Teso: Chapter High Isle and DLC Ascending Tide in Preview

  1. Teso: Legacy of the Bretons

2nd Teso: Ascending Tide

  1. Teso: The new chapter High Isle

  2. The Hoch Island Area: A brand new world to explore!

  3. Story: intrigues, politics and conspirations

  4. Teso: Treat yourself a break with glorial stories!

  5. Teso: Unique challenges and rewards

  6. High Isle: Pre-order and Goodies

At the large revealing event on January 27, 2022 , the developers of Zenimax ventilated the great mystery around the next adventure in The Elder Scrolls online. The year-round story in 2022 listens to the name “Legacy of Bretons” and will consist of three DLC and a large chapter again. We have summarized all known details for you in this preview article.

Teso: Legacy of Bretons

After our journey into the fiery kingdom of Daederrafürst Mehrunes Dagon, it becomes the highest time to return to Tamriel, where a brand new adventure is waiting for us. Also in 2022, the developers of The Elder Scrolls online have come up with something special! With “legacy of the Bretons” we expect a new, self-contained history, which will tell the developer team throughout the year.

Teso: Ascending Tide

As already mentioned, the year-round adventure “Legacy of the Bretons” begins with the first DELC DLC of the year: “Ascending Tide”. The dungeon update includes two brand new night: the coralhorst and the grief of the shipbuother. In the first dungeon coralhorst, you and your friends must keep the remains of the once proud fleet of all flags. There are rumors that a Mysterious Order of the Emptipers uses the ship’s cemetery as their coastal versus. And who knows which conspiracy these sinister joins away from the safe harbors.

Teso: The new chapter High Isle

At the beginning of June, the story of “Legacy of Bretons” takes place right away! With “High Isle” begins a new chapter in the Story of The Elder Scrolls online. As in the years earlier we expect exciting main history on the Breton Island, with over 30 hours of playing time. In the new story chapter you have the opportunity to dive deep into the ancient homeland of the Bretons and to experience a society on the edge of the war on nobility and chivalricity.

Here are the most important features of “High Isle”:

  • A new area that presents you the islands of High Island and Amenos
  • A complex main story full of politics, honor and intrigues connecting the year-round saying “Legacy of Bretons”
  • Glores stories as a new system and collective card game in the game

New Overpowered Sets, New Dungeons, Hybridization and more with the new ESO Ascending Tide DLC
* A new test for 12 players: Gray timing

  • Two new companions: Funke and Isobel, who can join your adventures
  • New world events: volcanic slot
  • New vaults, open left, leader in the open world and a whole crowd of independent quests
  • Updates, improvements and player lighting

Incidentally, new heroes should continue to choose whether they want to start directly with the latest teso chapters or prefer to play the tutorial scenario in the large portal room. More information about this is your in this mini-special .

The Hoch Island area: A brand new world to explore!

The story: intrigues, politics and conspirations

For the authors of the story, it was also extremely attractive to write an exciting story in which it does not go to demons and all sorts of dark creatures, but for simple mortals that the fate of Tamriel can lead as well as a true daederraf. The mysterious emerging prince is no classical villain, according to Rich Lambert, but a gray eminence that pursues its own political goals on high island. And who knows, maybe one or the other hero will even want to beat on the side of the ominous princes.

Teso: Treat yourself a break with glorial stories!

While in the course of your adventure, you unlock more decks and cards, you can challenge NSCS throughout Tamriel in taverns or compete against your teammates to get into the rankings. Over the lots, unique rewards can be unlocked, including achievements, collection pieces and more.

Teso: unique challenges and rewards

As usual, the new chapter includes a whole range of challenges, collection pieces and rewards that are nowhere else to find over. This includes two companions, sparks and isobel (along with their own quest series, personalities and skills), multiple vaults and open daily for exploring, but also item sets and rewards that can only be found on high island and amenos.

High Isle: Pre-order and Goodies

By the way, you can buy “High Isle” on selected digital platforms and in stores in advance, including the ESO store, Steam and the Microsoft Store. If you pre-ordered the new chapter, you will receive unique rewards when publishing plus immediately access the game and the Fahlfrost-Wapiti as a riding and the Fahlfrost-Kitz as a companion ( Attention! only available until April 4, 2022).

Goodies for pre-order: Source: Bethesda The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle – This pet beckons in the pre-order of the chapter. Source: Bethesda The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle – The New Pre-Orteller Mount!

In addition to the Fahlfrost-Wapiti and the Fahlfrost-Kitz you will also receive further rewards at publication:

  • Clothes of the Acquired Buccaneer as costume
  • Puppy of knights of the flames as a companion
  • 1 × box of dark chivalry
  • 3 × High Island Treasure Cards
  • 2 × Scrolls of learning for duplicate experience

As usual, there is also the chapter “High Isle” in several editions:

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: High Isle
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: High Isle CE
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Upgrade
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Upgrade CE

The first two game versions not only contain the chapter “High Isle”, but also the basic game and all previous chapters, which are published for The Elder Scrolls online (Morrowind, Summersset, Elswyr and Greymoor). This option is ideal for new players who want to try Teso for the first time. The upgrade editions, however, only contain “high isle” and are thus the best choice for teso veterans who already have the game and prior chapters.

More information about the pre-order of “High Isle” is experiencing the official website of The Elder Scrolls Online . If you missed the stream of January 27 2022, you can view the event on Twitch again. What do you say about the new adventure in the realm of Bretons? Are you looking forward to the well-deserved island holiday in Teso? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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