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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Milla Jovovich sneak into the new World of Tanks Christm event


One more year, World of Tanks, the popular war strategy video game and tank simulation, welcomes its Christm event, traditionally, presented by old glories of Hollywood action cinema. And on this occion, the good of Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator, predator, Conan) repeats prominence with the new signing: Mill Jovanovich (Saga Resident Evil, Monster Hunter). All this through a new and crazy real-acting trailer that you can see about these lines-with dubbing in Latin Spanish-to present the imminent novelties in the three versions of the game through the so-called 2023 festive operations.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mill Jovanovich in World of Tanks

We will have twice much fun this year, commanders! Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mill Jovanovich return the festive spirit to their snowy villages and show that even an almost ruined Christm Eve can be saved with kindness, friendship and a pinch of magic. Since December 2, festive operations return to World of Tanks with hundreds of gifts, missions and challenges of Arnold and Mill, and the expected festive atmosphere. So prepare and celebrate together!, We can read in the official description of this event trailer.

Among the main novelties we find exclusive customization elements of Arnold and Mile for completing missions and challenges in World of Tanks for PC from December 1, 2022, to January 9, 2023. On the other hand, in World of Tanks Modern Armor the players will have that joining one of the two teams led by both stars and participating in the challenges of festive operations, with exclusive cosmetic awards from December 13, 2022, to January 2, 2023.

Finally, in World of Tanks Blitz we will have to win battles to obtain cosmetic awards and other articles and extr bed on both stars, in addition to complying with the complete calendar of festive operations from December 17 to December 27, 2022. Let them begin The most festive and cual tanks battles of the year!

#MyGamemyName2022, against macho harsment in eSports

How bad are women in video games, pussy, Woman, go to the kitchen, Whing machine. These are some insults collected during the experiment that is part of the #MyGamemyName campaign, with which Movistar denounces the macho harsment suffered by women in the field of eSports. Lt 2019 Movistar had launched a first edition of this campaign and, four years later, evaluates how the situation h advanced. In Meditation we attend the presentation of the event and a round table in which participants tell their experience. On the occion of the 25 N, in which ads on sexist violence cause a stir and at an era marked by unfortunate episodes in the industry, initiatives that seek to create a healthier space for players are necessary.

for being a woman

MYGAMYNAME It h the participation of professional players and content creators recognized in the industry, such Jen Herman, Gemini, Very Soldier, Leviathan, Lauri ta Chew and August Susana, who share their experiences on the bitter side of the multiplayer games. The campaign is presented through a press conference conducted by Clara Estrada Laura Nogales Mold, producer of the initiative, and with the testimony of Leviathan, Lauri ta Chicle, August Susana, Eider Díaz, Ago Manuela Goes, Laura Guest Can and Rachelxgin.

It is true that they insult everyone, but the insults aimed at boys go from their game ability, while those who receive us are for being a woman, says Leviathan, creator of content specialized in Valorant. In the same video we appreciate how in games of maximum two hours all the players found insults that seek to degrade them women. From playing stereotypes like Go to the kitchen or Make me a sandwich (traced of Anglo-Saxon culture) to Eat the cock, slut.

Goes, along with other male participants, sat side by side with companions to witness what w the development of a multiplayer game if you carry a female avatar or nick, and in effect it w not costing him to find delectable attitudes. Streamer considers that it is important that men reject misogynistic attitudes. Jen Herman in the video also talks about the responsibility of the content creator and that, being a reference, our online behavior influences our audience.

Don’t let them win

When we start playing it is because we want to spend a pleant and funny time, and find a hostile environment makes us rethink to live that experience. I believe that we have all gone through that time when we have ended up closing the game and not wanting to open it again, and many will have stopped playing for these bad experiences, shares a little gait. Jen Herman points out that she no longer plays competitive titles Online, unless it is an organized game among friends. Lauri ta Chicle recommends silencing the chat to avoid uncaught comments and thus avoid unknown to ruin the day, although this is not the definitive solution to the background problem.

Eider Díaz, head of Communication at Movistar Riders, highlights how education is the bis for building a more egalitarian society. These insults are a symptom of an environment in which education fails, and this is not only the responsibility of the educational center, but also of parents. Laura Cues ta, specialist in digital education, emphizes that video games are not guilty of these attitudes. Behind someone who fosters online harsment there is someone with a very poor self-esteem and a series of shortcomings. It also costs parents to supervise their children when they connect to play.

a slow, but positive change

But what h changed between My Game My Name of 2019 and 2022? The insults are the same, says Mold. But there is an evolution that now women are more visible, others are encouraged to play and no longer hide behind neutral or male nicknames. The Creator of Content Very Soldier states that he feels that women like her have raided the way to other new ones and how it is important to be a reference that encourages to create a more positive environment. On the other hand, Leviathan denounces the complicit role of the clsmates who, when witnessing a macho behavior, decide to shut up instead of supporting the sault or taking meures against the aggressor. Eider emphizes that it is not the same responsibility that of the aggressor that of the accomplice, although we must be aware of our role when rejecting certain attitudes frontally.


In My Game My Name we attend a known story again, that of players who know that the online environment is not always the most cozy, when the video game should join. Mold also highlights with penalty that there are players who have not wanted to participate for fear of reprisals by their audience, and fear even losing job opportunities. August Susana h sured that whenever he talks about feminism, he loses followers, although he sees it a cleanliness, because I don’t want those people to follow me. Leviathan is firm and ensures that she didn’t want to work with brands that would not want to work with her.

We move slowly, but towards a correct direction. My Game My Name not only will report, but to transmit a hopeful message. Women like Very Soldier, Jen Herman, Leviathan, August Susana, Gemini and many others have become referents of electronic sport. All agree that it is essential to report and make visible macho behaviors, and take care of mental health itself and, above all, not succumb to misogynist pressure and not abandon our space.

How to get strength in scarlet and purple Pokemon

Throughout Pokémon’s previous games, the force has been an important HM and an ability to help break barriers, solve riddles, discover new Pokémon and reach new destinations in the region where your adventure develops. These skills work a bit differently in scarlet and purple Pokémon, so follow everything you need to know how to get strength in scarlet and purple Pokémon.

How to get strength in scarlet and purple Pokémon

Taking a new rotation in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, Strength is no longer a movement that should be taught through HM. Instead, force does not appear in scarlet and purple Pokémon at all. This is because, as an open world title, the need to navigate the world through HM movements has been completely ruled out and, on the other hand, has been replaced with the movement skills of Portion and Myrmidon. The closest thing to force in pokémon Scarlet and Purple would be the ability to climb Portion/Myrmidon walls, which allows them to get hooked and climb vertical surfaces.


Image Source: The Pokémon Company

Where to get Wall Climb in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

To receive the Wall Climb function, you must overcome all the Titan Dens and collect the corresponding variants of Herbs Mystic together with Arden. With each mystical herb that I collect, Arden will prepare a sandwich to eat Portion/Myrmidon, and in making him slowly restore his skills to use the functions to run, jump, slide and swim, one by 1. Unfortunately, Wall Climb is the last ability to which Portion/Myrmidon will recover access, but if you spend time and focus exclusively on the path of legends route, you should be able to resume this at a decent stage of the game.

How to use the scalar wall function in scarlet and purple Pokémon

Once you come to each titan and feeds to Portion / Myrmidon with the five variants of Herbs Mystic, you can climb walls in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. To do this, simply jump on a vertical surface and hold button B to get hooked. Once Portion/Myrmidon has control over the surface, you can use the left joystick to move and climb the surface. If you do, it allows you to easily access specific areas of the Pale region, and can significantly reduce travel time from one place to another.

Image Source: The Pokémon Company

That is all you need to know how to get strength in scarlet and purple Pokémon. To get more content to help you on your trip through the Pale region, see our variety of issues. We have covered many game guides, lists and information that can help you in the game, like all the new Pokémon Gen 9, all the Team Star Boss and where to find Shiny Stones.

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Does Jennette McCurdy have a twin in real life? Answered


You are probably here because you saw a certain episode of Carly or Sam & Cat that left you confused and asking you. If Jeanette McCurdy has a twin in real life. We have you covered!

Does Jeanette McCurdy have a twin sister?

The answer is no. It is an honest mistake to think that the American actress has a twin sister, since Sam Puckett, the character she plays in Icy and Sam & Cat, has a twin named Melanie. Melanie appeared in the Twins episode (Season 2, Episode 23) of Carly and in the #TwinFection Episode (Season 1, Episode 18) of Sam & Cat. However, Melanie is interpreted by the very Jeanette McCurdy.

In real life, McCurdy has three older brothers but no twin sister. In the end, everything was camera tricks and fiction magic. Congratulations to Nickelodeon!

After working for more than seven years with Nickelodeon in Carly (2007-2012) and Sam & Cat (2013-2014), the actress left the chain. In his 2022 memoirs I am glad that my mother died, Jeanette McCurdy addresses the struggles she faced while she was a children’s star. He has moved away from the performance and has made a race writing and directing short films while also presents a podcast.

This is all you need to know about whether Jeanette McCurdy has a twin in real life. Be sure to consult our other entertainment content in to find out how Don Congress died in Sponsor Square pants and if Avatar: The Last Air bender is an anime.

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Just Dance 2023 The video game is available, here is the final trailer and the list of 40 songs

Another collaboration, which worries a little more France, understands that Dina, the YouTuber who made Just dance her way of life, and who shared a number of programs along with the members of Games, Likewise an appearance in the video game. To finish, here is the complete list of 40 brand-new tunes prepared for launching the game.

We have actually known it given that the start of the school year, the new Simply Dance, Cover 2023, extremely to disregard old generation consoles. Link gamers from around the world, this is the new currency of this simply dance 2023, with possible interactions through emotes and other socialization tips.

Of course, the regional multiplayer is always available for the next Christmas nights to stay warm. Simply Dance 2023 will also use a new interface we are informed, with vibrant and more immersive 3D environments. You simply need to have a look at the trailer that accompanies the news to keep in mind that development has actually been made in regard to staging. Changes had currently been made in the previous years, however we feel a good progression this year. That’s not all, a brand-new artistic direction is introduced with this Simply Dance 2023 which will also have a better AI to use recommendations more in line with the gamer’s musical tastes.


If you Want na Party by The Simply Dancers

Just Dance 2023 will likewise use a brand-new user interface we are told, with vibrant and more immersive 3D environments. That’s not all, a new artistic direction is presented with this Simply Dance 2023 which will also have a better AI to offer recommendations more in line with the gamer’s musical tastes.

We have actually understood it considering that the start of the school year, the brand-new Simply Dance, Cover 2023, extremely to disregard old generation consoles. It must be stated that Ubisoft has aspirations for its franchise which becomes a dance platform on demand which will be frequently updated with brand-new complimentary, however also paid content. Connect gamers from around the world, this is the new currency of this simply dance 2023, with possible interactions via emotes and other socializing tips.

Anything I Do of Clip Ft. Ms. Banks, Alike
As it was Harry designs
Young boy with love debts ft. Halsey
Bring Me To Life Evanescence
Can’t Stop The Feeling! By Justin Timberlake
Danger! High Voltage Electric Six
Disco Inferno of The Tramps
Driver’s License Bolivia Rodrigo
BTS dynamite
Charlie XCX good
Heat Waves by Glass Animals
Locked Out of Paradise by Bruno Mars
Magic by Kylie Minogue
Majesty Apache ft. Was
Million Dollar Child Davey Max
More de K/The ft. Madison Beer, (G) Idle, Lexie Liu, Area Burns & Strafing
Numb of Linkin Park
Physical of Dua Lipa
Red Velour Psycho
Radioactive Imagine Dragons
Rather be of Tidy Bandit Ft. Jess Lynne
Sissy that Stroll of Paul
Stay by The Kid Large & Justin Bieber
Sweet But Psycho Davey Max
Girl Gaga feet ph1. Beyoncé
For that reason I AM De Billie Eilish
Cloud nine by Shawn Mendes, from the movie Enzo the Croc ode Sony
Hazardous by Britney Spears
Strolling on Sunshine Top Culture
Wannabe Dizzy
Keep an eye out for this (Bum aye) by Made Later, The Mexican, FS Green & Busy Signal
We Discuss Bruno of the Enchant movie
BEA Miller playground
Witch Apache Ft. Alina Pass
Female of Dora Cat
Tiger monkey Booby Dew

FC Augsburgs hope is called Dorsch

When Enrico Masses talks about his first months as a coach of FC Augsburg and draws a balance, then the name of Niklas Dorsal always falls. During the gown wedding rehearsal against State Rennes, Dorsal suffered a boost in the midfoot. The 2nd time, Dorsal was operated on, the plate and screw consisted of.

Hahn: prolonged and anything but uncomplicated

At André Hahn, the break will take even longer, in mid-March the veteran might go back to training. The 32-year-old at first scored the winning objective in the 2-1 in Leverkusen and 3-2 on Schalke, but in that video game he contracted cartilage damage in his knee. A prolonged and anything but straightforward story.

When Enrico Masses talks about his very first months as a coach of FC Augsburg and draws a balance, then the name of Niklas Dorsal always falls. During the dress wedding rehearsal against State Rennes, Dorsal suffered a boost in the midfoot. The 2nd time, Dorsal was operated on, the plate and screw included.


It is still totally open when Tobias Strobe and Noah Joel Warren Baleen return to their cruciate ligament tears. In general: the FCA did not harm as long-lasting failures as that of goalkeeper Rafael Gikiewicz or Fredrik Jensen. When Masses is offered for the entire squad will you see what capacity there is, only. The thinned-out contingent has actually currently shown that the transfer is realistic.

Reece Oxford and Felix Uduokhai have already gone back to the central defense. Both gamers prepared as routine gamers fell weekly or. for months. When totally in shape, you must likewise raise the FCA game to another level, but above all, you ought to give alternatives in the back. Oxford did not shine against VFL Bochum at 0-1, but showed existence and header strength in the starting eleven in the first season.

Pokemon Karmesin/purple black piles in the flooring – that is behind it


Attention, spoiler! We do not react to any information here, however we expose what you discover when you pull all the stacks out of the ground. Just continue if you do not want to find out these details yourself.

Pokémon Parmesan and purple lets you explore his open world. On your trip you can likewise discover mystical piles that are in the ground all over the world. You can pull them out of the earth, however then they crumble to dust and disappear. Because the video game does not inform you what you do, we will answer the mystery for you.

pull black stacks out of the ground and open the shrines

The good news is: You don’t have to fret about the black piles at the beginning of the game. To find all the piles, you have to open all the abilities of Myrmidon or Portion anyhow.

Pokémon Parmesan/purple

This is how Portion and Myrmidon find out to swim, slide and Co

. What do the black piles bring? Of course, you can gather the stacks from the start that you can currently reach. The stacks are offered in an overall of four colors: yellow, green, purple and blue. There are 8 of each color worldwide. The door of one of the four shrines that are dispersed in Pale opens if you have actually gathered all the stacks of a color.

you can discover that in the shrines of the black stacks

Once you have opened the shrines, you can enter them and each encounter a famous Pokémon at level 60. You experience these four legendary in it:

  • Chongqing
  • Laotian
  • Yuyun
  • Dingle

There is an introduction of all famous Pokémon in Parmesan and Purpura here too:

6 0

Pokémon Parmesan & purple

All legendary Pokémon at a glance

Here you can also take a look at the Gamer test for Parmesan/Purpura:

More guides about Parmesan and purple:

  • Pokémon breeding: This is how you get eggs
  • So you can erase ball game and start once again
  • Multiplayer: Play in the co-op with good friends, that’s how it works

more about Parmesan and purple

On your journey you can likewise come throughout mysterious stacks that are in the ground all over the world. We do not react to any details here, however we reveal what you discover when you pull all the piles out of the ground. The great news is: You do not have to fret about the black stacks at the start of the game. The piles are readily available in a total of 4 colors: yellow, green, purple and blue. If you have collected all the piles of a color, the door of one of the four shrines that are dispersed in Pale opens.

Pokémon Parmesan and Purpura was published solely for Nintendo’s Change console on November 18, 2022. You can try this trick that has already helped some fans if you have to deal with efficiency issues while playing.

The 22 streamers convened by Thegrefg to represent Spain at the Stream World Cup

After the controversial defeat against France, Spanish content creators have an opportunity for revenge against the French at the Stream World Cup organized by Each and Adidas. Next weekend, from November 16 to 17, at the Bets stadium, Benito Villain, the selections of Spain, France, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina will fight to take this first cup and make history on Twitch.

The YouTubers 3 great game had a great reception at the level of live spectators, and exceeded the barrier of half a million, so this event could be for those figures, since when held in Spain, some of the spectators who could not see The clash in France if they will do so in Civilian lands.

The call of the Spanish team

On his Twitch channel, GREG presented the 22 players who will be part of the National Team of Creators of Content for this Stream World Cup:

  • Cache
  • PPI Gave
  • Ampler
  • Mario
  • Vices
  • Under
  • Dario Em Cache
  • Forward
  • ESPE
  • ITU
  • Virus
  • Fresco
  • Sparsity
  • Plex
  • Pereira
  • Albeit
  • Magus
  • Yoko
  • Juana
  • Flavor
  • Homemaker
  • Gerard Globe

In the last direct of one of the owners of Team Heretics, the calls of other countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Argentina were also revealed, so at the end of the news we leave you the respective lists of convened by their respective captains to dispute The tournament in Spanish lands this weekend.


After knowing the call, some French began with the trans talk prior to the matches, speaking that if they are the same players as the match against France, or that if they were going to make PPI Gave. The Spaniards have taken it to a joke, especially PPI Gave, who was one of the great sensations of the encounter for his courage and pun donor inside the field.

The weekend we will know if Spain could culminate its revenge against France, or it will be the French who take the cat to the water and continue to dominate these confrontations between content creators.

How to get Sinistea chips in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Players who specially picked up Pokémon Violet will most likely look for sinister chips. Although Sinister in itself is not a bad Pokémon with strong evolution, players will need to collect Sinister Chips to get an item that turns Char cadet into Rutledge. This process can take some time, but it is definitely worth it because Rutledge is so buried.

How to get Malicious Armor at Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Sinister has several habitats in the Pale region, but the best place to search for it-right outside the city of a smell. His record of Pokédex says that Sinister likes to roam the cities, and it will take much more time to find other habitats of Sinister.

To start collecting sinister chips, the first thing the coaches will want to do is wait for the night (when Pokemon-ghosts appear more often). Then go to Ajaccio, which is located in the eastern province, zone 3. Go to the Poke Center, and then leave. On the mound nearby.

Related: the Best nature for Shade, Armaruzha and Sealed in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.


From there, the best way to get acquainted with Sinister is to literally take a walk along the outskirts of the city. As the coaches go, the SPAIN will be dropped, and the blue should appear several times. A woman in Zapping wants only 10 sinister chips, so the coaches must send a strong dark type with the Lets Go team to easily eliminate Sinister.

One of the tips is to walk very slowly. Sinister has a really tiny sprite when it can be found in an ordinary world, so it is very easy to miss. Go slowly and be sure to inspect the whole area to find this small cup.

Do you want more Pokémon Scarlet and Violet manual? Find out where to find Cyclical in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, here, in the game manual!

What is LP in scarlet and violet Pokemon? Explained

The initial stages of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet include a variety of objects, such as poke balls, potions and herbs. However, as players progress more in the game, they will meet the newest concept of the series, League Points, also known as LP. So, if you are wondering that LP is in scarlet and violet Pokémon we will explain this last characteristic and provide details about how to win more to advance more on your trip.

Explanation of the League points in scarlet and violet Pokémon

The League points (LP) are the scarlet and violet Pokemon coin, which can be used at the Pokémon center to make technical machines (TM). These devices allow Pokémon to learn new movements for battle instead of standard attacks that normally win when leveling up. For example, you can exchange LP and other materials to achieve the Swift movement for selected creatures, such as Sprigatito.


Note that certain Pokémon will not be able to learn some skills because several TM only work for a specific type. You will see more of this characteristic of the game by opening your bag in the main menu and moving to the MT section (the disc icon) or MT materials. From there, users can look on the left side of the screen to verify compatibility with their Pokémon collection:

Screen capture through and The Pokémon Company

How to win league points in scarlet and violet Pokémon

Players can win more LP in scarlet and violet Pokémon completing history missions and exchanging Materials of the TM (Pokémon centers). The first method is relatively simple, since you will automatically receive league points for many missions, including the game tutorial phase. As for the second option, players can approach technical machines in Pokémon centers and select I want to exchange materials for LP:

Screen capture through and The Pokémon Company

After pressing this selection, you can decide which articles you want to change by LP, as shown here:

Screen capture through and The Pokémon Company

Players can choose to make an MT in the same place when they acquire enough league and material points. During this time, you can select the best set of movements for your team to maximize your battle skills.

Now that you know that LP is in scarlet and violet Pokémon, you can prepare for the next fight. To get more content about the game, you can explore the relevant links below, including our guides on the multiplayer game and the Titans.

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