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A user shares a video playing an incomplete version of Elden Ring; That yes had bugs

That Elden Ring hcommercial success been available for several months on PC and consoles, reaped great criticisms and is a real commercial success we all know. The game hcommercial success improved its performance over time thanks to various updates, but do you remember what it wcommercial success at the beginning? Well, before that, when I wcommercial successn’t even complete, it wcommercial success much worse . A Twitch user hcommercial success had access to that version and is playing while running into all types of bugs and without finishing content. You can watch the video in this link (it is a game of more than 4 hours).


Lance McDonald is a well-known streamer , with a verified account and fond of this type of practices, in which he dares with preliminary versions and investigates until the lcommercial successt loophole of each place in search of mysteries and curiosities. Without going any further, he is responsible for finding secret scenarios in Silent Hills P.T., the Hideo Kojima canceled horror project with Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus commercial success the protagonist.

Elden Ring receives patch 1.06, what does it include?

The Update 1.06 is already available for everyone on PC and consoles. The main novelties focus on online invocations: it is now possible to have the help of other players in more places and invoke them from greater distance. Also Heavy weapons have improved such commercial success ultra-space, curved swords and large axes. In this link you have the details.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. If you have problems overcoming any challenge, defeat the final bosses or find all the secrets, do not hesitate to consult our complete guide. In it you also have the way to unlock all the finals and get with the weapons, talismans and legendary spells .

Hidetaka Miyazaki talks about the future of Fromsoftware

Some time ago it was announced that Fromsoftware was already working on a new game, which is close to finishing its main development. Although the details are scarce, an interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Elden Ring _, , where more information about the company’s future was shared recently.

During a talk with 4Gamer, Miyazaki revealed that the new fromoftware projects are in charge of multiple directors. In his role as president of the company, Miyazaki must be aware of other projects in development . However, the creator commented that he liked to maintain any intervention to the minimum. This was what he said about it:

As I said in several interviews, the fact that we have now been able to create a title of the Elden Ring More projects to them.

In fact, we are working on several titles led by people other than me. I think we can show you a different direction color for From Software, so they look forward to.

I am essentially a director, so when I get in touch with a development title, I think a lot about him and I want to say something about it.

But in that case, I am not the director, I am not the subject of the vision and I cannot assume responsibility until the end, so I feel that any unnecessary intervention would have many negative effects on the game and the project.

As director, I’m already working in the next title. In the medium and long term, I would like to work in a more abstract fantasy than the previous titles.

In the process of creating RPG Fantasy Titles, including Elden Ring, I have continued to accumulate fantasy ideas and images that do not fit in that format, and I would like to gather them all somewhere else and take them out of here.

Unfortunately, for the moment there is no more information about the future of Fromsoftware. Although several rumors point to the return of the Armored Core series, currently there is no official confirmation by the company. However, the possibility that this year we have some look at the next step for Miyazaki and your team.

In related issues, Fromsoftware wants to expand elden ring beyond video games. Similarly, these are the previous statements of Miyazaki about the future of the company.

Editor’s note:

After the success of _elden ring,it seems that Fromsoftware has the free path to create any type game they want. It will be interesting to see what kind of titles the company offers in the future, especially those where Miyazaki is not the director.

Elden Ring: How to see all the endings in the same game to get the necessary trophies for platinum

Throughout the weeks I have told you everything you should know about the Elden Ring finals: what they are, as they are and the threads of missions necessary to obtain them. However, there is something pending that I have not explained in previous guides: how to see them all in the same game so as not to have to do new game+ to obtain the platinum.

Time trips at Elden Ring

You already know that Elden Ring has 6 finals: 4 of them almost identical and 2 very different. They are called era of fragility, it was stellar, it was those born in the dark, it was of order, the blessing of despair and lord of frantic flame.

Of all the endings, only the era of fragility was star and lord of frantic flame have trophies/achievements necessary to get platinum and 100% of the video game. This requires the game at least 3 times, 6 in case you want to see all the endings. The good news is that I am going to teach you How to see all in your first game .

Step 1: Complete all the necessary missions threads

Era of fragility *: Standard end. It is enough to get to the end.
It was stellar : Ranni Misiones thread.
Era of those born in the dark : FIA missions thread.
Era of order *: Missions thread of Brother Corhyn and golden mask.
The blessing of despair : Missions thread of Zampaheces.
Lord of frantic flame : Missions thread of Irina and Edgar, Hyetta Missions Thread and Vyke’s story.

Important notice: do not accept the frantic flame before making the manual save, but annoyed the operation travel operation. Advance to the grace of the olive flame door and you will return later.

Step 2: Final boss and make a manual save

You should keep in mind that once you sell the final boss there is no turning back (you can’t make a fast trip), so you have todefeat it at least twice *. I’m sorry, I know he will hurt you more than me. Make the manual save just before the final boss. How to make a manual save?

* PC : Windows button> Search: ejutar> Write Appdata> Access roaming> elden ring> backups> creates a new capeta (name: pirulí, for example)> Remove Elden Ring> access the folder whose Name are many numbers> Copy the file that ends in.sl2> Paste the file in pirulí> Enter the game and continue.

To restore the game it is enough to copy the archive of the Pirulí folder and paste it (replace) in the original numbers folder. If you do not delete the lollipop folder you will have the manual save to go back in your departure as many times as necessary.


This PS5 method is the most widespread, but usually gives errors. To be totally safe, my advice for PS4 and PS5 (I did so) is that you close the game, disconnect the Internet console (you can play offline) and copy the game saved in your console to a *Pendrive .

Every time you complete an end, you have to close the game and copy the pendrive file to the console. There is no failure and it also serves for Bloodborne, for example.

* Xbox : Administer games and accessories> saved data> click on the saved file> If a window appears with erase everywhere (do not press it) you know that you have the game both in the console and in the Cloud> Access the game and disconnect the internet from the console in the network section If it appears only delete from the console, you have done well. Bórralo> Connect to the Internet> Start the game (while I pray)> If a window appears with the message Synchronizing Elden Ring data, you can breathe. > Repeat the process.

This method is very risky and more than one user has reported that he has lost his departure. If it is possible to keep the Xbox disconnected from the Internet and perform the same system as in PS5/PS5 with a game saved in a pendrive, do not hesitate to do so. I don’t have Xbox to try it. If you do this method successfully, tell me in comments.

Step 3: See all the endings and the specialty Lord of the Frenic Flame

In what order should you see the finals? Regardless of whether you want to see 3 or 6 finals, I recommend this order:

  1. Make a manual saved before the final boss.
  2. Accept the frantic flame (which blocks the rest of the endings) and defeats the final boss.
  3. Return to the past copying the file you have copied into another folder (PC) or on a pendrive (consoles).
  4. Defeat the final boss, unlocks the grace of the final zone and Make another manual saved .
  5. Access each of the 5 finals. Remember that every time you see an end you have to close the game and replace the file saved manually.

And it would be! I am aware that it is a process that can take a while (especially on consoles) and that can be annoying, but it is a more viable alternative than completing Elden Ring between 2 and 5 times more.

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* Lord of frantic flame in Elden Ring: everything you must do to get this end

Special Sales Award: With Elden Ring from software conquered the mainstream!

Apparently a lot of people have read my test for Elden Ring ** and then followed my purchase recommendation (“Elden Ring, despite a few quirks, has followed the strongest game of from software so far”). How else can you explain that the partly sticky open world adventure not only sells itself more often than all previous games from From Software, but that Elden Ring also puts success franchises like Call of Duty? Just, does not work (“cough”).

Elden Ring? It’s like cut bread!

Miquella's Haligtree & Meeting Malenia | Elden Ring Pt. 20 | Marz
According to Publisher Bandai Namco’s latest financial report, Elden Ring is said to have sold more than 13.4 million times worldwide. Elden Ring already has about half of the sales together, which the entire Dark-Souls trilogy has combined for itself over her entire lifespan. And as far as our “Call of Duty” claim is concerned, Elden Ring in the United States was able to sell itself more often in two months than Vanguard in six months (via Forbes). Bye, bye, niche! Hello mainstream!

The current award of the Sales Awards from the Game (Association of the German Games industry) shows that Elden Ring (buy now) is also very well sold in Germany. For 500,000 units sold, there was the special prize, which has so far been very rarely awarded. At big sales hits such as Mario Party Superstars, FIFA 22 or the agricultural simulator 22. Here, too, Call of Duty: Vanguard has been empty, just like Horizon Forbidden West, Pokémon legends: Arceus or other blockbusters from the last Time.

Kirby and Vader are also winners!

We also do not want to withhold the other two Sales Award winners from April: A few weeks after the official release, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga crack the 200,000 titles sold and thus get the “Game Sales Award” in Platin. The “Game Sales Award” in gold goes to Kirby in April and the forgotten country, which was able to achieve over 100,000 sales.

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Elden Ring: Speedrunner overtrump each other with world record under 13 minutes

The Speedrunning community around Elden Ring can look back at a fascinating time and impressive records since the launch before one and a half: after initially arriving times where players needed two and a half hours to the credection, this number slipped quickly under an hour.

Also worth reading: our detailed tips and tricks overview to Elden Ring!

It did not take long, so you even subbed the 30 minute limit, just to overrupt the new record with less than 25 minutes. But the Speedrunning community defines itself through perfectionism and now two of the largest Speedrunner deliver a spectacular head-to-head race.

Elden Ring in less than 13 minutes and that two times!

One of them is “Mitchriz”, which impressively demonstrated his Speedrunning arts in his Sekiro Runs with blindfoldes. Last Friday he struck Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.98 € / 50.99 €) in less than 13 minutes, more precisely in 12:32 and use a more than unconventional Glitch , in the clock to one Metronome presses the block button to teleport through the world of the game.

But the competition is not sleeping and only one day later the well-known Speedrunner “Distortion2” published a video in which he also got the credits in Elden Ring also seen in less than 13 minutes. However, he was faster again again 19 seconds and trumped so the recent record of “Mitchriz”.

Also “Distortion2” also uses the bug designated as Zip Glitch, which is teleported by certain blocking through the world of Elden Ring, even if no metronome is heard in his video. The decision difference between the two Runs and the reason for the better time was the very at the end of the game “Mega Zip”, where the Speedrunner can even skip the Final Boss .

However, the ZIP Glitches are only possible if ELDEN ring is running with exactly 60 fps . Because that requires a specific setup and thus not all players is possible, the two speedruns of “Mitchriz” and “Distortion2” are not available to the Any% category, but were provided with the additional name “unrestricted”.

How “Distortion2” reveals in the video description of his Speedrun , but it is also possible to end the game without defeating a single boss. Thus, the scary encounter with Maliketh would be superfluous, which could allow a run of less than 10 minutes according to “Distortion2”. Of course, he has long been working on its implementation, so we must be curious.

WORLD FIRST Sub 13 Elden Ring (Any% Unrestricted Speedrun in 12:32 World Record)

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Elden Ring: The Perfect Weapon for Souls Like

Players who can not do anything with the Souls-Like Genre and have made a big bow around Elden Ring, should now be careful.

Elden Ring - 10 BEST DEX WEAPONS You Need to Try!
The great Degen has a great special feature differently than other weapons. You can use this, although one actively holds a shield to defend.

This gives newcomers the chance to block, but at the same time attack themselves. This works very easily and goes at the expense of the condition. But beware! If you have no more condition, you will lose life because a block is impossible. But with some exercise, this works quite well and is very helpful at the beginning of the game. So you learn the mechanics of the game and can safely hide behind your shield.

How the whole works and where you can find the great sword, you can see in the video that introduces you “Spqraiden”:

If you want to support us, then this video will be shared, Subscribed the great Degen YouTube channel, leaving a thumbs up, if you liked the video – and activates the bell to be immediately notified as soon as you will be notified a new video is released.

GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox ends with the reign of Elden Ring in UK; Spectacular debut

GTA 5 is still unstoppable . The launch of the new generation version hSeries raised the title of Rockstar to the first position in the United Kingdom during the lSeriest week. The Sandbox dethrones Elden Ring, which goes down to the second position after a fall of 39% in digital sales compared to the previous week.

GTA 5 in Numbers: Demonstration of Force

If we wean GTA 5 digital sales in this framework, 55% of the units were sold in PS5 ; Xbox Series X | S, on the other hand, occupies 35% of the data. The rest completes it by 6% on Xbox One, 3% in PC and 1% on PC.

Percentage disparity Between the two versions of new generation is influenced by the price disparity. GTA 5 in PS5 wSeries launched to the British market by 8.75 pounds (9.99 euros), which is accompanied by GTA online for free. In Xbox Series, on the other hand, it is sold by 17.49 pounds (19.99 euros).

Your arrival marks another milestone: In its first week in the market it is already placed Series the second launch of that market in digital format . It exceeds him, this time, Elden Ring.

Top 10 at the close of the week of March 20 is Series follows:

1. Grand Theft Auto 5

two. Elden Ring

3. Grand Theft Auto Online

Elden Ring is open world perfection
4. WWE 2K22.

5. WWE 2K22.

6. Gran Tourism 7.

7. F1 2021.

8. Stranger of Paradise: Final FantSeriesy Origin

9. Red Dead Redemption 2

10. Person 4 Ultramax Arena

GTA 5 in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S debuted on March 15 exclusively (for the time being) in digital format. Includes devoted improvements to squeeze your hardware, Series an optimization for ray, 4K 4K and 3 display modes, which includes a performance mode with 60 FPS target. You can read the options available on this link.

Elden Ring: Where after the victory over Godfrey?

Since the players move in the direction of the late game of Elden Ring, some things may not be so clear where to go. The game tells you loosely where you need to go, in the form of weak traditions, the lines on the Sites of Grace and perhaps from the missable dialogue. As soon as you have reached Leyndell, the street could of course end there, but that’s not the case. You will fight against Godfrey and ask you where you will go. Here we show you where to go after you have defeated Godfrey in Elden Ring.

Where to win over Godfrey in Elden Ring

Depending on where they are in history, there are two cases in which they fight against Godfrey. The first is when you fight him as a golden ghost form in Leyndell. While this boss does not get a proper intermediate sequence, though it is a mandatory boss , there are considerable progress here. After defeating him, you have to go to the bedroom of the queen in the northeast.

Note that you will only come across an enemy between this boss fight and your next main goal and directly on Morgott, the Omen King. If you want to perform farms or quests for Levels to get better equipment, you should do so in advance. The fight is almost identical, as it largely has the same moveset like Margit, The Fur Omen, but with a few new moves.

The second case where you need to go to Godfrey leadership, if you actually fight against him. After the first Elden Lord was overthrown, it is now just directly the stairs up. If you remember after defeating morgott, the way was blocked by this staircase by the impenetrable thorn wall.

Now, since the impenetrable thorns of the Elden Throne are burned, only remains to rush Radagon from the Golden Order into the Elden Beast. They are the last bosses, so make sure they know with these practical guides what end to seek them. Elden Ring is very true when it comes to achieving one of the three ends. So see if you want to decide for the end of Frenzied Flame or Age of the Stars.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC.

Elden Ring ???? How To Get Talisman Pouch #3 (Defeat Godfrey, First Elden Lord) + Where To Go After

Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Elden Ring: Where to win over Godfrey?

Elden Ring: Where did you get Lightning Ram Ash Of?

There is a lot of Ashes of was in it ELDENRING and one of them is the Lightning Ram Ash of War. One of the funniest and overwhelming ashes of was in Elden Ring is the Lightning Ram Ash of War. And luckily for you it is also one of the easiest to get. So, without further adieu, here is where and how to get the Lightning Ram Ash of War in Elden Ring.

What is the lightning bag of the war in Elden Ring?

As already mentioned, the Lighting Ram Ash of was surprisingly easy to get. But before, why should someone want the Lightning Ram Ash of? Apart from the fact that it sounds really cool, the Lightning Ram Ash of War was in Elyden Ring the player a special lighting roll movement . This flash is a continuous attack, which makes your character extremely difficult to hit while keeping incredible damage at the same time.

The ashes of the war self Increases your skill, strength and basic damage in general while you add lightning damage to your attacks. The Lightning Ram Ash of War is eaten by your stamina when you use his Roll-Move. It can be applied to any melee weapon, making it a must for every player type.

Where to get the lightning bag of war in Elden Ring

Lightning Ram is OVERPOWERED - Destroy Bosses & Players - Best Elden Ring Ashes of War Build Guide!

The lightning bag of war is in Atlus Plateau . More specifically, the area you want to browse is located southwest of Rampartide Path Site of Grace and northeast of StormCaller Church. As soon as you are on the Atlus plateau, travel towards the center near the sword cemetery. You will know that you are in the right place when you see flash rams that roll around you in all directions. You can leave the flash rams alone, as this is not your goal.

Hold a look for a drop-like scarab . This creature can be easily identified by looking for a round ball and a Skarab behind it, which pushes it forward. Kill the Teardrop Scarab quickly before it buries and hides in front of you. If you manage that (it is not too heavy), you will receive the Lightning Ram Ash of War.

And there you have everything you need to know what the Lightning Ram Ash of was concerned in Elden Ring. We cover every aspect of Elden Ring, whether bosses, items, builds and much more. Further information can be found in our Elden Ring Guides.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Elden Ring: Where did you get Lightning Ram Ash Of?

Elden Ring: Some players have already received the title and share spoilers on the Internet

Although the release of Elden Ring (from 50.99 € at pre-order) is still one week away, it has become the first player to come to a copy of the long-waiting project from FROM Software. However, this also has the consequence that there are now numerous spoilers to find various places on the Internet. For this reason, you should not want to search for Elden Ring at YouTube, Twitter and Co. For the time being, if you want to start in the player as spoiler free.

Elden Ring Spoilers Have Leaked - IGN Daily Fix

As Eurogamer reports, u.a. already the complete opening sequence at YouTube was released. While Publisher Bandai Namco fights against the publication of the videos, but not all clips can be quickly removed from the Internet. In recent days, there were already twitch streamers who have shown a bit gameplay from Elden Ring for a few minutes. However, the channels were blocked after a short time. Full spoiler is currently the Reddit Forum, which includes screenshots of hitherto unknown areas. Elden Ring appears on February 25, 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

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