The list of enemies and materials of Genshin Impact is growing with each new nation. In the pile, you can find an inactivated mushroom core, sleeping mushroom core and a strong mushroom core to improve various weapons and characters. Read tips on how to collect these materials as quickly as possible.

Где найти инактивированное грибковое ядро, спящее грибковое ядро и крепкое грибковое ядро в Genshin Impact

The enemies of the Gribes drop inactivated mushroom nuclei, sleeping mushroom nuclei and durable mushroom nuclei in Genshin Impact. Fortunately, there are a lot of them all over the manner. They, as a rule, are very common in the south Apam Woods and to the west of Vanaran . You can also fight them in wealth flower as well as Flowering of Revelation Food of power lines in the stove. Enemies fighting through the exposure of power lines have a higher chance of falling out materials for ascension than the enemies that you face in the open world.

enemies, from which an inactivated fungal core falls, a sleeping fungal core and a strong fungal core in Genshin Impact

There are ten different varieties of fungal enemies, from which inactivated fungal nuclei, sleeping fungal nuclei and strong fungal nuclei fall out:

  • Floating hydrogryb
  • Floating dendrogrib
  • Rotating electrogrib
  • Spinning cryogrib
  • Elastic Pirogrib
  • Elastic fungus Anemo
  • Elastic geogrib


  • Grounded hydrogryb
  • Winged dendrogrib
  • Winged cryogrib

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