With the World Cup in Qatar 2022 around the corner, many football passionate cannot wait to start this celebration with the already classic Panini print album. However, this year it has been more complicated than thought, since the inflation that is lived in Mexico and in Latin America has caused an increase in price that could prevent many from completing their collection.

Specifically, it is said that in Mexico and Argentina the situation that collectors lived has been complicated a lot due to a substantial increase in the album and in the Panini prints. According to expansion, in Argentina there has been an increase of 1000% in the prices of these products , as well as a shortage in newspapers.

Here it has been mentioned that the Russian envelope we saw in 2018 was only $ 15 Argentine pesos, while the Qatar edition is worth $ 150 Argentine pesos . Similarly, the album of four years was worth $ 50 Argentine pesos, while today it is available in $ 650 Argentine pesos. As if that were not enough, it has been mentioned that the sale of these products in the classic newspapers has ceased, since Panini has given greater weight to large branches in places and shopping centers.

For its part, in Mexico the situation has also been complicated accordingly. In our country, the Starter Pack, which includes a hard pasta album and a package with a thousand prints, could be purchased for only $ 1,400 pesos in 2018. However, today, this same product is available at $ 2,121 pesos, that is, we saw an increase of 51%. These are products prices:

-A album with hard paste costs $ 247 pesos.

-Moved Pasta Album: $ 89 pesos

-A on with five prints it costs $ 18 pesos.

-He with 104 envelopes: $ 1,872 pesos

-Ecoblister with 10 envelopes: $ 179 pesos

-How soft paste album with two envelopes: $ 59 pesos

Considering that Qatar album requires 670 prints to complete it, you better have your savings ready to spend much of your money in this collection. The Panini album is already available in Argentina, but will be on sale in Mexico and part of Latin America until September 7 . In related issues, you can learn more about Panini here.