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Get a lot of “Dragon Medal” with a battle victory! “Super medal battle battle with trophy” “Castle and Dragon” held from his February 18 (Fri)!

Acobism Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ototako) is “Castle and Dragon” that is well received in App Store · Google Play “Troofy’s Super Medal Battle Battle” in February 18, 2022. It told from the day (Fri).

Acobism Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ototako) is “Castle and Dragon” that is well received in App Store · Google Play “Troofy’s Super Medal Battle Battle” in February 18, 2022. It will be held from the day (Fri).

◆ “Castle and Dragon” Official Site: https://www.asobism.co.jp/social/shirodora/

From February 18 (Fri) to his February 20 (Sun), a battle event “Trophy Battle” will be held to fight with the aim of getting a trophy in the game. This time he won the battle and he is “Dragon Medal”, “Dragon Medal”, which is “Dragon Medal”, is held simultaneously. It is a chance to get dragon medals more than usual.

# Trophy Battle Overview

“Trophy Battle” is a leader, fighting the character that meets the participation conditions, and it is a battle that the purpose is to acquire “Toro his P”. If a certain number of points accumulate, in addition to various rewards, you can obtain “D1 armor”, which increases the character’s ability value.

[Holding period]

February 18, 2022 (Fri) 6:00 to February 20 (Sun) 23:59

# # Troofy super medal battle battle

During the above period, when you win the entire mode of “Trophy Battle”, he wins, he will get one of the “15/20 sheets / 50 sheets” up to 3 times a day.

# # Mei Toro P Augment Campaign

During the above period, “Toro P” that can be acquired for all trophy battles will increase his 30P than usual.

■ Win trop
Complete victory: 150p Kiryu Winning: 130P Dot Death Win: 110P
Division: 90P
Points defeat: 80P Douvenir defeat: 70P perfect defeat: 60P

basic information

■ Title Castle and Dragon ■ App Store https://itunes.apple.com/app/chengtodoragon/id953790507? MT=8 ■ Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id= jp.co.asobism_castleagon ■ Genre real-time match strategy ■ Price basic free (item charge system) ■ Compatible OS iOS / Android ■ Official site http://www.asobism.co.jp/social/shirodora/ ■ Official Twitter HTTPS: / / TWitter.com/Shirotodoragon ■ iOS Delivery date February 5, 2015 (Thu) ■ Android Delivery date April 16, 2015 (Thu) ■ Copy Light C2015 Asobism Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Meaning Unknown / Status Backing Game “MCPIXEL 3” announced. Crazy challenge to cut off difficulties with urine and gepp

Devolver Digital has officially announced MCPIXEL 3 ” on February 18. It will be released within 2022. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). The game will correspond to Japanese, and Bridge Games will be in charge.

“MCPIXEL 3” is an adventure game that aims to overcome from a difficult situation. The main character wants to be a hero. He faces a variety of difficult situations and causes an action to break. For example, urination, pitching, or hit someone or herself. As a result, it is impossible to what happens. Anyway, it is necessary to cause “something” in special situations. In various situations, in the sense of taking action within the time limit, it can be said that it is a game style like “Made In Walio”.

This work is the sequel to “MCPixel” released in 2012. “MCPIXEL” was a mantage that the cultivated popularity was partially popular with the crazy world view. For example, in situations where the hot dog at the end of the blast is placed, it will blast it if you put the hot dog on your face. It is the correct answer to have a hot dog and eat hot dog to the alien. And if expressed in sentences, it is meaningless, but it is meaningless to look at the video. Anyway, it was the basic system of “MCPIXEL” to process bombs using any hand.

The game content is unknown, and urine is applied or violent and violence, and it is quite vulnerable. On the other hand, it is easy to understand as a rule, and the solution is also unique. It was a simple and strange low-priced game as a cult like. In Nico Nico Douga, Videos such as Waspe had attracted attention in Japan.

And after 10 years, a sequel to the following will be released from Develver Digital. The development of development is SOS Sosowski, as in the previous work. Even in the sequel, the meaninglessness seems to be alive. Summon a billionaire of the wolf or BBQ in the pants, skip T-REX to space, pee sports cars, and kick the fork PARKER Tama. More than 100 stages are prepared, and more than 20 mini games will appear. In trailer video, various situations and effects can be confirmed. It is a vulgarity as usual.

As described above, “MCPIXEL 3” is the sequel to “MCPIXEL”. The question that will float there is “MCPIXEL 2”. Although PC Gamer has questions about this point, Devolver Digital is still as usual with No Comment. Since the title, a small bokeh that invites the Tsukkomi of MCPixel 3 is beginning.

“MCPIXEL 3” is scheduled to be released in 2022 for PC (STeam). In commemoration of new announcements, the previous work can be purchased at 99 yen of 80% off at STEAM.

The Cuphead Show!, The Netflix series, publishes its hilarious final trailer and confirms date

The Cup head Show! or The Cup head Series! , which is how it will finally be called in Spain, share your final trailer and confirms ReleNETFLIXe date at NETFLIX , the popular streaming platform. It hNETFLIX been shared by their managers, publishing a hilarious and hilarious trailer that you can see about these lines, announcing that the first seNETFLIXon will be available at Netflix from next February 18, 2022, exactly within a month. And we also have the definitive poster of the series!


THE UPHELD series! It is releNETFLIXed in Netflix in February

In this animated series bNETFLIXed on a famous video game, the Cup head and Mug man brothers, an impulsive one and the other influenced, overcome numerous adversities, we can read in the official synopsis of the series in Netflix. And is that for what it seems, the Cuffed series! It is totally faithful to the original video game and its next expansion, The Delicious LNETFLIXt Course.

So much so, that the protagonist duo, CUP head and his brother Mug man , will venture through the Inkwell Islands in search of fun and challenges of the most unlikely, NETFLIX it happens in the celebrated video game of Studio MDR . Although soon things will be twisted with the appearance of devil , the coup head antagonist, and the different minions of him.

The creators of Cup head, the brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer , supervise the Netflix project, NETFLIX well NETFLIX being executive producers of the series. Those who want more adventures of Cup head and company have an appointment with the DLC of the main adventure the next June 30, 2022 in PC and consoles.

The Cup head Series! , which hNETFLIX the English voices of True Valentino (FNETFLIXt & Furious: Spies at the wheel) for Cup head and Wayne Brady for King Give, it opens exclusively in Netflix the next 18 February 2022 .

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