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Basketball -EM – Germany vs. Lithuania, transfer: third group game today reside on TV, live stream as well as live ticker

For the German national basketball team, the European Champion proceeds versus Lithuania this Sunday. You can figure out here how you can comply with the third group game survive on TV, live stream and live ticker.

All video games of the German group at Eurobasket live and cost free at Magenta Sporting activity!

Yesterday the German group began the video game strongly with some problems as well as apparently required the half-time break to shake up. Yet that functioned truly well, with 28:11 the third quarter mosted likely to Dennis Schröder and also Co. The group no longer offered the lead. Schröder as well as Franz Wagner led their choice with 18 factors each, on the other hand, Dzanan Musa from Real Madrid (30 points) and Jusuf Nurkic from the Rose City Path Blazers (21) set accents.

After their opening victory, the German group was sufficient to beat Bosnia-Herzegovina. This Sunday continues with a battle versus Lithuania.

Basketball-European Germany vs. Lithuania, transfer: third group game today live on TV as well as livestream

Basketball-European Germany vs. Lithuania, transfer: third group game today survive television, live stream as well as live ticker datum, appointment, details

The 3rd group game in between Germany vs. Lithuania in Team B of the Basketball European Champion will certainly begin this Sunday (September 4) at 2:30 p.m. Both groups meet in the Lanxess Field in Perfume, where all team video games of group B are played.

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Right here along to the LiveTicker Germany-Litauen.

Today you can see the Third group game of the Squid of Basketball between Germany and also Lithuania live withmagenasporttoday. There you can track the entire video game in complete size on complimentary Television as well as in the totally free livestream.


If you can not or want to access the live pictures, the video games – LiveTicker is the excellent option for you! This gives you one of the most essential updates straight from Cologne every min and also do not miss anything.

Square Team Equilibrium Distinction Points
1. Germany 2-0 +23 4 .
2. Bosnia and also Herzegovina 1-1 0 3.
3. France 1-1 -9 3.
4. Slovenia 1-0 +7 2.
5th Lithuania 0-2 -11 2.
6. Hungary 0-1 -10 1.

The other day the German team began the game strongly with some problems and also apparently required the half-time break to shake up. Today you can see the 3rd group game of the Squid of Basketball between Germany and Lithuania live withmagenasporttoday. There you can track the whole game in complete length on totally free TV as well as in the totally free livestream. You can access the livestream frommagenasportwith themagenasport _- app.Magenasportnot only shows the video games of the DBB group live and also in complete length, but all 76 video games of the Eurobasket 2022.

Basketball-European Germany vs. Lithuania, transfer: third group game today survive on television, live stream as well as live ticker-the team B at a glance

_ Magenasportnot only shows the video games of the DBB team live as well as completely length, however all 76 video games of the Eurobasket 2022. WithoutTelekom-contract, the yearly membership atmagenasport _, 95 euros. For Telekom customers, the yearly membership formagenasportexpenses 4.95 euros monthly or 9.95 euros in the month-to-month membership.

Articles and videos on the subject
* All games of the BBL Live with Magenta Sport

Basketball-European Germany vs. Lithuania, transfer: third group game today in the live ticker

Assassins Creed to Skyrim: 8 video games that are simply as well long

A long season can be an important buying argument for players.
An extensive scope of the game does not always have to be good.
Due to the fact that they were simply too long, we wanted to understand from you which games you truly had to abuse yourself.
And these are your answers.

Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed and also others have actually burglarized you of a great deal of time

Numerous adventures, dozens of quests, unlimited sizes, countless items for gathering-.
Some games merely eat as well much time , which you might likewise spend more smartly in other video games or in these so-called realife tasks.

The 8 video games in the reduced photo collection must have been much shorter for you:.

Whether the sales commission is 30 % reasonable -Siee, overseas, a group lawsuit of about 800 billion yen, which says PS Store is a sloppy.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been claimed by £ 9 million, saying that it is excessive on PlayStation, and has been compensated for £ 5 billion (about 809.1 billion yen) .

This is a group lawsuit against SIE, which was caused by Alex Neil. On the PlayStation Store, 30 % of sales are imposed on games and DLCs, which may increase the price. The group claimed that the price increase has been a burden on consumers, and as a result, the price of a digital game purchase of 5 billion pounds in the past six years has been overlooked. Neil says this is the competitive law (the monopoly law in Japan).

If the complaint is granted, British users who purchased digital games and add-ons through the game console or PlayStation Store after August 19, 2016 may be included in the claim and have the right to receive compensation. There is it. It seems that the estimated amount per member who filed a lawsuit would be about 10,000 to 90,000 yen, except for interest. At present, SIE has not responded to foreign media inquiries.


Many socially vulnerable people rely on games in search of communities and people connections, especially in the midst of crisis of living expenses, and no consumer wallets. Sony’s actions are forced to sacrifice millions of people who can not afford to buy it when they are compressed. Sony monopolizes digital distribution of PS games and games without games, as a result of developing anti-competitive strategies, saying, Sony monopolizes the digital distribution of PS games and games. Is claiming users for a completely far apart price.

Although it is a lawsuit seeking a very expensive compensation, it has been supported by the Optout Group Litigation System introduced by the 2015 Consumer Rights Law in the United Kingdom, which Neil fought for the introduction. It is said that the members of the litigation group do not need to pay for the lawsuit, which is funded by the lawsuit and the arbitration expert team, Woodsford, which invests in large-scale commercial requests.

LOL: Riot improves some skins by accident and the companys reaction shocks the community

Riot Games is wrapped in a crisis with respect to the monetization of League of Legends . The community has become accustomed to the developer disappointing them with cosmetics that do not reach the minimum quality standard that players, abusive policies or a future increase in rps price expect. Speaking in silver, there are a lot of people who feel that they are paying the same as before and that the developer even skips some of the basic standards of video game development. Criticism, although quite hard, is much better based on what we could imagine.

The controversy of the community with the Skins on Guardians of the stars

Although no Skin can be liked by the whole world, the return of the stars were a moment of relative calm, but the controversy has shot because of the introduction of the second run of aspects of this theme in the PBE. Most fans liked Akali, Taliyah and the rest of the characters. However, they have seen one of the company’s most crazy movements on the test server. While as soon as the ** Chromomas de las Skins were included in Beta, Riot Games changed to the default version.

In other words, although the work was done, The developer has decided to withdraw it League of Legends when skins reach live servers.


This situation has generated great frustration in the community. In the official feedback thread on the presolled models of the stars guardian skins there are a total of 94 comments in which the word Chroma is repeated 253 times. In almost all of them, insisting that the version that modified the color of the skills is not eliminated. However, in the PBE there is no trace of these modifications and an employee of Riot Games has assured that the color changes in the VFX are not within the reach of the basic chromas, although we are exploring the possibility to create a new type of more ambitious modifications of this type in the future. Unfortunately, our experiments arrived at the PBE by mistake.

The day Riot Games criticized herself by accident

This context has resulted in notable criticism among the community, which already accumulates too many disappointments followed by the developer. A context that has made players relive a very special video of the company. It was part of a series called So you want to make video games in which developers gave advice to future designers. A basic approach that included more than ten minutes of footage on VFX (visual effects) and in which, without realizing it, the developer was fiercely criticizing its own products .

The truth is that the footage is difficult to answer and the players have reached a conclusion. If choosing a color that suits the model is good for the clarity of the game since helps identify what each champion is doing , not doing so is bad by definition. However, Riot Games has been repeating this practice in League of Legends over the last years and that takes the opposite of the good practices of a developer who has shown to have more than enough talent to significantly increase the quality of its products. It does not seem to be an excessive workload and, although it would lead to a small price increase, there are many players willing to face it.

In any case, not the next 12.14 patch will not be the one that includes the changes that the community expects. Riot Games needs to transform and convince players again in everything related to monetization. With the exception of some balance failures in somewhat controversial champions or premieres, the game is an ideal state and it is a shame that this type of cloud situations that could have been an almost perfect year for League of Legends.


A modder installs doom in a terminal of an McDonalds and is healthier than a hamburger

Released almost 30 years ago, doom is a pillar in the history of video games . An experience that democratized the genre of games in the first person and father of hundreds of mods, to each craziest and more cultured than the previous one, because it is one of those legends that will never die.

And the way in which some modders have decided to immortalize it is one more proof of it. Because going to eat a hamburger was never so fun.

A little mcdoom?

On this occasion, a joking and anonymous modder has put his gaze on the terminals that allow you to ask for your food without going through the box, hacking it in the manner of it to work doom instead that you can ask for your ration of fast food.

The truth is that the game does not finish being playable, but to validate the experience you just have to execute the game, which is already wonderful. Something so great and wonderful that until the official license account nicknamed the original tweet, with the photo of the exploit.


Doom and unlikely machines

It could almost become an Olympic discipline: several years ago that hackers of all kinds have fun installing the game of John Carmack and John Romero anywhere . This particularly strange practice has led to a dedicated tumblr in which players come to show their exploits with Doom as the protagonist.

Among the improbable devices in which Doom has been executed, we have as diverse devices as a pregnancy test, a karaoke machine or a spectra analyzer. You can find all the extravagant tests, sometimes well documented, of the community in the Tumblr Execute Doom!.

AIR CONDITIONER, Skyrim & a lot more: 8 famous weapons that are almost unreasonable

** In numerous video games you obtain weapons in your hand with which you have to turn off your adversaries.
The choice of the ideal weapon can select success or defeat.
That’s not constantly the case.
There are also well known specimens that you can virtually not lose.

This image series reveals eight reps from air conditioner, Zelda and also various other games. **

These 8 weapons are just overpo value

Whether against the AI or human teammates-some weapons in games assist you to win even more easily than others.
If you hold them in your hands yourself-but you can likewise indicate your fatality sentence if you get your opponent’s catch, these overwhelming tools feel like a gift of heaven.
Eight of one of the most famous weapons that are just overpo value can be discovered in our photo collection.
Here you get to the 8 best weapons in video games:

How do you change your plan and check the PS Plus Catalog games?

This Monday (13/6/2022), the new PS Plus arrives and other locations on the American continent. The Premium plan is not an option for us now, as we currently don’t have all the network support needed for streaming games, massive games like the PS3. Still, we have the Deluxe plan, a viable option that promises to bring many titles in the future. Before showing you how to upgrade projects, let’s answer some pertinent questions about the new PS Plus.

Why is the games catalog not complete?
Of course, you must have seen everywhere that we will have access to more than 400 titles, but when you check the lists, they are barely over 100. Especially the classic list, which promises more than 200 games; when we check it out, there are less than 20. Well, the answer to that is straightforward: we won’t have access to the complete list immediately. Games will be added later, and there may be differences by region. You’ll be able to get your hands on titles inside PS Plus, but that might take some time. We can only hope this process does not take too long, as the players are anxious.
It’s not like we don’t have excellent titles, like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ghost of Tsushima and Red Dead Redemption 2, and so many others that will please different audiences.
If you have any questions about pricing or the game catalog, we have a complete guide to the new PS Plus.

How to change the PS Plus plan via PS4?
If you use PlayStation 4, to change the plan, you will have to follow these steps:
When turning on the console, a new icon with the inscriptions PS Plus Games will be visible
Select the icon and click on the first option
Just choose which plan you want, as all three will appear
If the option is not available, look for PlayStation Store (which is usually the first icon)

Click on PS Plus
Select Choose your new level, and you will be able to upgrade your plan
In this tab, it will be possible to see the differences in values since your plan will be automatically changed to Essential
In this same tab, you can go further to the right and click on Game Catalog to check which games are available
If you go even further to the right, you can click on Classics Catalog to check the games in the Deluxe plan
You can also click on Game Reviews to find out which games are available to try (usually will be with Aloy’s image in Horizon: Forbidden West )
As usual, traditional PS Plus free games can also be seen in Monthly Games

How to change PS Plus Plan via PS5?
After turning on your PS5, look for the PS Plus icon, which will probably be the first.
Select the icon and then select Enhance (also the first option)
Just choose which plan you want (all will be available on the screen)
The game catalog, monthly games, and classics are visible after clicking on the first icon, as the PS5’s interface is much more intuitive and accessible than the PS4’s.

That feeling when. Fear of death still felt in the back

Fear of death: What a wakeful feeling!

The genre of shooting games typically includes fast-paced, accuracy, and perception of the counterpart as an abstract target, not a human being. Fear of death in games, on the other hand, is a rarer treat.

Dusty of shooting games

When the first-person shooting genre was formed in the 90s, there was quite a bit of rhyme. In particular, doom and Quake blown up the bank with their insane way and online gaming. Despite its gloomy themes, the demonic horror environment was forgotten when there was something even more scary instead of space demons: LAN’s Kingi, neighbor’s make.

At the same time, a new term was born: a nipple. The word is very descriptive, as usually the best and only strategy was to find the field at once, or at the latest two deadly singles that were chased by other players. Hippa is also a good term because it felt like a play. As the death came, the activity continued almost immediately as the character woke up to the map.

The key to gaming was the speed and fun. I could just imagine what the going would have been like if energy drinks had been legal and generally known in the 90s. In any case, the death of the counterparty was only in the Frägi statistics, while my own death is a momentary bump in the rhythm of killing. Death was of no real meaning.

Protective terrorists are not afraid of a cross.

Fear in Persians

At the turn of the millennium, the change in the tradition of fast-paced shooting games at the turn of the millennium was offered the whole genre’s revolutionary counter-stripe. Sinks were no longer available, but instead ordinary firearms became deadly. The enemy does not need to be emptied of a whole magazine, as even a single bullet may be enough to kill.

It was critical that dead players were in the ice rink for the rest of the round. In the early stages, the dead park may have had to wait several minutes for the next round. In addition, the dead must buy new weapons, which will affect the internal economy of the game. The importance of staying alive and the instinct of self-defense had arrived in the shooting games.

I vividly remember how in my first cs experiences I was uncertain about shelter and squat behind the boxes. I outlined my mortality really vividly-if I ever have to fight in my real life, I will just squat the protection just as long as possible.

Later, you get used to death in games, where risks-calculated or stupid-are increasingly taken. When playing at a professional level, death only means losing the chirp. A similar development is also in the right wars. Known soldiers who are known to be baptized are clearly more efficient than their green comrades, as experience with courage and risk assessment develop tremendously.

Life and death in royal systems like Apex Legends matter.

The top bearing on the issue

The era of death was restarted with the release of playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. In Battle Royal, the royal systems, death is constantly present. In the original pubg, the going was particularly merciless, as the matches could last half an hour and the death came from one of the enemy series in the butt. Even less flying controls on the walls.

Personally, I passed the pubg- phase, but suitably casual apex legends then played for it. A familiar feeling about twenty years ago came to life: I don’t want to die! I progressed really carefully and closed every door to the back of the game so I wouldn’t reveal my location. This was confusing, yes this worked: my first ranked round with equally cautious random team ended in victory! This motivated me to continue to the silver league until other games attracted their siren invitation.

Since then, the habit has taken the blade from this excitement as well. What can Aligenre be the next experience that will be stabbing my pounds? Nothing more than a game-filled game of death and a canvas on the table!

Resident Evil 8, Horizon, and other games Coming to PlayStation VR2

Games for PlayStation VR2 were already one of the main themes promised for the June 2022 State of Play, and Sony brought four new features, including a version of Resident Evil 8 that will please fans of the franchise. As if that wasn’t enough, we can also see a new trailer for Horizon Call of The Mountain, which takes place in the universe of Horizon, the Sony exclusive.

The Walking Dead also made its appearance, showcasing a walker-infested world in its new chapter, Retribution, and No Man’s Sky, bringing its interplanetary exploration.

List of games for PSVR2
Resident Evil 8: Village (2022)
Horizon Call of the Mountain
No Man’s Sky
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution
All are exclusive to PS5. It will only be possible to play them with PlayStation VR (virtual reality) through the console. Horizon Call of the Mountain will be exclusive to PSVR2, but TWD will likely be available to PSVR as its release window is scheduled for this year, and PSVR2 won’t be released until 2023

Resident Evil 8: Village PSVR2

Fans already anticipated the version of Resident Evil 8 for PSVR2, especially after the previous game, RE7, won a version in virtual reality. Sony’s technology is expected to be released in 2023, so there’s no possibility of the game being released later this year.

Sony’s exclusive for PS5 has excellent graphics, and we can only wait to see if immersion in the technology will be as intense as they promise.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution

The game already had a teaser trailer released this year, but the State of Play brought more gameplay and news about the launch. It will be available in 2022 for PSVR and will be playable on PSVR2 in 2023, also being a PS5 exclusive.
We checked out the game’s graphics and more of its gameplay which feels quite immersive. It is likely to be more dynamic than the first chapter.

Horizon Call of the Mountain

Taking us to explore the universe of Horizon Zero Dawn in virtual reality, the exclusive for PSVR2 shows amazing graphics, climbing, machine fights, and lots of interaction with a rich scenery.

We will be able to use the classic bow and many other weapons throughout the game. You can see rivers and lakes in the trailer, so we’ll probably be able to swim. Among the environments shown are some tropical and forest, rocky, mountainous (which is the main proposal), and even glacial scenarios.

It is already evident that we will have a lot of parkour in the game, including long-distance jumps, climbing different (mostly mountains), zip lines, and much more.

No Man’s Sky

It’s a survival and exploration game, but with an interplanetary theme. We’ll pilot ships and mechas, discover new planetary systems, enter machine battles, etc.

The game has a proposal that is perfect to be explored through PSVR2, mainly because it is possible to drive ships in the first person, which must be a fantastic experience when we think about exploring the stars and the incredible freedom that the game gives from the start.

[Reporter] What is the value of the game?

Masterpiece games are considered to have historical value. But can we convert that ‘historical value’ into money? Until last year, the value seemed to be recognized as a really high amount. I looked exactly.


The game cartridge, which was not released, has renewed the highest auction price until last year. The vinyl was not removed and the excellent storage state was maintained and the collectors were pulled. And the reason why the collector’s loaded bullets stayed at home due to the spread of Corona 19 were to the game. Furthermore, the games seemed to be rising because they had no shortage of so-called masterpieces such as Super Mario Brothers, Zelda’s legend, and Super Mario 64.

In 2019, Super Mario Brothers was awarded for $ 10,150, and a year later, $ 11.40,000 in July 2020, and Super Mario Brothers 3 in November, was the most expensive game.

In April 2021, however, the record rose to $ 660,000. Super Mario Bros., which was about a fifth of just nine months ago, broke the record. In July, Zelda’s legend was $ 870,000, and the same month Super Mario 64 wrote a new record in a week. And in August, Super Mario Bros. auctions exceeded $ 2 million. In less than two years, the $ 100,000 game was sold for about 20 times the price of 2.5 billion won.

Of course, if a product with a much better preservation state appears, the price can be higher. However, Watagames was associated with the surge in game auctions. Wata is an evaluation company that judges the preservation value of the game. There are various game preservation evaluations before the establishment of the Wata Games. But all the games with the auction records were rated.

The highest game sales record before the appearance of Wata is known as Super Mario Brothers traded through the auction site eBay. The price of this copy is $ 3,100. It costs about 38 million won.

Those who have gained in the process of soaring game prices were the platform Heritage Auction with Wata and auction. Wata received a part of the market value as a game rating, and the Heritage Auction charged 20% of the price and 5% fee for the seller. This has been suspected of intentionally raising game prices.

When Karl Jobst (video_ ), who also caught the video fraud of the most popular player in the guitar hero, raised this suspicion, Wata immediately issued a statement. They expressed regret that the knife was not in contact with them, saying it was unfounded defamation. However, the co-founder of the Heritage Auction belongs to the advisory committee of Wata. The controversy has increased as the new evaluation company Wata and Heritage Auction have signed an exclusive contract. In addition, the suspicion has grown as Wata sells the game they have rated and sets higher rating than the actual storage level.

Nine months after the suspicion, the case eventually broke out in May this year.

The ending of the case will be covered by the lawsuit, but the certainty is the copy of the classic game, which is called a masterpiece at the bidding of the game. Super Mario Brothers, sold for $ 2 million, the highest price ever, was awarded at a rally auction site, which has a system that allows them to invest like stocks as if they were stocks. The New York Times also claimed that a $ 100 investment in the game had a net profit of $ 950. In this process, there was no historical value or purity of the game. There was only a rating on a soaring price and a rating table evaluated by a new company.

Super Mario Bros. Copy’s best winning bid is 38 million won or 2.5 billion won, and the influence on the game will not change much. On the contrary, the fact that the game is used as a means of speculation is obviously hit by the hobby of the game collection and the purity of the media.

Nevertheless, these auction prices have attracted much attention not only in Korea but also abroad. This was because the auction was more than the auction and the pure value and record of the game.

The game with a few high-value games is completely stored and enshrines on the bookshelf as a collection of collectors. There is no institution that will properly evaluate the historical records or the value of the game company. The game awards are increasing in earnest, and the scab of winning a few GOTY awards, or the main awards wins, only soothes that. Rather, the strings left in Wikipedia are used as a standard for judging the value of the game.

The advantage of media content that can leave the record forever is not very good. If you have only a running device, you can play again at any time, and you can leave it to be able to enjoy it in a current generation by reprinting, but in reality it is not. The classic IP, which is torn, for reasons for development, distribution rights, etc., has no way to play and play. If it’s not a game that can find your rights, it will disappear at the cartridge stage without proper recording.

Games that have already been digitized here can also be limited to play. Even though it is a game purchased with download content, if the server is closed due to the appearance of the next generation console or sluggish sales, it will be difficult for buyers to play the game again. The illegal ROM file, which has no choice but to be a copyright infringement, has become the leader in the game’s record.

That’s why the investment of European strongest embracer groups, which have been called by gearbox, coffee stain studio, and crystal dynamics, are more noticeable.

Embracer Group recently announced a project called ‘Embracer Games Archive’. As the name suggests, it is a project to preserve and keep video games, consoles, and related accessories. It’s been a while since it was released to the public, but I archived more than 50,000 games and devices in Sweden’s Carl Stard. Although it is currently in the collection stage, the Embracer Games Archive said that it would be released to the public later and share it with game fans in a more valuable form.

David Bostrom, CEO of Embracer Games Archive, said that it will continue without stopping because it is a valuable legacy to protect and convey the game for the future.

The Strong, a non-profit organization in the United States, established the World Video Game Fame Hall in the name of the National Play Museum in 2015 and offers a game with historical value every year. In Korea, the Nexon Computer Museum in Jeju Island is archiving computer history and game records. In addition, at the main awards ceremony, we are not just a game developer, but the characters who have influenced the entire industry and reflect the value and meaning of the game they have worked on.

Obviously, there is a move to re-evaluate the value of the game and preserve its history. However, it is a platform company that ends a download server on a problem of profitability. A game company that cuts value only by bringing IP development rights. From a business point of view rather than a game, a company that is interested in ash. Those who slow down the results of effort and devotion are still there.

And if the industry does not speak the voice of this behavior on this behavior, it would not be strange if the game price inflated by speculation will be listed again at any time.

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