The broadcasting fee is due four times a year. Payment reminders are no longer available.

Dortmund – The deadlines of broadcasting contributions should have a better view of consumers during the year than usual. Who does not pay in time for ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio, otherwise needs to expect high penalties. Because regular calls will no longer exist in the future, White year *.

broadcasting contributions: Which consumers are affected by the dunning fees

Each German budget must plan € 18.36 per month for public service broadcasters. The payment is usually only four times a year – each at the middle of the quarter. Contributions can decide for themselves whether they have the broadcasting contribution by direct debit or transferring personally.

So far, there were regular memories for the persons who have not sent the money in time, but this luxury should be abolished according to *. Instead, there is only one invitation to transfer the money in time – otherwise it will be expensive. The dunning fees can not be waiting for a long time after the appeal.

How to Stop Paying Broadcast TV Fees Forever

Broadcasting contributions: Therefore, a regular payment reminder is omitted

The change has several reasons: By eliminating the permanent payment memories, the company saves the shipping costs of the letters, and the administration is relieved (more service news * at year).

In other areas, a one-time request has long been the rule for a long time. With the broadcasting contributions, it is now also possible during the year that customers only receive a request. For persons who do not pay the amount then it will be expensive.

Broadcasting: So expensive the dunning fees should be with missed deadlines

Because customers have to expect juicy dunning fees if they do not transfer the money to the data due. These are usually on 15 February, May 15, August 15 and November 15th.

If the broadcast amount is not paid in due time within four weeks, consumers receive a notice of payment. This requires a late payment surcharge of one percent of the backward contributors, which is at least eight euros.

After the Federal Constitutional Court decided until last year that the broadcasting contributions may be increased *, it can be even more expensive for some consumers.

Broadcasting contributions: How consumer reminder fees can easily handle

In order to not pay a late payment surcharge, direct debit procedures can be used. These ensure that the money is deducted from the account in good time and are therefore more convenient for users.

The completion of transfers is eliminated and it is excluded that payments are overlooked or false transfers are made. According to, however, some people are freed from paying broadcasting contributions . _ year and are part of the editorial network of Stip.Media._

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