With only 13 professionals, National coach Alfred Gílson went into the last game at this European Championship, compared to the duel with Sweden, three more players were broken away. Against Russia, which only in the final second against Poland by a spectacular wide throw had to secure a draw, a conciliatory conclusion should succeed.

The seventh EM game went to Gílson with a trio, which was rather sparse in the tournament course: Daniel Reimann stood between the posts, Patrick Viewer began on left outside, Tobias Eichmann on the right. Probably also with a look at the low meaning of the game, both teams started with an open visor. Keeper Reimann came really well, collected self-confidence with some parades.

Eichmann turns Kemp

At the front succeeded in the DHB team in the initial phase almost everything, Jump wonder Eichmann met via Kemp to 5: 3. In excess, Füchse-Left-Handen Fabian wide manufactured the first three-goal lead (8: 5, 12.). Victor Kiev, one of the best goalkeepers in the tournament, made the European champion of 2016 hardly come into play. Vertical Starter Julian Foster Competitions with the next strong action the 10: 6 and the first Russian break.

However, this did not miss its effect, after 18 minutes Russia had produced the compensation with an increase in defense (10:10). Exceptional for the high power wear at the German team in the past few days Stand playmaker Philipp Weber, the Magdeburg succeeded in the first section in six try only one goal.

But the mistakes piled up shortly before the side change, especially with the Russians, which utilizes the DHB selection ice-cold. From 12:12 Gílson’s protégés sat down to 16:12 until the break. Captain Johannes Golda (five goals in experiments) was in addition to his sacrificing work in the defense also in attack a success guarantor.

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The much better start after the side change caught Russia, which set with a 3: 0 run at 15:16. The DHB team left several free throws lightly. But even from this heavy phase, Germany pulled out, with the seventh gate of an outer position Viewer achieved the 18:15.

Kosorotov meets and meets

The German game remained one with wave movements, which is why Russia could compensate for his throwing half link Sergei Mark Kosorotov and its seventh goal (21:21, 43.). On both sides, the discussions with the impartial Ivan Pavicevic and Milos Anatomic from Montenegro, which did not find a clear line for themselves.

For the final quarter, Gílson once again brought a new impetus in the goal with bitter. At the stand of 26:25, the Russians in the 51st minute went for the first time in the lead. The degrees in the German attack were always well-prepared. Aleksandr Markov (6/6) was not captured on the Russian circle. Nevertheless, a heartbeat fighter took place in which the DHB selection played the last 38 seconds in excess and possession of the ball.

And the final point Gílson’s team put a spectacular manner: in a break on the right, Lukas found in a Kemp Pass Viewer, which made the 30: 29 final score from the left outside.

The completion of the German team, which Russia has overhauled by victory, is not fixed yet, as it also depends on the last games of the main round group I. The fifth place from the EM 2020 the DHB team will definitely not be able to hold.