With a three-star rain, the Golden State Warriors have become fourth victory in a row. At 124: 115 victory against Minnesota, Klay Thompson shows the best game since his comeback, Stephen Curry frees from his slump and golden state sunk 21 threesome.

Golden State Warriors (36-13) – Minnesota Timberwolves (24-24) 124: 115 (Boxscore)

The Splash Brothers made her nickname all honor, Stephen Curry shot with 29 points and 6 threes (a total of 10/20 fg and 6/10 threesome) from his deep, with just in half-time 1 not everything ran at the chef. Nevertheless, his best shooting evening was at the end since December 23, 2021. Klay Thompson also joined a season high of 23 points at 5/9 of Downtown.

The duo was not set up al1. Andrew Wiggins wanted to justify his appeal to the all-star starter and welded himself five triples through the Reuse (19 points, good defense), Jordan Poole also came to 19 meters. As a team, Golden State 21/36 saw off the distance (58.3 percent).

That was the crucial difference, with the Wolves barely gathered from threery (10/44, 22.7 percent). Although Karl-Anthony Towns (31, 12 Rebounds and 6 Assists at 12/22 FG) held his colors with a dominant idea in the first half still on the winning course, but that was not enough. Anthony Edwards (27, 2/11 threesome) had a long time problems. D’Angelo Russell could no longer participate due to a shin impellation in the fourth quarter.

Several Warrior’s turnover fueled an 8-0 start of the Wolves, but the game was turned quickly. Golden State laid out the distance really well, in the first quarter, the entrance wheels 7 of their 9 experiments from the Dreierland sinked. Thompson and Wiggins brought the Warriors in front and even at Curry it ran with the disinrulation. Nevertheless, it was balanced in the second section (29:29).

Warriors sink brave wolves after the side change

Why? The Wolves addressed a lot of damage in the zone and at the free-fired line. This continued in the second quarter, Golden State had no answer to the dominant Towns in particular. The Center brought the already decimated Warriors-FrontCourt – Draymond Green (back) continues to lack in foul problems and at half time at 23 points. The good Warriors-Bank, however, stopped, so Minnesota was only slightly in front for break (61:57).

Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson Combine For 11 Threes in Warriors Win | Jan. 27, 2022
After the side change, however, only the dubs played first. Twice Klay, then Wiggins from Downtown, followed by an acrobatic curry-and-one plus another triple on top of that made a 15: 4-start in the third round perfect. Golden State was hot again from the distance, the seventh threesome of the neighborhood set shortly before the siren on +14. The section went to the Warriors at 38:20.

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But this was not a preliminary decision yet. Minnesota made it exciting with a 10-0 run and stayed until the middle of the fourth neighborhood in a beat distance, also because Edwards now woke up (19 in the fourth quarter). However, when the Wolves were heading for 5 meters, Curry and Thompson responded with the next three. The final spot set a minute before the end again curry, of course again from downtown. The three-firework of the dubs was ultimately too much for the end brave Wolves.