Tom Holland returns to dominate the box office, this time performing the iconic adventurous video game Nathan Drake in the Sony live action movie. Inexplate movie. Holland Drake joins Sully by Mark Wahlberg, which makes it a couple of younger characters than the game franchise players could be accustomed. After your adventure, the characters appear in a scene at the end of the credits that seem to pave the way for another story, one with which the players will undoubtedly be familiar.

Uncharted Movie Post-Credits Scene Explained | Spoilers
_Adventure: This article contains important Uncharted spoilers! Continue reading at your own risk… _

At the post-credits scene, Nathan is seen talking to a mercenary named Gage, who reveals that he is working for Gabriel Roman, the villain from the beginning. Inexplate game. Nathan is going to change his Drake ring for a Nazi map that will help him find a treasure, but Gage betrays him. Fortunately, Sully returns to save the day, this time wearing the mustache for which he became known in the games. This scene not only establishes the relationship between Nathan and Sully that we know about the games (including the classic aspect of Sully), but also suggests that a sequel could follow the story of uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, who has the couple tracking the city of the lot. of Eldorado.

Director Ruben Fleischer recently spoke about this fundamental scene after the credits and said that the most important reason for his inclusion was to promote the relationship between Drake and Sully.

“It was very important for me that the audience knew that the film before the credits was not the end of Nate and Sully’s story, and that they would continue with their friendship, their association, in more adventures.” Fleischer said ew. “It was really exciting for me to film that scene and let the audience know that, hopefully, it would not be the last time they would listen to these two and that they would be in search of other treasures somewhere else in the future.” way.”

The filmmaker continued to say that giving a mustache to Wahlberg in that final scene contributed greatly to honoring the character’s legacy, the future of him on the screen and the fans who have been following history for years.

“The mustache was a true wink to fanatics who have certain expectations about how Victor Sullivan looks,” Fleischer added. “We wanted to make sure that they knew that those expectations would be fulfilled.”

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