The upcoming remake gives an overview of the core mechanics of the game.

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While final Fantasy 7 Remake It should not be forgotten that this is not the only remake of a classic role-playing game, on which Square Enix is ​​currently working. Prugations by Mana, the 1995 title of 1995, has appeared in less than two months, and recently Square has published a new gameplay trailer for it.

With several playable characters and an action-based real-time combat system Prüfungen of Mana follows a similar game structure like the game on which it is based. The new gameplay trailer shows some of the most important gameplay aspects of the upcoming remakes and shows different characters as they beat and work in the fight and work, their skills and much more. Short classes, chain skills and other mechanics – how the day / night cycle affects the skills in combat – also get a brief overview. Take a look at it all down.

Prüfungen of Mana is scheduled for the PS4, the Nintendo Switch and the PC on April 24th.

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