It was already known that the great content update 9.2 “end of eternity” should appear for World of Warcraft in the first quarter of this year. But so far there was no concrete release date. But now the developer studio Blizzard Entertainment has finally revealed this mystery.

The appointment for the update 9.2 “End of Eternity” in WoW

As the team announced, the starting signal for the extensive update 9.2 from World of Warcraft falls on February 23, 2022 . Accordingly, it starts in less than two weeks. Then you expect numerous new content and additional features that should be shaped in front of the screen as long as possible.

This awaits you in the update 9.2 “end of eternity”

The focus of the update is the new area called Zereth Mortis , which was created by the so-called first. There, the known laws of physics seem to override. The automa are the inhabitants of this region and are considered the designers of the Shadowlands and, as awise too, Azeroth.

The RAID fans among you should also look forward to the new battles “Mausoleum of the first” . There you can expect a total of eleven boss opponents, with at the end to the direct confrontation with the cheater champion comes. This fight will certainly be a big challenge for all players and re-ignore the legendary World First Race of the Guilds.

Patch 9.2 Eternity's End Survival Guide*

In addition, with the update 9.2 “end of eternity” the class sets back in World of Warcraft (Buy Now), which have several bonuses. In addition, the start of Season 3 in Mythic + as well as the PVP, additional house and mounts, updates in the field of crafting as well as much more. There should therefore be no lack of new activities.

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