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A modder installs doom in a terminal of an McDonalds and is healthier than a hamburger

Released almost 30 years ago, doom is a pillar in the history of video games . An experience that democratized the genre of games in the first person and father of hundreds of mods, to each craziest and more cultured than the previous one, because it is one of those legends that will never die.

And the way in which some modders have decided to immortalize it is one more proof of it. Because going to eat a hamburger was never so fun.

A little mcdoom?

On this occasion, a joking and anonymous modder has put his gaze on the terminals that allow you to ask for your food without going through the box, hacking it in the manner of it to work doom instead that you can ask for your ration of fast food.

The truth is that the game does not finish being playable, but to validate the experience you just have to execute the game, which is already wonderful. Something so great and wonderful that until the official license account nicknamed the original tweet, with the photo of the exploit.


Doom and unlikely machines

It could almost become an Olympic discipline: several years ago that hackers of all kinds have fun installing the game of John Carmack and John Romero anywhere . This particularly strange practice has led to a dedicated tumblr in which players come to show their exploits with Doom as the protagonist.

Among the improbable devices in which Doom has been executed, we have as diverse devices as a pregnancy test, a karaoke machine or a spectra analyzer. You can find all the extravagant tests, sometimes well documented, of the community in the Tumblr Execute Doom!.

Svensson is due to the fact that of the Newcastle

Individuals after that do without Disney movies with their children?

Bo Svensson.

I’m a bit split, on the one hand I can comprehend the disagreements, on the other hand, the issue is always very pumped up when it comes to football and made a massive topic out of it, commented Svensson the discussion in the location of Mainz 05 About the test video game challenger on July 18, Newcastle United. With the decision to lug an examination game, Mainz 05 establishes an indicator, and not a great thing: The signal is based on this video game that the values of the goal declaration are not binding when it comes to selecting challengers for test or friendly video games. With a game against Newcastle United, Mainz also actively supplies the Saudi regimen a stage and also thus indirectly acknowledges it politically, criticizes the fan company.

In the FSV administration floor, the topic was most likely underestimated and initially did not react to the criticism from your own atmosphere. Svensson is absolutely in favor of knocking adverse growths in football, however not a close friend of boycott calls. Do without the people who call for a cancellation, then additionally on Disney films with their kids?

I’m a bit split, on the one hand I can understand the disagreements, on the various other hand, the issue is always very inflated when it comes to football and made a significant subject out of it, commented Svensson the discussion in the location of Mainz 05 About the test video game challenger on July 18, Newcastle United. We are calling for Mainz 05: Show position! Claims in a declaration by the Fans Mainz.

Newcastle United is not just a football club, however a lorry for enforcing the passions of a routine that traces civils rights with feet and also whose politics take on the values and also the objective statement of Mainz 05. With the decision to bring a test game, Mainz 05 establishes a sign, as well as not a good idea: The signal is based on this video game that the values of the objective statement are not binding when it pertains to selecting challengers for test or pleasant games. With a video game against Newcastle United, Mainz additionally proactively supplies the Saudi routine a stage and therefore indirectly acknowledges it politically, criticizes the follower organization.

The Bundesliga club plays as part of his training school, which happens in Grassau from July 13th to 20 The opponents were picked in coordination with an agency with which Mainz 05 worked together. I was asked whether Newcastle is stylish, I agreed, said Svensson

Elden Ring: How to see all the endings in the same game to get the necessary trophies for platinum

Throughout the weeks I have told you everything you should know about the Elden Ring finals: what they are, as they are and the threads of missions necessary to obtain them. However, there is something pending that I have not explained in previous guides: how to see them all in the same game so as not to have to do new game+ to obtain the platinum.

Time trips at Elden Ring

You already know that Elden Ring has 6 finals: 4 of them almost identical and 2 very different. They are called era of fragility, it was stellar, it was those born in the dark, it was of order, the blessing of despair and lord of frantic flame.

Of all the endings, only the era of fragility was star and lord of frantic flame have trophies/achievements necessary to get platinum and 100% of the video game. This requires the game at least 3 times, 6 in case you want to see all the endings. The good news is that I am going to teach you How to see all in your first game .

Step 1: Complete all the necessary missions threads

Era of fragility *: Standard end. It is enough to get to the end.
It was stellar : Ranni Misiones thread.
Era of those born in the dark : FIA missions thread.
Era of order *: Missions thread of Brother Corhyn and golden mask.
The blessing of despair : Missions thread of Zampaheces.
Lord of frantic flame : Missions thread of Irina and Edgar, Hyetta Missions Thread and Vyke’s story.

Important notice: do not accept the frantic flame before making the manual save, but annoyed the operation travel operation. Advance to the grace of the olive flame door and you will return later.

Step 2: Final boss and make a manual save

You should keep in mind that once you sell the final boss there is no turning back (you can’t make a fast trip), so you have todefeat it at least twice *. I’m sorry, I know he will hurt you more than me. Make the manual save just before the final boss. How to make a manual save?

* PC : Windows button> Search: ejutar> Write Appdata> Access roaming> elden ring> backups> creates a new capeta (name: pirulí, for example)> Remove Elden Ring> access the folder whose Name are many numbers> Copy the file that ends in.sl2> Paste the file in pirulí> Enter the game and continue.

To restore the game it is enough to copy the archive of the Pirulí folder and paste it (replace) in the original numbers folder. If you do not delete the lollipop folder you will have the manual save to go back in your departure as many times as necessary.


This PS5 method is the most widespread, but usually gives errors. To be totally safe, my advice for PS4 and PS5 (I did so) is that you close the game, disconnect the Internet console (you can play offline) and copy the game saved in your console to a *Pendrive .

Every time you complete an end, you have to close the game and copy the pendrive file to the console. There is no failure and it also serves for Bloodborne, for example.

* Xbox : Administer games and accessories> saved data> click on the saved file> If a window appears with erase everywhere (do not press it) you know that you have the game both in the console and in the Cloud> Access the game and disconnect the internet from the console in the network section If it appears only delete from the console, you have done well. Bórralo> Connect to the Internet> Start the game (while I pray)> If a window appears with the message Synchronizing Elden Ring data, you can breathe. > Repeat the process.

This method is very risky and more than one user has reported that he has lost his departure. If it is possible to keep the Xbox disconnected from the Internet and perform the same system as in PS5/PS5 with a game saved in a pendrive, do not hesitate to do so. I don’t have Xbox to try it. If you do this method successfully, tell me in comments.

Step 3: See all the endings and the specialty Lord of the Frenic Flame

In what order should you see the finals? Regardless of whether you want to see 3 or 6 finals, I recommend this order:

  1. Make a manual saved before the final boss.
  2. Accept the frantic flame (which blocks the rest of the endings) and defeats the final boss.
  3. Return to the past copying the file you have copied into another folder (PC) or on a pendrive (consoles).
  4. Defeat the final boss, unlocks the grace of the final zone and Make another manual saved .
  5. Access each of the 5 finals. Remember that every time you see an end you have to close the game and replace the file saved manually.

And it would be! I am aware that it is a process that can take a while (especially on consoles) and that can be annoying, but it is a more viable alternative than completing Elden Ring between 2 and 5 times more.

More Elden Ring guides in Vidaxtra

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* Lord of frantic flame in Elden Ring: everything you must do to get this end

Pixel Art Metro Bania Nine East of Shadow

The trailer of the 9 years of shadows, which depicts attractive battles and action with classic pixel art, was unveiled on the online showcase guerrilla collective3, which was held as part of the summer game fest.

The world has been robbed for nine years. The protagonist of the game, Europa, holds only a Halbird bag and enters the Talos Castle with the source of darkness. Although the beginning was alone, Europa was able to interact with various characters in the game and grow with help and deal with powerful enemies.

In this video, you can check the attractive pixel art graphics, the advantage of the game. The smooth action, illustration, and the enemy’s great enemy wielding Halbirds are drawn attractive even in the early days of the game, which is embodied in gray t1. In the world where the color is found after meeting the magical bear Afino, a colleague who joins the journey, the classic atmosphere and more colorful weapons are expressed.

Various gimmicks can also be found in the video. On the stream of the water that comes down as if it is a background, you can change your body like a mermaid, avoid thorny fields with a two-stage jump, and move the narrow passage with the Morp Ball of Metroid.

It is music that plays an important role in the game with color. The mysterious composer in the game is drawn as a helper for players, and music plays an important role in the story. Halbird Studio participated in Yamane Michiru and Hibino Norihiko as guest composer. Yamane Michiru played the game music of ‘Blood Stained’, the new work of Igarashi Koji, the father of the Demon Castle series and the father of the devil. Hibino Norihiko is also famous for composing cinematic and in-game music such as the Metal Gear Solid Series and Bayoneta.

‘Nine Ears of Shadow’ can be enjoyed in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Overdosis: The name and first information concerning the brand-new horror

In the past few months, Hideo Kojima and the programmers of Kojima Productions have been connected with various projects-including a feasible reboot of the scary series Silent Hill or a successor to Death Stranding.

As the generally knowledgeable commercial expert Tom Henderson records, the imaginative minds around Hideo Kojima also service a brand-new scary title that will bear the name Overdose. This emerges at the very least from a teaser that Henderson was leaked by an anonymous source. The brief clip reveals the actress Margaret Qualley, that need to recognize many of you as a mother from Death Stranding, in a blue outfit.

The first game scenes from the new scary task by Hideo Kojima should likewise be seen in the teaser.

does the PlayStation neighborhood vanish empty-handed this time?

As Henderson discusses this, a character-apparently agile-can be seen in the teaser for overdose, which tips along a dark corridor, lugs a flashlight with it as well as is regulated from the third-person point of view. At the exact same time, there seems to be a sign that an optional first-person perspective is included. This is complied with by a Jump-Scare effect, a Video game Over screen and also the note A Hideo Kojima Game… overdose.

Participants of the PlayStation neighborhood ought to not be too satisfied, given that there is the opportunity that the project is hiding behind Overdose, on which Hideo Kojima should work with Microsoft or the Xbox Game Studios. If the statements of various insiders come true, the matching exclusive offer is not yet in completely dry towels, but will authorize. In this case, PlayStation gamer would certainly vanish empty-handed.

Additional records on the topic :
| Death Stranding 2: Hideo Kojima’s puzzling tweet for the current rumors | Hideo Kojima: Does the developer legend service a new PS5 job? | PSVR2: Hideo Kojima is intended to service a video game for Sony’s virtual reality glasses **

Overdose may be among the titles that are presented as component of the large Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. The truth that the intro for the occasion was intended for the event was obviously also represented this. The Xbox & Bethesda Gamings Showcase will take place on Sunday, June 12, 2022 at 7 p.m.

Resource: Strive Guides


As the normally well-informed industrial expert Tom Henderson records, the innovative minds around Hideo Kojima also function on a new scary title that will certainly birth the name Overdose. As Henderson clarifies this, a character-apparently agile-can be seen in the intro for overdose, which tips along a dark hallway, lugs a flashlight with it and is controlled from the third-person point of view. This is followed by a Jump-Scare impact, a Video game Over screen and also the note A Hideo Kojima Game… overdose.

More records on Hideo Kojima, overdosis.

Participants of the PlayStation area must not be as well satisfied, since there is the possibility that the task is hiding behind Overdose, on which Hideo Kojima must function with Microsoft or the Xbox Game Studios.

That feeling when. Fear of death still felt in the back

Fear of death: What a wakeful feeling!

The genre of shooting games typically includes fast-paced, accuracy, and perception of the counterpart as an abstract target, not a human being. Fear of death in games, on the other hand, is a rarer treat.

Dusty of shooting games

When the first-person shooting genre was formed in the 90s, there was quite a bit of rhyme. In particular, doom and Quake blown up the bank with their insane way and online gaming. Despite its gloomy themes, the demonic horror environment was forgotten when there was something even more scary instead of space demons: LAN’s Kingi, neighbor’s make.

At the same time, a new term was born: a nipple. The word is very descriptive, as usually the best and only strategy was to find the field at once, or at the latest two deadly singles that were chased by other players. Hippa is also a good term because it felt like a play. As the death came, the activity continued almost immediately as the character woke up to the map.

The key to gaming was the speed and fun. I could just imagine what the going would have been like if energy drinks had been legal and generally known in the 90s. In any case, the death of the counterparty was only in the Frägi statistics, while my own death is a momentary bump in the rhythm of killing. Death was of no real meaning.

Protective terrorists are not afraid of a cross.

Fear in Persians

At the turn of the millennium, the change in the tradition of fast-paced shooting games at the turn of the millennium was offered the whole genre’s revolutionary counter-stripe. Sinks were no longer available, but instead ordinary firearms became deadly. The enemy does not need to be emptied of a whole magazine, as even a single bullet may be enough to kill.

It was critical that dead players were in the ice rink for the rest of the round. In the early stages, the dead park may have had to wait several minutes for the next round. In addition, the dead must buy new weapons, which will affect the internal economy of the game. The importance of staying alive and the instinct of self-defense had arrived in the shooting games.

I vividly remember how in my first cs experiences I was uncertain about shelter and squat behind the boxes. I outlined my mortality really vividly-if I ever have to fight in my real life, I will just squat the protection just as long as possible.

Later, you get used to death in games, where risks-calculated or stupid-are increasingly taken. When playing at a professional level, death only means losing the chirp. A similar development is also in the right wars. Known soldiers who are known to be baptized are clearly more efficient than their green comrades, as experience with courage and risk assessment develop tremendously.

Life and death in royal systems like Apex Legends matter.

The top bearing on the issue

The era of death was restarted with the release of playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. In Battle Royal, the royal systems, death is constantly present. In the original pubg, the going was particularly merciless, as the matches could last half an hour and the death came from one of the enemy series in the butt. Even less flying controls on the walls.

Personally, I passed the pubg- phase, but suitably casual apex legends then played for it. A familiar feeling about twenty years ago came to life: I don’t want to die! I progressed really carefully and closed every door to the back of the game so I wouldn’t reveal my location. This was confusing, yes this worked: my first ranked round with equally cautious random team ended in victory! This motivated me to continue to the silver league until other games attracted their siren invitation.

Since then, the habit has taken the blade from this excitement as well. What can Aligenre be the next experience that will be stabbing my pounds? Nothing more than a game-filled game of death and a canvas on the table!

[Reporter] What is the value of the game?

Masterpiece games are considered to have historical value. But can we convert that ‘historical value’ into money? Until last year, the value seemed to be recognized as a really high amount. I looked exactly.


The game cartridge, which was not released, has renewed the highest auction price until last year. The vinyl was not removed and the excellent storage state was maintained and the collectors were pulled. And the reason why the collector’s loaded bullets stayed at home due to the spread of Corona 19 were to the game. Furthermore, the games seemed to be rising because they had no shortage of so-called masterpieces such as Super Mario Brothers, Zelda’s legend, and Super Mario 64.

In 2019, Super Mario Brothers was awarded for $ 10,150, and a year later, $ 11.40,000 in July 2020, and Super Mario Brothers 3 in November, was the most expensive game.

In April 2021, however, the record rose to $ 660,000. Super Mario Bros., which was about a fifth of just nine months ago, broke the record. In July, Zelda’s legend was $ 870,000, and the same month Super Mario 64 wrote a new record in a week. And in August, Super Mario Bros. auctions exceeded $ 2 million. In less than two years, the $ 100,000 game was sold for about 20 times the price of 2.5 billion won.

Of course, if a product with a much better preservation state appears, the price can be higher. However, Watagames was associated with the surge in game auctions. Wata is an evaluation company that judges the preservation value of the game. There are various game preservation evaluations before the establishment of the Wata Games. But all the games with the auction records were rated.

The highest game sales record before the appearance of Wata is known as Super Mario Brothers traded through the auction site eBay. The price of this copy is $ 3,100. It costs about 38 million won.

Those who have gained in the process of soaring game prices were the platform Heritage Auction with Wata and auction. Wata received a part of the market value as a game rating, and the Heritage Auction charged 20% of the price and 5% fee for the seller. This has been suspected of intentionally raising game prices.

When Karl Jobst (video_ ), who also caught the video fraud of the most popular player in the guitar hero, raised this suspicion, Wata immediately issued a statement. They expressed regret that the knife was not in contact with them, saying it was unfounded defamation. However, the co-founder of the Heritage Auction belongs to the advisory committee of Wata. The controversy has increased as the new evaluation company Wata and Heritage Auction have signed an exclusive contract. In addition, the suspicion has grown as Wata sells the game they have rated and sets higher rating than the actual storage level.

Nine months after the suspicion, the case eventually broke out in May this year.

The ending of the case will be covered by the lawsuit, but the certainty is the copy of the classic game, which is called a masterpiece at the bidding of the game. Super Mario Brothers, sold for $ 2 million, the highest price ever, was awarded at a rally auction site, which has a system that allows them to invest like stocks as if they were stocks. The New York Times also claimed that a $ 100 investment in the game had a net profit of $ 950. In this process, there was no historical value or purity of the game. There was only a rating on a soaring price and a rating table evaluated by a new company.

Super Mario Bros. Copy’s best winning bid is 38 million won or 2.5 billion won, and the influence on the game will not change much. On the contrary, the fact that the game is used as a means of speculation is obviously hit by the hobby of the game collection and the purity of the media.

Nevertheless, these auction prices have attracted much attention not only in Korea but also abroad. This was because the auction was more than the auction and the pure value and record of the game.

The game with a few high-value games is completely stored and enshrines on the bookshelf as a collection of collectors. There is no institution that will properly evaluate the historical records or the value of the game company. The game awards are increasing in earnest, and the scab of winning a few GOTY awards, or the main awards wins, only soothes that. Rather, the strings left in Wikipedia are used as a standard for judging the value of the game.

The advantage of media content that can leave the record forever is not very good. If you have only a running device, you can play again at any time, and you can leave it to be able to enjoy it in a current generation by reprinting, but in reality it is not. The classic IP, which is torn, for reasons for development, distribution rights, etc., has no way to play and play. If it’s not a game that can find your rights, it will disappear at the cartridge stage without proper recording.

Games that have already been digitized here can also be limited to play. Even though it is a game purchased with download content, if the server is closed due to the appearance of the next generation console or sluggish sales, it will be difficult for buyers to play the game again. The illegal ROM file, which has no choice but to be a copyright infringement, has become the leader in the game’s record.

That’s why the investment of European strongest embracer groups, which have been called by gearbox, coffee stain studio, and crystal dynamics, are more noticeable.

Embracer Group recently announced a project called ‘Embracer Games Archive’. As the name suggests, it is a project to preserve and keep video games, consoles, and related accessories. It’s been a while since it was released to the public, but I archived more than 50,000 games and devices in Sweden’s Carl Stard. Although it is currently in the collection stage, the Embracer Games Archive said that it would be released to the public later and share it with game fans in a more valuable form.

David Bostrom, CEO of Embracer Games Archive, said that it will continue without stopping because it is a valuable legacy to protect and convey the game for the future.

The Strong, a non-profit organization in the United States, established the World Video Game Fame Hall in the name of the National Play Museum in 2015 and offers a game with historical value every year. In Korea, the Nexon Computer Museum in Jeju Island is archiving computer history and game records. In addition, at the main awards ceremony, we are not just a game developer, but the characters who have influenced the entire industry and reflect the value and meaning of the game they have worked on.

Obviously, there is a move to re-evaluate the value of the game and preserve its history. However, it is a platform company that ends a download server on a problem of profitability. A game company that cuts value only by bringing IP development rights. From a business point of view rather than a game, a company that is interested in ash. Those who slow down the results of effort and devotion are still there.

And if the industry does not speak the voice of this behavior on this behavior, it would not be strange if the game price inflated by speculation will be listed again at any time.

June 4 Wordle action: Notes and also option for Wordle 350

Since June has actually started, the Wordles are still completely strength as well as won’t stop so quickly. It can bring about a burnout, wish to maintain streak or merely play the game to keep a kind of document. So, we cover them. Here are some hints and the solution for today’s (June 4) Wordle.

Notes for Wordle June 4th


  • This word is made use of as a noun or verb.
  • Both need to be completed with foam, hiss or bubble.
  • With it you can fill out your coffee.
  • Words starts with a consonant.
  • There is just one vowel in this word.
  • The vowel is in the center of the word.
  • This word contains a syllable.

Below are some information for today’s Wordle.

today’s Wordle 350 reaction

The answer to the Wordle on June 4 is foam .

Today’s answer is below if the clues were not enough.

Just how does Wordle work?

Wordle is a free browser video game in which you have 6 efforts per video game to think the word of the day. Gray letters indicate that they are not made use of in one word at all. Repetitions need to also be prevented Any letter that you have actually understood appropriately or misunderstood can be made use of to get a little closer to the word of the day. You should only repeat letters if you truthfully can no much longer form more words, based on the staying words you have.

Wordle is a cost-free web browser game in which you have 6 attempts per video game to guess the word of the day. Every word you send offers details based on its shade. Gray letters suggest that they are not utilized in one word in any way. Letters a yellow indicate that they are offered, but are required for positioning in other places. Lastly, environment-friendly indicates that it is in the appropriate area.

Repetitions ought to also be prevented Any type of letter that you have recognized appropriately or misunderstood can be utilized to get a little closer to the word of the day. You should just repeat letters if you truthfully can no longer create further words, based on the remaining words you have.

You can play Wordle completely free on the New York Times web site. If you wish to see other Wordle alternatives, look at our carefully picked checklist.

Right here are some tips and also the response for today’s (June 4) Wordle.

Stardew Valley: These absurdities are still driving me into despair after 300 hours

Stardew Valley is perfect for you if you want to escape everyday stress. Simply relaxed a bit of farming, fishing, getting to know people and maintaining animals, what should go wrong? Well, a lot, as probably everyone knows that have experienced Pelican Town’s everyday madness for a long time. Anyone who played Stardew Valley probably knows the following situations only too well.

David Molke

[email protected]

As a freelance author, David writes for fish and has loved Farming-Sims hot and intimate since the first Harvest Moon. Stardew Valley gives him everything he has ever wanted from the genre. Accordingly, he now looks back at around 300 hours of play, which are spread over the Nintendo Switch and the PC. The many absurd little things still bring him to, uh, smile.

sleepless nights in Stardew Valley: The energy and sleep problem

Almost everything in Stardew Valley consumes energy and we have to be in the trap at 2:00 a.m. at the latest. This is the biggest challenge, especially at the beginning of a new farm. After all, there is so much to do and so little time and even less energy. Fortunately, the energy can be replenished by eating and drinking, but there is simply no escape before the night’s sleep.

Total breakdown: Too often it has already happened that I just wanted to do these two (or three, four, five) things quickly and did not make it home in time. If we collapse with exhaustion, it can be evil awakened: let’s just do it just like that, that’s half as wild. If fate overtakes us elsewhere, we end up in the hospital and have to do sheets.

Particularly uncomfortable: Anyone must have discovered us and dragged us into the clinic to Harvey. He then even searches our pockets in order to spend money on this questionable service. Attention, mini spoiler: Fortunately, there is a way in the end game to solve the problem once and for all with a magic wand.

Fishing: If we only catch crap in Stardew Valley

You certainly know it: After a short time we can also fish in Stardew Valley. The big problem with mechanics is that firstly it is quite difficult to learn and handle and secondly it is not particularly fun. Unfortunately, fishing is also the most difficult at the beginning and then becomes more and more easy, which should actually be the other way around. But be it.

I Took Over Pelican Town To Make A Tea EMPIRE And Became A Tea TYCOON

It is particularly annoying at the beginning, of course, when we fish tons of garbage from the lakes, rivers and the ocean. Broken glasses, broken CDs, wet newspapers, driftwood, you name it. The algae appear almost welcome and valuable, after all we can feed them. What is needed bitterly with all the waste of energy.

Pro tip: to fish on the property of your own farm in the small pond, you can save yourself directly if you use the standard layouts. Here I have never caught anything out of trash over the years and I think I have tried it very often and for a long time. With a really good fishing, the right baits as well as fishing equipment and a large fish bar at the perfect place, the whole thing is really fun at some point.

The Pelican Town shop opening times are just a horror

Pierre’s shop is something like my personal Mecca at the beginning of a new farm in Stardew Valley. But even after 300 hours, it still happens regularly that I just don’t think that Pierre is closed on Wednesdays. However, it is even more annoying when he is in the shop but is not behind the counter. I can’t buy anything like that, Pierre! And I need this fruit tree now!

Museum and Schmiede: Particularly effective farmers combine a shopping at Pierre’s with a walk to Schmied Clint and the museum below. After all, we want to complete the collection, improve our tools and let all the geodes open. But who the hell can remember these opening times? Just nobody. Too often I was already in front of closed doors.

But at least you can just look at the map who opens exactly when. As soon as you meet the corresponding requirements, there is also the possibility in the course of the game to comfortably drive through the area with the lore and thus save a lot of time.

friendships, love and gifts in Stardew Valley

The gift system and heart and affection is such a thing in itself. Once we have found out who likes what, we can shower our heart with affection. The system is a bit of simplicity, but it is quite fun.

Stupid only , if we accidentally give away something completely different than we actually plan. Or we actually just wanted to talk to this one person briefly and accidentally give her a freshly shelled fish. Too often has happened to me that I have raised the residents of Pelican Town against me because I accidentally gave them what was not planned.

** Of course, this is particularly annoying if it is a super rare prismatic shard or the like. Not that I had already experienced this and actually wanted to get the best weapon of the game, no… but well, in an emergency you can always simply end the game without saving and start the day again.

milking animals, hearts and feeding is a test of patience

Once you have built the stables, you can of course also hold animals on your farm. They have various demands and give the best products if you can regularly have to freeze, are properly fed, milked and caressed.

I will never get over it , how nasty it feels to accidentally want to milk a cow that I have already milked and that can no longer give milk on that day. Or a goat. Or a pig. The noise alone still gets me ready. Fortunately, there is a machine later.

The same applies to the possibility – or my constraint developed from it to stroke the animals. I hate little more than if they actually love animals so much drive me crazy because they go wild and gentlemen while I try to really stroke every1. Almost a thing of impossibility!

Are you not sure if you want to experience this everyday life yourself? Our test video will certainly help:

More about Stardew Valley can be found here:

Insumental speed run takes the farming SIM completely *
Stardew Valley: Funny Opabett mods conquer hearts of the community
Update 1.5 has brought useful item that many do not even know

If you already know Stardew Valley inside and by heart, it may be thirsting for more. Then we have good news for you: Eric Barone Aka Concerned Ape is already working on a game that plays at least in the same universe as Stardew Valley. It’s called Haunted Chocolatier and, as the title already reveals, is about chocolate. Again, there should be a lot of curiosities waiting for us that drive us a little crazy, but somehow belong.

What are your favorites when it comes to the everyday absurd madness of Stardew Valley? How long have you been working in the game?

Lets show me, or the “game function that leads to winning” of “Xperia 1 IV”! Check convenient functions to assist from play to live distribution [Experience report]

Smartphone “Xperia 1 IV” with excellent gaming performance by Sony will be released on June 3 from docomo/au/softbank. This unit is a new model with a game assist performance that is called “Game Function that leads to win” “Game Function that leads to win” **. It is possible to live video/live in game play on YouTube alone without using a personal computer or third -party app.

The GAME*SPARK editorial department participated in the “Xperia 1 IV” experience session for the media prior to the release of this unit. Since I have touched a lot of new models, I will report on the two performance, which is the highlight of game players and streakers.

You can immerse yourself in the game and make a difference from your rivals.

The display of this unit is an organic EL of 6.5 (1644 x 3840 dots), aspect ratio 21: 9. Except for the area of the end that is widely operated with the left and right fingers sideways, the field of view of gameplay can be widely secured. Refresh rate 120Hz drive display and 240Hz afterimage reduction technology tuned for game play can also clearly reflect the fast -moving game content.

In addition, the 240Hz touch scan rate and high -speed touch response enables the complex finger movement quickly and accurately, enabling the player’s intentional operation.

And it is a dedicated assist function for the centerpiece to win the game.

・ Focus setting

You can hide the incoming call and notifications during gameplay with a single button, and you can hide the sidebar or change the button arrangement so that it does not get in the way of game play.

・ HS Power Control

This unit is equipped with a large-capacity 5000mA battery, not only can be used for a long time with a single charging, but also charges with a 30W fast charging AC adapter (XQZ-UC1) sold separately to a quick charge (USB PD). Also supports.

In addition, even when playing game play while connecting a charger, the performance of the terminal and the deterioration of the battery can be reduced. And you can also set the battery consumption during game play. In addition to maximizing “performance”, you can save batteries by giving priority to power saving.

・ Custom setting

The refresh rate of the maximum screen can be changed to 40Hz/60Hz/120Hz/240Hz. The higher the value, the smoother the screen, but it is important to note that if the power consumption rises and the temperature of the main unit rises, the setting will be invalidated.

In addition, the touch area is expanded to three stages, and the reaction speed of the touch operation and the touch followability can be adjusted. You can pursue the right reaction speed for each game.

・ “L-Y Razor (Logan Marezer)”

“L-Y Razor (Logan Marezer)” that brightens the dark part of the game and makes it easier to find hidden enemies and obstacles. In this function, the brightness can be adjusted from the state of OFF to level 2 to level 2. The default is set to 5000 for the white balance, but by raising it to 9000, the dark part of the screen becomes brighter.

It can be stored up to four presets, so switching for each game is easy.

・ Game -only audio equalizer

The audio equalizer of this unit can adjust the volume for each band. By making specific sounds such as “footsteps of other players”, you can get an advantage in game play. You can also register up to 4 presets here.


Not only one screenshot shooting, but also a burst continuous shooting with time. You can choose either 10 or 20 per second.

・ RT record

In this unit, the screen is always “temporarily stored”, and it can be recorded 30 seconds back from the start of the REC, so it will not be missed at the decisive moment.

・ Web browsing/search can be performed without interruption

There is also a nice feature that can be reached in the itchy place, where you can get information on Google search and YouTube without interrupting the game. It is stress -free that you do not need to restart the game.

Game distribution function with a tremendous hurdle

In recent years, more and more people are starting game distribution not only for conventional streakers but also for interacting with fans. If you have this unit, you can easily distribute video and live -in sound during gameplay to YouTube without using a personal computer or third -party app.

・ Live streaming

If you log in with a YouTube account, you can easily set it according to the items provided, such as titles, descriptions, resolutions, frame rates, public settings, and delay settings for distribution. You can use your favorite images and distribution layouts, and you can easily work on text arrangement.

The aspect ratio of the game screen of this machine is 21: 9, but the distribution destination is displayed at 16: 9. You can display text and images by utilizing the upper and lower margins that occurred there. The layout has various combinations presets.

It also has a mixer function for audio, and can be adjusted individually with the sound of the streamer (distribution), game sound (distribution), and the volume of the media that the streamer listens to the game play.

The setting is also prepared for distribution on a PC, and the video output setting is “automatic” that matches the image quality and refresh rate to either an external device or Xperia, “full HD/60Hz or less” that reduces power consumption. You can choose.

Of course, the menu screen of the “Game Enhancer” can be displayed/hidden on the distribution screen, so it is always possible to change the settings at any time while showing only the game screen.

A dummy image (automatic and manual) to protect privacy is also available.

It is an automatic mode that automatically displays a dummy image on the distribution side while displaying an application or home screen other than the game when it is manually displayed on the distribution side when you leave the seat. If it is a manual display, “Away” is displayed, and if it is an automatic display, “Privacy” is displayed. Because it is easy to set with one button, I felt that even beginners would feel more secure.

・ Chat board

Even during the distribution, you can immediately check the viewer’s comments, and if you open the chatboard on the setting screen, you can check the chat history, so you can pick up comments without missing. It also supports super chat and displays it in color for each amount.

At the end of the distribution, the distribution start date, the number of subscribers, distribution time, maximum simultaneous connection, and evaluation number can be confirmed in a list. The streamer can quickly check the information you want in the distribution to those with a high priority.

Not only games specializing in sound and camera functions

This unit has not only a good game assist function, but also has the highest sound and camera function of smartphone.

Regarding the sound, a stereo speaker located evenly on the front and right, realizes a three -dimensional sound field. By newly reviewed the structure of the driver and enclosure, the reproducibility of the low -frequency sound such as bass and bath drums has been improved, and more powerful music can be enjoyed with speakers. It supports Sony’s unique three -dimensional sound technology 360 Reality Audio, reproducing a realistic sound field in both peakers and headphones.

And the new recording application “Music Pro” **, which is newly introduced in Xperia 1 IV, reproduces the full -fledged sound quality recorded in a professional studio. By using the “Studio Tuning Function” (a service subscription to 580 yen per month is required), sounds such as vocals and acoustic guitars included in the built -in microphone are clouded. As if recorded in professional studios and microphones, noise and reverberation sounds can be reduced, and sound source data such as instruments from outside can be taken in and simple mixing can be made in the app.

There is a setting that allows you to sing while listening to your voice, so it seems to be useful by the “video I tried to sing” contributors.

For the camera, it is equipped with the world’s first telephoto optical zoom and AF performance given to the SLR camera α series, and it is possible to shoot up to 5 times the slow motion shooting at 4K120fps.

Despite being a smartphone, the basic performance of Sony’s SLR camera α series is reproduced, and manual exposure is possible. You can adjust the shutter speed and ISO sensitivity to your liking. Eyes AF (autofocus) also have high accuracy, making it difficult to remove focus.

And equipped with a full-fledged optical zoom lens with the same structure as the camera-only machine, ultra-wide-angle (16mm), wide-angle (24 mm), telephoto (85-125mm), high-resolution and delicate and delicate. You can take photos and videos. In addition, it is equipped with an optical hand blurring, so you can shoot without blurring even when shooting a distant view.

The front camera is also equipped with an image sensor with a large size of 12.2 million pixels, and may be active in VLOG and video distribution.

The attraction of this unit is that it is equipped with high -spec performance as a gaming smartphone, but also has excellent “basic performance as a smartphone”. It is worth considering purchasing even if you are not absorbed in smartphone games. “Xperia 1 IV” is currently accepting reservations. The price is 190,872 yen for docomo, 192,930 yen for au, and 199,440 yen for SoftBank.

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