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Fate 2: Xur today – area as well as deal on May 13th.

In addition, Bungie has actually revealed modifications to the dusty iron banner. A new-age mode is supposed to blow the dust away with fresh wind. For this purpose, a new PvP map will certainly be introduced in the upcoming Season 17, which is situated in Savathun’s world of thr1. Our Destiny-2 writer as well as PvP specialist Christos Tsogos is not certain whether the rejuvenated Rift setting is adequate to quell the PvP players.

What took place in Fate 2 this week? The players are currently fighting a pleasant class struggle in Fate 2.

Obstiny 2 there is an NPC that you have to understand: Xur. Every Friday he flies in on time at 7 p.m. and opens his shop with exotic things.

  • A brand-new mode should save the PvP in Destiny 2 – is that enough?

All details concerning Xur on May 13, 2022 – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia

When does it come xur? Given that xur is very prompt you can expect your arrival every Friday at 7 p.m. Nonetheless, you likewise need to bring materials with you, since the items are low-cost, however not for absolutely nothing.

Where is Xur? This is his camp for the weekend break

The placement of XUR: MeinMMO is on the route of Xur every Friday and also surfing it for you. Today the mysterious dealership is situated in the European fatality area, weary bay. Take a look at the map, the environment-friendly arrowhead notes its precise setting:

XUr supply from May 13th.– 17.05. – All exotics at a look

What is Xur available? Basically is Xur an exotic dealer for tool and armor. All characters, i.e. warlocks, seekers and also titans, can patronize him. Today his offer includes:

tool: Zerberus +1 – automatic rifle for 29 legendary fragments

Titan: Synthozeps – Arm security for 23 legendary fragments

  • Wheelchair: +13
  • Durability: +17
  • Leisure: +3
  • Discipline: +2
  • Intellect: +18
  • Stamina: +10
  • Total amount: 63

Jäger: Graviton-Ließ-helmet for 23 legendary fragments

  • Mobility: +7
  • Resilience: +13
  • Relaxation: +10
  • Technique: +20
  • Intelligence: +2
  • Strength: +11
  • Total: 63

Warlock : Nezarek’s sin – safety helmet for 23 legendary fragments

  • Flexibility: +10

Where is Xur? May 13th-May 16th | Destiny 2 Exotic Vendor Location & Inventory!
* Durability: +3
* Leisure: +19
* Self-control: +20

  • Intelligence: +6
  • Toughness: +2
  • Total: 60

In the new video clip from Nexxoss-Gaming you can take a close check out all products:

Xur additionally sells legendary products and supplies unique rolls for exotics from exotic objectives that are no longer readily available every week.

He presently has these two weapons on offer:

The weapons expense: For these 2 exotics, the prices are 1 ascendent break, 1 exotic code, 125,000 mica as well as 200 legendary fragments.

You always have that with: You always get an exotic engram for 97 legendary fragments from Xur, as well as the once a week mission to obtain an exotic code.

  • The exotic hand gun “Falkenmond” with the perk “homicidal wind”
  • The exotic precursor rifle “narrative of a dead guy” with the perk “movable target”

No trials – make use of the last iron banner of the Period 16

What do you claim to Xur’s offer?
Is it worth it for you this week?
Leave us a comment and also inform us what Xur should definitely offer in his range.

Obstiny 2 there is an NPC that you have to recognize: Xur. The position of XUR: MeinMMO is on the trail of Xur every Friday and searching it for you. – All exotics at a glimpse

These and also other modifications will also can be found in Period 17 for the iron banner. Resolve your tokens by Tuesday, May 17th, at 7 p.m., otherwise they are useless.

** What’s going on with the tests? So you need to use the iron banner as well as go hunting there. Bungie intends to make sure that the two tasks do not terrify each other’s clients.

Why is this note so crucial? In the past, Bungie has actually offered several NPC sellers a brand-new phone call ranking system to use players much more straight ways to use their loot. As opposed to accumulating tasks token, you will automatically level in the future and therefore obtain your track record for playing the respective playlist.

Because it is the last iron banner and a beverage of the event is due in the upcoming period 17, you need to all your shelter iron banner token up until May 17th. redeem at Lord Saladin.

What is Xur on deal? Generally is Xur an exotic dealer for weapon as well as armor.

The best healers in dyslit

Who is the BEST Healer in Cookie Run Kingdom? (GUIDE)
You will need to create a strong and balanced team if you want to succeed in Dislyte. An important member of any detachment of Esper is your healer. Dislyte has eleven healers, and although everyone has their own application, some are better than others. We have listed all the healers in Dislyte and their ratings below.

All healers in Dislyte

which healer should I use in Dislyte?

The choice between the doctors can be quite complicated, but some obvious options overshadow the rest. The best healer in Dislyte is Sally , which is a character that you must unlock and improve. But if you do not have Sally, there are other options.

Other options for a good healer would be th Sukhua , factory and Clara . Finally, Heng Yue and Chan Pu – excellent options for doctors at the beginning and middle of the game, but in the end you should strive to replace them with one of the best healers in Dislyte.

It should be noted that Dislyte has several game modes, characters and synergies. This means that one healer can achieve more success in certain situations compared to another. For this reason, we recommend that you have several detachments or create your own team corresponding to a certain game mode.

You can also have several healers in your detachment, although we recommend limiting your support only by two members. It can also be better to have an appointed doctor and one support of support, which specializes in buffs.

To get additional information about Dislyte, read the Dislyte Tips and Tricks sections – Guide for Beginners and How to Reroll in Dislyte On Pro Guides.

All Battle Royale cards in turn for Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors

APEX Legends Season 13: Saviors adheres to the rotation of three cards for the Battle Royale mode, and the choice this season is better than last season. While updating the card for Storm Point is not so impressive, and one week only of this card can be exhausting for some, two other cards in rotation are two favorites of fans: Olympus and World’s Edge. Yes, this means that Kings-canon occupies the queue in the storehouse of the 13th season. Let’s look closer.

Season 13: Royal Battle of Savior Royal Battle of Savior

* monstrous storm point
Presented: Season 11: Escape

Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors Patch Notes Full
Last major update: season 13: Savior
The devastated edge of the world *
Presented: season 3: melt
Last major update: season 10: appearance
Saboted Olympus *
Presented: Season 7: Ascension
Last major update: season 11: “Escape”

cards with arches (not in rotation)

* Destroyed Kings-Cannon
Presented: preliminary launch

Last major update: season 8: Mayhem

These rotations can be circumvented for special events or modes with limited time, but for the most part it will be three cards in the game for Battle Royale Trios and Duos.

To find out more about Apex Legends, visit Mastrous Storm Point – all new points of interest (POI) Apex Legends in professional game guidelines.

Resident Evil Re: Verse: Sign of Life of the Multiplayer

In 2021, Capcom announced that Resident Evil Re: verses should not be part of Resident Evil Village until 2022. Then it became quiet around the multiplayer offshoot, but now there is a sign of life.

As the colleagues from Gematsu found out, a new rating for the Stadia version of Resident Evil Re: Verses appeared on the Pan European Game Information Site (PEGI). The supposed (and already missed) release on May 7, 2022 for the Stadia version serves as with the versions for PC, PS4 and Xbox One there only as a placeholder. So it remains to be seen whether a final release date for Resident Evil Re: Verse may be announced in the next few days.

In Resident Evil Re: Verses, the characters known from Resident Evil are supposed to fight against other players in Deathmatches; The maximum number of participants is four to six.

Resident Evil Re: Verse | Resolvendo o problema do directx12 em PC fraco (Low SPEC PC)
Capcom to the product: _ “To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, popular Resident Evil characters and biowafe in the multiplayer experience Resident Evil Re: Verses will come together.. Once met fatally, the character will return to the game as a organic monkey and players can practice revenge. While the rounds can be collected. Return. The multiplayer experience Resident Evil Re: Verse is free for owners of Resident Evil Village and appears for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC. Owner of a version of Resident Evil Village for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X | S can be via the Downward compatibility access the game. “_

BVB – News and rumors: Rose becomes clear when it comes to Moukoko

BVB head coach Marco Rose has found clear words for media dealing with Youssoufa Moukoko. Rose also commented on his future at Dortmund. Fredi Bobic, manager of Hertha BSC, has announced that the Berliners will legally check Marcel Lotka’s transfer to BVB. The news and rumors about Borussia can be found here.

Click here for the news and rumors of the previous day.

BVB, News: Rose takes Moukoko under protection

Rose beschützt Moukoko und sieht seine Zukunft beim BVB | SPORT1 - DER TAG

At the press conference after BVB’s 3-1 win against Greuther Fürth, Marco Rose found clear words about the reporting on the young striker. “Do you actually know how old is it? It is 17. There are still children in normal people who are not in high -performance sport. And then it is written: ‘The crash of the Youssoufa Moukoko.’ – I don’t know how I would have been with 17, I would have had to read something about myself, “said Rose.

“What I want is that you let the boy be 17 and leave the church in the village somewhere and do not put up additional pressure,” the Dortmund coach continued.

Rose also explained that he hoped to continue working with Moukoko at BVB. The bild reported on Saturday that Dortmund would be willing to hand over the youngster in summer if you can secure a buyback option.

BVB, News: Rose comments on its future

Before the game against Greuther Fürth, Sebastian Kehl, head of the BVB license area, said when asked whether Rose is also a BVB coach in the coming season: “I will assume this today.”

When Rose was confronted with this statement on the Sky microphone, the BVB coach found clear words. “What should I tell you? You are trying to conjure up something out of some things. Aki Watzke, Michael Zorc, Sebastian Kehl and I, we work relatively trustingly – not relatively, but very trusting. There are people who say that I am not the right 1. And there are many people who say that the circumstances were difficult. You rarely take it up, “said Rose.

In addition, Rose made it clear: I am Borussia Dortmund’s coach next season and I look forward to it because I have a very good relationship with my team and want to get something on the way here! It’s football. You can lose two games and are already g1. That’s why I am doing it relaxed. “

Twelve seconds!? These are the fastest BVB place references

BVB, News – Bobic about Lotka: “Legal Ding”

Goalkeeper Marcel Lotka from Hertha BSC is moving free from Hertha BSC to BVB for the new season. Most recently, the kicker reported that his current employer only learned from the transfer via BVB.

The Hertha now wants to legally proceed against Dortmund and undo Lotka’s transfer. “This will now be a legal thing. We want to discuss it in peace if everything is over,” said Hertha manager Fredi Bobic. “He also signed a contract in Dortmund.”

According to the bild – newspaper, the contract of the 20-year-old, who would actually have moved from Berlin to the second team of BVB in the coming summer, was extended again by Hertha.

This was made possible by a clause that gave the Berliners the opportunity to expand the keeper’s contract for another year before April 30th. According to bild -Infos, BVB is said to have never learned about this clause. Now the case will apparently be clarified in court

Articles and videos on the topic
* Streich bursts because of Var the collar
* Adeyemi to BVB shortly before completion?
* The Bundesliga on Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on DAZN – register now!

BVB: The last game of the season

Date Competition Opponent
Saturday, May 14th, 3:30 p.m. Bundesliga Hertha BSC (home)

Game performance AMD RX 6950 XT, RX 6750 XT and RX 6650 XT

Colleagues from WCCFTECH published a leak with game tests of upcoming video cards AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT, RX 6750 XT and RX 6650 XT. All tests were carried out with the AMD Ryzen 7 5800x3D processor on the motherboard with a X570 chipset and with the AMD SAM and Resizable Bar on the included. Let’s start with the new flagship:

RX 6950 XT VS RX 6900 XT * = novelty 4% faster.
RX 6950 XT VS RTX 3090 * = Radeon 11% faster.

AMD Radeon RX 6X50XT Gaming Performance Leaked!!! 6950XT vs 3090, 6750XT vs 3070, 6650XT vs 3060

Ray tracing was tested in games with optimization of work for AMD video cards.

But the testing of the RX 6750 XT and its comparison with RX 6700 XT and RTX 3070.

RX 6750 XT VS RX 6700 XT * = novelty 7% faster.
RX 6750 XT VS RTX 3070 * = Radeon 2% faster.

And similar results for RX 6650 XT vs RX 6600 XT and RTX 3060.

RX 6750 XT VS RX 6700 XT * = novelty 7% faster.
RX 6750 XT VS RTX 3070 * = Radeon 2% faster.

New items should go on sale on May 10, and we wrote about their prices earlier.

Tree of Savior M, the 2nd CBT from May 31st

The second CBT news was released along with the development of the new MMORPG ‘Tree of Savior M’ by IMC Games (CEO Kim Hak -kyu).


IMC Games’ mobile MMORPG ‘Tree of Savior M’ previously conducted a private beta test for domestic users in December last year, and has completed a significant visual and game upgrade after the first test..

In addition, the test showed a unique graphic, cool blow, and a variety of classes that were well -received in the PC version of Tree of Savior. After the test schedule was terminated, the test server was operated in the form of a laboratory, and the participants collected improvements to disclose the developer’s notes and reflect them.

Representative Kim Hak -kyu said, “We went beyond the graphics of the PC version, which was originally the development goal of ‘Tree of Savior M’, and conducted a remastered work throughout the graphics and planning to meet the higher expectations of users. In the second close beta test, we expect to show the action of graphics and cool operation that is significantly higher than in the first test. ”

The CBT 2nd test will be held for 7 days from May 31 to June 6, and the application for participation is from today (May 6) to May 30th through the Naver Game Lounge or Test Participation Application page. It is possible. In addition, the number of people who participated in the first test will automatically be eligible to participate in this test without any application.

Preview on the development and upgraded contents of the development of ‘Tree of Savior M’ can be found on the official Naver game lounge and YouTube channel of ‘Tree of Savior M’.

Where to find imperial attack aircraft in Fortnite, Chapter 3, Season 2: All places of the appearance of attack aircraft

The celebration of Star Wars in Fortnite finally began. As part of these celebrations, you need to complete several quests. However, some of these quests include communication with NPC-shitty on the island. There are only three places where these imperial attack aircraft appear. This is where you can find them.

The location of the imperial attack aircraft Fortnite

As mentioned earlier, there are three places where these imperial attack aircraft appear. These places are as follows:

  • On the road leading north from Koni-Crossrog.
  • On the northern road leading from a fat grove.
  • To the southeast of The Joneses.

The map above will help you easily find these imperial attack aircraft. These NPCs sell epochal blader rifle E11 for 100 gold . They also offer a reward for killing an accidental enemy player. As soon as you complete the award, you will receive 75 gold . At the same time, the Missions of Star Wars will be available within 12 days. And for each completed mission associated with the Star Wars, you will be rewarded XP. So what are you waiting for, Looper? Find imperial attack aircraft and fight the threat of IO. Good luck!

Fortnite Complete the Star Wars May the 4th Quests Challenges Guide - Chapter 3 Season 2
To find out more about Fortnite, read the section “How to disable a tank, firing at the engine” in Fortnite and other games for professionals.

Xbox: Microsoft draws the Deep Pink controller, we know how much it costs

So I got a controller from Xbox Design Lab...

Microsoft continues to decline the controller from its X -| | S Xbox Series with, today, the enthronement of the Deep Pink model.
This is indeed what the American manufacturer announces via Twitter, specifying that the object is currently available for sale only in the United States at a price of $ 64.99.
We could review all the variations that the Redmond firm has drawn up since the release of its two consoles, but we will linger only on the latest, namely that designed with Gordon Nicolson – The famous creator of Kilts based
in Edinburgh – as part of a competition.

For the moment, we do not know when the Deep Pink controller will land in our regions.

1. FC Heidenheim fetches Tim Köther from Düsseldorf

When the Fortuna was only able to fall back on a fuselage squad in mid-March due to 14 Corona cases, the hour suddenly hit Köther. Even without any commitment before, he found himself once in the starting line -up against Paderborn and even contributed an assist in 1-1.

F95-Highlights | 1. FC Heidenheim vs. Fortuna Düsseldorf 1:3 | Klassenerhalt eingetütet

“Trust the jump with us”

However, the debut remained in the debut, and another commitment in the professional team has not followed since then – and now the paths are separating at the end of the season. Köther is drawn to Brenz to 1. FC Heidenheim, who sees “still a lot of potential” in the left wing, as the CEO Holger Sanwald is cited on the club website. Köther is “at a very development -capable age. That is why we trust him to make the league in the 2nd league.”

Köther switched from Aachen to Fortuna in 2019 and has scored six goals in 29 games in the Regionalliga West this season. There and in his second division debut, he “sustainably noticed with strong performance with strong performance,” said Sanwald. The wing player signed a three -year contract by 2025 for the Heidenheimers. It does not cost a transfer: his contract with F95 ends this summer.

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