Buerto in light of day Players have something special waiting for them now if they are also Prime Gaming subscribers. The game developer, Behavior Interactive, announced this week that the last of Prime Gaming deliveries is now available for those who have their accounts properly connected. The aspect in question is a “very rare” aspect for the survivor Dwight Fairfield, and puts it in the spirit of Valentine’s Day with the aspect “love hurts”.

The new cosmetic was announced this week in the publication of blog ongoing within the day in the light of day. Site that keeps players updated on everything related to the Prime Gaming Association. This is the third fall so far with two other falls before giving masks to different characters.

It is not necessary that you get this cosmetic immediately, as it will be available for a while, but you should make sure you secure it before it disappears forever. The publication of the blog says that this will be available from now until March 10, at which time we can expect another to take its place.

In the blog publication, it provides information on how you can make sure to claim yours after connecting your accounts. Of course, you must have a Prime Gaming account and an active subscription, but that is included in a Membership of Amazon Prime, so it should not be a problem for many people. Regardless, the steps below that come directly from Behavior Interactive should help you make sure everything is in order to get this mask:

How to claim porte in the light of the day Main game drops

  • Create a Prime Gaming account using your username and existing Amazon details.
  • Visit the details page of the Dead by Daylight offer on the Prime Gaming website.
  • Click on the “Claim Now” box.
  • Dead launch in the light of day
  • Select the Store menu, Navigate to the Features tab
  • In the upper right, select Redeem Code
  • Enter your SOLD CODE

Dead By Daylight New Prime Gaming Loot Rewards! - DBD Prime Gaming Exclusive Skin & How To Claim!

This is the first mask that is launched in this way for a survivor since the last cosmetics were for Killers. It is not known to who will be given future masks, but they will be announced each month exactly as Dwight did so that it knows when it is time to subscribe to Prime Gaming if it is not yet subscribed.