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Basketball -EM – Germany vs. Lithuania, transfer: third group game today reside on TV, live stream as well as live ticker

For the German national basketball team, the European Champion proceeds versus Lithuania this Sunday. You can figure out here how you can comply with the third group game survive on TV, live stream and live ticker.

All video games of the German group at Eurobasket live and cost free at Magenta Sporting activity!

Yesterday the German group began the video game strongly with some problems as well as apparently required the half-time break to shake up. Yet that functioned truly well, with 28:11 the third quarter mosted likely to Dennis Schröder and also Co. The group no longer offered the lead. Schröder as well as Franz Wagner led their choice with 18 factors each, on the other hand, Dzanan Musa from Real Madrid (30 points) and Jusuf Nurkic from the Rose City Path Blazers (21) set accents.

After their opening victory, the German group was sufficient to beat Bosnia-Herzegovina. This Sunday continues with a battle versus Lithuania.

Basketball-European Germany vs. Lithuania, transfer: third group game today live on TV as well as livestream

Basketball-European Germany vs. Lithuania, transfer: third group game today survive television, live stream as well as live ticker datum, appointment, details

The 3rd group game in between Germany vs. Lithuania in Team B of the Basketball European Champion will certainly begin this Sunday (September 4) at 2:30 p.m. Both groups meet in the Lanxess Field in Perfume, where all team video games of group B are played.

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Right here along to the LiveTicker Germany-Litauen.

Today you can see the Third group game of the Squid of Basketball between Germany and also Lithuania live withmagenasporttoday. There you can track the entire video game in complete size on complimentary Television as well as in the totally free livestream.


If you can not or want to access the live pictures, the video games – LiveTicker is the excellent option for you! This gives you one of the most essential updates straight from Cologne every min and also do not miss anything.

Square Team Equilibrium Distinction Points
1. Germany 2-0 +23 4 .
2. Bosnia and also Herzegovina 1-1 0 3.
3. France 1-1 -9 3.
4. Slovenia 1-0 +7 2.
5th Lithuania 0-2 -11 2.
6. Hungary 0-1 -10 1.

The other day the German team began the game strongly with some problems and also apparently required the half-time break to shake up. Today you can see the 3rd group game of the Squid of Basketball between Germany and Lithuania live withmagenasporttoday. There you can track the whole game in complete length on totally free TV as well as in the totally free livestream. You can access the livestream frommagenasportwith themagenasport _- app.Magenasportnot only shows the video games of the DBB group live and also in complete length, but all 76 video games of the Eurobasket 2022.

Basketball-European Germany vs. Lithuania, transfer: third group game today survive on television, live stream as well as live ticker-the team B at a glance

_ Magenasportnot only shows the video games of the DBB team live as well as completely length, however all 76 video games of the Eurobasket 2022. WithoutTelekom-contract, the yearly membership atmagenasport _, 95 euros. For Telekom customers, the yearly membership formagenasportexpenses 4.95 euros monthly or 9.95 euros in the month-to-month membership.

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* All games of the BBL Live with Magenta Sport

Basketball-European Germany vs. Lithuania, transfer: third group game today in the live ticker

Infohungrige Starfield

In some way I can guess that a tag-one-mod will be tidy windows, says a Starfield follower in the answers, whereupon the players also joke that it could have the title Powerwash simulator mod to Among the most effective video games of the Xbox Game Pass. OP games.

It is notable that this relatively commonplace observation in fact set off some discussions, particularly concerning the very crucial aspect of every Bethesda game: Mods.

Yes, in the most positively rated post on the Starfield Subreddit (and also the third most typical in the last 7 days): U/chromatic extension shares its delight about the details and unclean places on the home windows of a basis built by players.

At the beginning of this year, Bethesda confirmed that the publication of Starfield from November 2022 would transfer to a time in the initial fifty percent of 2023. Before the large summertime program instance, it had released a drip feed from Starfield material with some developer roundtables and also little intros on specific facets of the game. Nevertheless, this strategy appears to have quit.

Because Starfield’s publication date is still far, far away, fans (and also this space-obsessed writer) are looking for some topic of conversation in which they can bite, as well as points are clearly hopeless. Others, likewise absent in mind due to the lack of Starfield notes and also details considering that the show instance, just breathe their stress. At the beginning of this year, Bethesda validated that the magazine of Starfield from November 2022 would certainly move to a time in the very first fifty percent of 2023. Before the large summertime show instance, it had released a drip feed from Starfield content with some programmer roundtables and small teasers on particular aspects of the game.

Others, likewise missing in mind due to the lack of Starfield notes and also information since the show situation, merely breathe their frustration. Look what you have actually made us, to fatality, says a Reddit individual as well as refers to Bethesda employer Todd Howard. Space boots, space handkerchiefs, spaceurinale, just everything!


So since the followers do not know when the next information concerning Starfield tools, factions, planets or companions are revealed, that understands, on which evidently unimportant facet of the game will concentrate followers following.

Oh, Sternenfeld, where are you? Considering that Bethesda’s substantial display at the beginning of the year, followers of the upcoming space role-playing game of any type of other tangible details have been burglarized. Considering that Starfield’s magazine date is still far, much away, fans (and also this space-obsessed writer) are seeking some subject of discussion in which they can bite, and points are obviously desperate. The most current warm topic? Starfields filthy home windows.

Fortnite 21.50-updation

With this update, a questionable game mode as well as some affordable things are leaving the fight. If you and also your friends have dropped in love with this unique mode, you need to make sure that you do your last couple of rounds before it is gone with time.

Fortnite Update 21.50 Downtime-When do the web servers decrease?

update 21.50 spot notes-what comes as well as what is going?

You must make certain that you are finished beforehand 1:00 a.m. Pt/4 a.m if you want to play a couple of even more video games prior to the servers go down for the evening. When Mantience shows up 30 minutes prior to ** Make certain you are all set for the night before you pass, the web servers out!

The downtime for these updates is in between one and also two hours, yet if something fails, you can be longer, so maybe the perfect time to end it for the night, relying on where you play.

With a live service title like fourteen days , it seems that you will finally take what you offer. Nevertheless, weapons that fans enjoyed, play modes that set off initial dispute, and a lot more their method in and out of this video game will certainly turn the most up to date 21.50 patch live!

Right here is whatever we recognize 21.50 patch!

The Imposters setting is entrusted to this update

Yes, the very best setting of everybody is to leave the time-limited rotation in order to develop something for an extra competitive matchmaking setup that takes its area. While it was originally considered controversial, as a result of the hypes it had to do with an additional video game that is Among Us, The fraud setting got stuck for some time, as well as it seems to visit the developers Internal sloth Lastly, fell for her.

Late Game Arena, Break Spawning & Legendary Pump Shotguns Back

Early patching notes for the 21.50 update in Fortnite

While adding new tools, modes and objects is appealing sufficient, there are a few extra blunders that are dealt with next to this new update. According to the main Fortnite Trello , you can additionally think that a few of these troubles will certainly also be dealt with!

If you desire to show your abilities in the arena, you can do this again if the late game arena go back to the collection of time-limited settings. Below you can show your true skills, and also now you have access to the fabulous pump shotgun as well as rift-spawning Things will most definitely be insane than ever before.

General leading topics

  • For some players, notifications regarding Freund accepted might be shown at the beginning
  • Players obtain a blue entrance hall history


Fight Royale leading topics

  • The health and wellness as well as shield bar does not indicate the appropriate worths
    When effect on the ground, * Driving a car can sometimes extend under the map
  • Hyper overlaps with Overshald in the Zero Build Sector
  • The opening of MPA or pursuits while making use of the common screen suggests that the 2nd player’s sight comes to be black
  • Things with low make top quality that appear on Starter Island

Imaginative top topics

  • The propary manipulator can quit working according to round 1 or between the rounds
  • Clutching gloves can interact with mutator areas
  • Items generated on the thing second are not counted by the Player Tracker
  • Food selection options on some gadgets are not opened up after you have actually opened on your own to the hub and get in the island once more
    When they are duplicated and cut out on islands, * Glass galleries show no placement
  • Prop mover can not constantly be reactivated in one round
  • Radios on released islands play the conventional title when they are deactivated
    Since the island may not be reset, * Round after the very first may not begin

Conserve the top editions of the world

  • Player runs animations
  • Saving survivors
    When Rosie |* is fired up or around the gamer, * The display flashes white

Top subjects for mobile phones and the cloud

  • Framerates-Limit setups are not offered if GeForce Now is used on mobile devices
  • The fire switch for Kamehameha is shut down on mobile phones while driving on the nimbus
  • Long loading times for gamers
  • Numerous images are missing on the Rog Phone 3
  • Tab S7 is missing the 90FPS alternative
    When touched, * The left joystick can no longer respond
    There appears to be a great deal of operate in this update, so make certain you prepare by preparing our reputation Fortnite Overview location so that you prepare Locate all tents where can be located and also defeated
    as well as What the zero factor fish is!
    Fourteen days is now readily available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Collection X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch over, mobile phones and also computer.

Steam Basic Play Free MMO -style clicker WORLD OF TALESWORTH is quite popular. Even if you make a guild, you are actually alone, a lonely crock

The World of Taleswork: Idle MMO Simulator (hereinafter referred to as World of Talesworth), which was distributed to Steam the other day, was well-performed as a small work of the same genre. It seems to be recorded. It is a style that incorporates MMO that experienced people grin.

WORLD OF TALESWORTH is a clicker/abandoned game with the theme of MMORPG. However, in this work, the player will play MMORPG al1. This work does not support multiplayer, etc., and is a work that can be experienced like a large-scale multiplayer game.

Game play basically proceeds by neglecting. At the start of the game, only the characters in the Warrior class can be created. Once you have a character, select an appropriate hunting ground. After that, the character will automatically move and receive an order for the quest, defeat the small fish enemies to be defeated, and complete the quest completion to re-ordering. You don’t have to stick to the screen. At first, you have to watch over, but the elements are unlocked according to the progress of the rise. Account upgrade with reward coins and craft of weapons will be possible. In addition, the character can be enhanced by equipment that drops from the enemy. It is a system that accelerates the speed of automatic quests as you acquire strong equipment.

And one of the charms of World of Talesworth is MMO scattered everywhere. If you proceed with the game to a certain level, you will be able to create a guild. Write a guild member recruitment on the bulletin board, recruit members, and form a party. However, recruitment writing must be regularly maintained and the display ranking must be aged. It is necessary to maintain the top display so that it is not swept away by new writing. In addition, since the members also have a living, they are occasionally offline. It is not always the case that the desired class and level members will come, so sometimes you need to refuse to apply for subscription. If you refuse to apply, the achievement Elitist Jerk will be unlocked. However, it is safe because the rejected players and guild members are not dissatisfied.

In addition, MMO-related humor is probably included, and it is possible to purchase a dubious game remodeling MOD. In addition, the maintenance of the player himself is required halfway. It is natural that you will die if you do not eat or sleep. If you go to work in the game, you will get real money in the game and you will be able to purchase gaming equipment for MMO. As the game progresses, raids, etc., who have given instructions to the guild members in earnest and capture them, have been lifted. You can experience all your life to MMO.

After the release of STEAM on August 19, the number of simultaneous number of simultaneous people peaked at the same time was recorded, and it has been quite strong as a clicker/neglected game genre (SteamDB). This work was once distributed on the browser game site KongRegate, and it seems that it has gained a certain popularity. Regarding Steam user reviews, 73 % of 119 cases are popular at the time of writing articles. It is also unpopular, and it has been pointed out about the slowness of the billing element and the progress pace of the game. However, such aspects may be interpreted as a kind of MMO-like.

WORLD OF TALESWORTH is being distributed for free for PC (Steam).

Baseball game master Comtus, Baseball Day event

Com2us (CEO Jae-jun Song, Joo-hwan Lee) will hold a commemorative event in its KBO-based popular mobile baseball game lineup for ‘Baseball Day’.

‘Baseball Day’ will celebrate the 14th anniversary this year by the KBO’s day to commemorate the first day of the Korean national baseball team in the Olympic history. This event, which was designed to reminisce with the game users and to provide various benefits with the game users of the glory of Korean baseball, is in Com2us’ No. 1 baseball game ‘Com2us Pro Baseball’ (hereinafter referred to as comamps) series. It spread out colorfully.

First of all, the representative baseball game ‘Com2us Pro Baseball 2022’ (Coml, 2022) will hold an event that provides various popular game items as a package. All users who connect to the game by the 31st will be able to obtain the ‘Baseball Day Pack’, which includes ‘Live Selection Pack’, ‘Live Selection Pack’ and ‘Unique Power Changes’. In particular, the ‘Select Signature Player Pack’ included in the package is one of the most preferred items that users prefer because they can obtain cards containing autographs of all active players who have played outstanding in the KBO League as the club they want.

There is also a ‘Hidden Picture Finding Event’ for the official cafe users. In the image designed under the theme of ‘Baseball Day’, it is a way to find hidden baseball-related items, and if you leave the correct answer, ‘Live Player Pack’ will be rewarded.

The Com2S Professional Baseball V22 (Comlja V22), which is responsible for another axis of the Com2us Real Baseball Game Line, also communicated with users through community events. Rewarding items that can help play game play will be paid to users who have answered the quiz of ‘Baseball Day’, which was given every day by the 29th. If the cumulative number of respondents reach a certain goal, there will be additional items including ‘Advanced Scout Tickets’. In addition, through the ‘Baseball Day Surprise Gift’ event, which will be held until the 31st, it will provide abundant benefits to all participating users.

Com2us’ popular baseball management game ‘Com2us Pro Baseball for Manager LIVE’ (hereinafter referred to as Commae) will also hold a special attendance reward event to commemorate this’ Baseball Day ‘. The users who have been attending a total of seven days by September 1 will present various items that can help the club, including game goods and the club.

LOL: How did the 200 years of Riot Games experience emerge?

League of Legends has already provided a series of incredible moments for its community, such as the announcement of new games, the Arcane animation series, music groups clips with Moba’s own champions as singers and the participation of famous artists, among other things.

But when it comes to the balance of the game, the community usually agrees that the developer has made a series of mistakes. It is true that it is complicated to adjust a game with so many characters, but the little self-criticism of a developer gave rise to the famous meme of the 200 years of Riot experience in video game design.

It all started with Wukong…

The meme of the more than 200 years of experience in Video Games design began with an argument between the Rioter Nathan ‘Lutzburg’ Lutz and the streamer Main Wukong Harambe on Twitter. The designer published in his profile that a new version of Wukong was available in the PBE, the League of Legends test server.


This did not seem to convince Harambe, who responded by saying that the champion needed more damage and that he barely knew what skill level first because they practically had no effect on the game.

Lutz quickly responded to the complaint, stating that no one in Riot thought that Wukong’s damage was too low.I’m sorry you feel like that, but I don’t know what to tell you when more than 20 professionals say otherwise _.

A player intervened saying that perhaps Riot needed to listen to a player with more experience with that champion than 20 professionals, and in Rioter’s next response, the meme appeared:Being good with a certain champion in a game is valuable, but I I remain with the more than 200 years of professional experience in the video game design of the employees _, said Lutz, without knowing that a simple tweet could become one of the most deadly irony in the history of LOL.

and ended with Aphelia, Zeri and other champions

Unfortunately for Riot, Aphelia had been launched in LOL little less than a month before Lutz’s speech, which caused the community to begin using the joke in everything related to this champion. Because you may not remember it, but Aphelia was one of the most broken characters in League of Legends.

Each and every one of the champions that became problematic in the launch, such as Aphelia, Viego, Zeri, among others, will have their name associated with the 200 years of experience in video game design.

Game Overseas Market Korea Joint Center, including Hankonjin and German GamesCom

[Game Park Ye-jin Reporter] The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Park Bo-kyun) and the Korea Creative Content Agency (Director Cho Hyun-rae, hereinafter referred to as Hankonjin) are offline-type offline forms starting with ‘Game Spom 2022’ to support overseas market entry into overseas market contents It announced on the 17th that it will participate in the overseas game show in three years.

This year, Conjinwon operates ‘2022 Overseas Market Korea Joint Hall’ at the German Gamescom, Japan’s Tokyo Game Show, and Thailand’s Thailand Game Show, which will be held offline three years after the spread of Corona. Through this, the company plans to provide business counseling opportunities between domestic game developers and overseas distributors and support various business activities to lead to exports.

First of all, Hankonjin will participate in the Gamescom 2022, which will be held in Cologne, Germany from 24th to 28th. Gamescom has been visited by more than 370,000 people in more than 50 countries before Corona 19. It is the world’s three largest game exhibitions that participated in 180 countries last year. It is gathering.

This year, the Korea Joint Hall will be exhibited as B2B targets and will be composed of PCs, mobile, consoles, and AR and VR (augmented reality and virtual reality) sections. Participants are ▲ Weaver Active, Namus Studio, Action Square, Pepperstones, Full Flit, Sopton Entertainment, Sopton Entertainment, Store Entertainment, New Core, Skywalk, Coding & Play, Wad Games, Bird Letter, Roadstars, Roadstars, and Angel Games A total of 15 domestic game companies, including Liti Games.

Hankonjin provided in-depth analysis reports that included game shows, market trends, and major buyer information to the exhibitors in advance, and conducted strategy consulting for overseas game market. In addition, during the event, buyers such as overseas publishers, accelerators and investors were invited to introduce K-content networking time and biz matching.

Conjinwon will start the Game Scom and operate a joint hall at the Tokyo Game Show and Thailand Game Show to support domestic game companies’ overseas expansion and create global business opportunities.

First, he will participate in the Tokyo Game Show, which will be held in Japan in September, and operate 15 domestic game companies and common halls. Since the Tokyo Game Show is one of the world’s top three game shows, various programs such as participants’ meetings and Korea-Japan game contents enterprise exchange meet. In addition, the company plans to actively use cosplay using hanbok and K-POP dance flash mobs during the event.

In October, the Thailand Game Show, Southeast Asia’s largest game exhibition held in Bangkok, Thailand, will also operate a joint hall with five domestic game developers.

Lee Yang-hwan, head of Hankonjin Game Division, said, We will actively participate in major global game shows so that we can actively promote the excellence of K-game, one of the K-content.

How to play a joint multiplayer game in Tower of Fantasy with friends

In Tower of Fantasy, players will be able to unite with others to perform various quests and defeat strong world bosses. Although you can wander around the lands alone, it is always better to have teammates and friends. The game has a number of strong enemies that can easily crush anyone, and the presence of several friends on your side greatly facilitates the task. So, if you are interested in how to play a joint multiplayer game with friends, we will help you. That’s all you need to know about adding friends and a joint game in Tower of Fantasy.

How to play a joint multiplayer game in Tower of Fantasy?

After passing the prologue and obtaining a jet satchel , you can see how other players travel around the world in Tower of Fantasy. You can add other players to your list of friends by clicking on their character. Several options, how to add a friend , Longeron , team invitations , and much more will be available on the player’s card. It is better to add friends first before sending them a team invitation. Press t and you will see a pop-up flag on the right side of the screen. Click on the flag to open lobby menu, and from here you can invite others.


In addition, you can also send an invitation to the team from the List of Friends menu. The lobby menu provides easy access to the closest teams and players, and also allows others to hire. Click on empty icons plus in the lobby to see which of the friends is on the network and is available for invitations. Click on go button to start a joint game after your teammates join the lobby.

How to change the goal of the team in Tower of Fantasy

In the lobby, players will also be able to set a command goal. You can also choose the upper and lower levels of the level for joining others. The goals of the team include interstellar study, joint operation, the study of the world, vagrant bosses and the free goal. Be sure to choose the right option before unite with other players in Tower of Fantasy.

To obtain additional information about Tower of Fantasy, read the sections Where to Find ThornMato in Tower of Fantasy and All Ruine Places in Astra in Tower of Fantasy in Pro game guides.

Is there a guild in Tower of Fantasy?

You can freely explore the world of Tower of Fantasy and experience everything that he can offer, alone or in a group. In this common game with the open world, you can play with friends or strangers, but the question arises whether there is a guild in Tower of Fantasy.

Is there a guild in Tower of Fantasy?

Answer yes -but they are not called guilds in the game. Instead, you can create and join crews , the version of the guild Tower of Fantasy. We have little information about them, but we know that the crew can withstand 180 players before becoming complete. You should also be on the same server as your teammates.

The teams are also probably the best way to play and experience everything that Tower of Fantasy can offer if you are interested in this. multiplayer . You can create a gang with your friends or join it randomly. In any case, a gang is a good way to challenge more complex content and content of the final game.


You should also easily find other players for activities if you are part of the gang. Some games offer bonuses for playing with friends or guilds, which can also relate to Tower of Fantasy. As soon as the name is launched, we will have more specific answers.

To obtain additional information about Tower of Fantasy, read Tower of Fantasy sections: requirements for mobile devices and PC and what is Vitality in Tower of Fantasy? In professional game guides.

Xbox Game Pass: These two games have actually been revealed for the subscription

As a Xbox Game Pass subscription, it always continues to be amazing and so 2 brand-new video games have been announced directly, which will certainly be readily available straight for magazine in the membership.
Train Sim Globe 3 as well as Inculinati in the Xbox Game Pass provide complete throttle!

Xbox Game Pass-new news

  • 06.

September 2022-Train Sim World 3
* Tba-inculinati

We will quickly publish more information regarding both games with extra information.
Till after that, there are two videos for you for the extremely impatient amongst you:

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