It was the third game in seven days for the Halleschen FC, accordingly attacker Huth was pleased after the final whistle of the 2-0 victory of the HFC over the deserved coming break: “After such an English week, not only the head is flat, but of course Also the legs. Now we have the time to rest, “says the 25-year-old. After the draw against Verlich last Saturday and the victory against Turkkücü on Tuesday, Halle has retracted seven points in the last week and then advanced on the 13th place of the 3rd league. This produces an important distance of six points to the relegation places.

Huth meets against ex-club

For Huth, it was against his ex-club, the striker ran from 2019 to 2020 for the FSV: “Today was a special game, I have experienced a great time in Zwickau,” he explained after the final whistle. “Nevertheless, we wanted to win today. We have made the three points and delivered a good game. We pulled that fairly sovereign today,” the attacker who brought his team in the sixth minute in the lead.

Despite underdog role, former player sees Bengals as favorite

This is FSV Zwickau and I’m proud of it.

Joe Enochs

On the other side, you are annoyed about the second defeat in the last three games, yet Zwickaus coach Joe Enoch was satisfied with the performance of his team: “In the first half, they were just better than we. They came better in the two-fighting, our teams stood too far apart, “said the 50-year-old. “We had our chances in the second half, but today we were missing the precision. Nevertheless, we tried everything until the last second. That’s FSV Zwickau and I’m proud of it.”