Subnautica is a great game that allows players to explore a submarine world filled with dangerous beasts and attractive secrets. And although the game is undoubtedly fun to play, there are mods available that make it even better. Here are the best subnautica mods in 2022 You can not live without.

More quick locations

Best Subnautica Mods

You have a lot of freedom and options to do what you want in subnautica. It is therefore strange that the game only gives you six quick locations to play, especially when you can gather nearly 10 usable tools.

This mod allows you to increase the number of fast locations up to 12 more useful, each with a shortcut label to facilitate the distinction of the rest.

It’s a relatively small change but seriously releases the time you usually spend looking for an article, and it’s certainly one of the best subnautica mods.

Resource Monitor

Best Subnautica Mods in 2022

Subnautica is a question of resources and use them to get more resources to make more things, etc. The MOD Resource Monitor is an absolute life buoy, giving you a quick overview of all the resources you have on a fashionable screen.

This is a new basic object in the game that, once placed, will display all the objects kept in your lockers in your base or on your cyclone.

You can even take objects on the monitor who then takes objects in the respective lockers. In other words, it becomes your one-stop shop for all that concerns materials!

In addition, the mod allows you to place a large or small screen for the resource monitor, so you can get the right for your base.

basic clocks

Best Subnautica Mods

Often, these are the smallest mods that make the most difference.

This is absolutely the case with the Mod base Clocks, one of our best subnautica mods, which adds two new elements to build to the habitat builder.

In normal time mode, a clock will display the time of the game, and in System Time mode, it will display your current system time.

It requires Mods and Modding Helper to work, so be sure to install them before adding the clock base mod.

Nitro multiplayer mod

Best Subnautica Mods in 2022

It can feel alone after spending so much time underwater. That’s why it’s a good thing that Nitro multiplayer mod has conjured the solitary blues. It’s a bit limited in its current form, but it does the job to show your base and do some basic exploration with a friend.

The mod is much more stable than it was during its initial exit, but it can still be a little buggy. It’s still a small price to pay to show your incredible underwater base to your friends!

Access to shrimp upgrade

Best Subnautica Mods

The Prawn combination in subnautica is a biped mechanical walker designed for use in extreme pressure environments and zero gravity.

It allows players to move quickly on the seabed and comes with its own tag.

The combination includes a variety of interchangeable arm tools, grapple drills.

Usually, the player must exit the vehicle to perform upgrades and exchange arms, which may be painful given the frequency you tend to pass between the drill and grapple tools.

With this mod, players can change the improvements and shrimp weapons while driving the shrimp combination, saving a lot of time.

By pressing location 1 or 2, the upgrade PDA will be displayed.


Best Subnautica Mods in 2022

Another example of small mod that makes the game more enjoyable. This card mod adds a map to the PDA on the Beacon Manager tab, making access much faster, and is one of our choices for the best subnautica mods.

The card opens with the M key and the Ping Manager with N. You can add icons followed à la carte, including those of wrecks, heat and vents, with remote scanning of the card room also available.

There are several types and levels of cards (topographic, biomes, Jellyshroom, Lost River, Inactive Lava Zone, Active Lava Zone), as well as the ability to assign colors to certain areas.

Storage of dock vehicles

Best Subnautica Mods

Inventory management is a large part of subnautica, with the booty of an exploratory race generally removed from the vehicle moored by hand.

This mod adds a new locker that automatically extracts vehicle storage objects when you anchor it in your base or cyclone.

In addition, it adds a vehicle management terminal anchored in the Moon Pool.

It is a huge saving of time that eliminates one of the most obtuse aspects of the game.

vibrating shading

Best Subnautica Mods in 2022

The functional mods are very good, but sometimes you just want to make a more pretty game.

I say more pretty because subnautica is already a very nice game, presenting a rich underwater world with a distinct and light artistic style.

This mod adds even more dynamism to the world, making it even better, and is certainly one of the best subnautical mods in terms of visual improvements.

It can easily be activated or disabled using F10, so it is easy to see if it is a shader you want to use.

Enhanced extraterrestrial confinement

Best Subnautica Mods

Alien Containment is a large cylindrical aquarium that can be filled with captured wildlife or hatched by the player.

It can be used to raise animals from the same species, gradually filling up to 10 animals. Plant life can also be added and can have distinct effects on the inhabitants of the enclosure.

This mod adds a level of depth to extraterrestrial confinement, adding a requirement that specific plants are present in the confinement planter before the eggs can be lasted or hatched.

It also allows players to feed the base using captured am peels contained in extraterrestrial confinement.

Nuanced in difficult mode

Best Subnautica Mods in 2022

Subnautica has a variety of different levels of difficulty available for the player. Survival mode is the normal setting of the game, with very little penalty in case of death.

The hardcore goes even further, limiting resources like food and oxygen, which is equivalent to a much more difficult experience. An excellent way to sit somewhere between the two is to use this mod.

He adds a dark shader to the game, making the exploration more dangerous and obliging the player to use a flashlight.

This adds a frightening sensation to the procedure that radically changes the tone and feeling of the game, making it more foreign and hostile.

Improved Vehicles

Best Subnautica Mods

To move things a little from the midfielder phase, this improved vehicle mod adds some new vehicles to your game to play with.

These are a little more sustainable and some of them even require no upgrade module.

The mod also adds some new items to improve your survival capacity and a better reduction in damage, and is one of the most useful subnautica mods and the best you can download.

Easy Craft

Best Subnautica Mods in 2022

As the name suggests, this mod rations the manufacturing process in subnautica so that you do not have to lose as much time to lose yourself in the menus.

With this mod, you can automatically make objects from a plan, while using ingredients and resources you may have in nearby storage units.

BluePrint tracker

Best Subnautica Mods

This is a very simple quality of life mod that should allow you to find more easily the materials you need to make an object.

All you have to do is pin a plan of the object you want to make, and the game will keep track of other materials or resources you need to complete the manufacturing process. It’s not a lot, but that’s work.

Sort AutomaticiCasiers

Best Subnautica Mods in 2022

Nothing more frustrating than returning to your base, then try to search your storage containers a particular article you need at this moment.

This AutosortLockers mod automatically stores all your garbage in your containers, which will allow you to find much more easily what you are looking for.


Best Subnautica Mods

Another quality of life model, this one allows you to easily repair your vehicles directly from the moon pool!

All you have to do is anchor the vehicle in the moon pool, and the mod will do the rest.

No worries at all.

Access to Sea moth storage

Best Subnautica Mods in 2022

It’s a pretty simple but effective mod.

To give players a greater ease of access to their inventories and make things more practical overall, the mod Seam Storage Access allows you to access Sea moth storage compartments from the Seam-itself, which means that you do not need to go out to interact with them.

Fish overflow distributor

Best Subnautica Mods

If you like fishing in subnautica, you can consider installing this mod for your next game session.

When you raise fish in extraterrestrial confinement, they will be automatically transferred to bioreactors within the same base once the confinement itself will be full.

This will allow the reproduction process to continue without you having to make additional steps.

Decorations module

Best Subnautica Mods in 2022

This mod is for those who love decoration. It adds a manufacturer, which allows you to manufacture new objects for your base.

The following objects can be manufactured:

  • 5 different posters
  • 7 different glass containers
  • 3 different laboratory equipment
  • 3 different laboratory furniture
  • 3 different computers (customizable)
  • 10 different circuit housings
  • 5 different bottles
  • 2 different cups
  • 3 different dishes
  • 7 different office supplies
  • 6 different Leviathan dolls
  • 6 parts of different skeletons
  • 3 different accessories
  • 4 different toys


Best Subnautica Mods

When you have enough of having to get away from enemies who try to hinder your exploration on the high seas, you will then want to use this convenient model Laser Cannon Subnautica.

As the name suggests, this mod adds a new manufacturing module to the Season that can be manufactured from the vehicle upgrade console. Once equipped, players can turn on the laser barrel with the quick access buttons, then press and hold the left mouse button to trigger the chaos of the laser beam underwater.

realistic recipes and increased difficulty

Best Subnautica Mods in 2022

This mod is intended for players who want a bigger challenge in subnautica.

As the title suggests, this mod will adjust the prices of all planes to make them a little more realistic, and will also make the game as a whole more difficult, but also fun in a new way.

Of course, we do not recommend it to newcomers, but veterans might be interested in that.

This does it for our list of the best mods subnautica you absolutely do not continue to play without! Let us know everything we could have missed below.