin Aloy, we again pulled into the adventure to clarify whether Zero Dawn was just a one-hit wonder or if Forbidden West Horizon consolidated as a high quality Sony IP and the fans of the first part are looking forward to a successful continuation be able.

A new threat

Forbidden West begins about six months after the Battle of Meridian, with which the first part ended. Heroin Aloy, once outcast of the Nora tribe, used the general cheers on the victory against Hades to disappear unnoticed and pursue alone some traces. Relatively quickly she notices that a plague infested the world.

Horizon: Forbidden West in the test

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Horizon Forbidden West is absolutely superb (Review)
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  1. Open

Strange red plants spread out and but toxic spores. The country becomes infertile, a famine is created and as if all that would be not enough, even the powerful mechanical engineering in the world will be ungradively aggressive. If Aloy does not quickly find a remedy, all life will be wiped out on earth.

for connoisseurs

To avoid spoiler, we only use vague hints here, finally, history plays a major role in the second horizon part. Nevertheless, you may have noticed it: Forbidden West presupposes knowledge of the predecessor from the players. If you did not play Zero Dawn, you will only understand station in Forbidden West.

But even those who have played part 1 for a long time and does not have an elephant memory, could sometimes come into pondering. If you have no idea (more) who or what Elisabet Sobeck, Gaia and Hephaestus are, you should urgently refresh your memory. For this you can find a detailed story recap to Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Forbidden West is spinning in detail the Horizon Lore and takes zero consideration of newcomers. Without going to go into detail: something that was discussed in its predecessor only in a few findable text files, in the story of Part 2, takes a larger place. Forbidden West explains what it has, but also a bit of feeling that you have to know all this. So pleasant it is that the title does not go through everything again, which happened in its predecessor, a slightly gentle reintroduction to the world of Horizon would have been nice.

Who has turned the clock?

The story leads to a variety of impressive places, reveals secrets of the old world and offers some epic moments. So we always felt motivated to keep track of the main quest. Accordingly, the narrative structure is not a great blemish. On the other hand, we see a little more critical the final of the game. Do not worry, that’s absolutely fantastic staged and made us huge fun, but the game jumps to the end here a bit too fast.

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