In July, the TennoCon festival and Digital Extremes will be held at Summer Games Fest teaser for the next major addition for Warframe called The Duviri Paradox.


As part of the seventh annual Tennocon festival, a huge number of events, previews, backstage events and much more are planned. The Duviri Paradox teaser should warm up the fans appetite before the main event, which will occur in just a few weeks, when TennoCon will be the gameplay of a new addition to the open world.

On July 16, Tennocon will be broadcast on several platforms, among which, of course, there is Twitch. Players will be able to receive gifts from developers as part of the Twitch Drops program if they connect their accounts. As awards, a cosmic ninja is offered a fan Vericres, Sugat Reinaila and Titania Prime.

Today, a new update of Echo Zariman, which will be the last before TennoCon, has also been released. The update returns the summer event sultry days to the game, and also pays great attention to optimizing the gameplay using significant improvements in the quality of the game and correcting errors. The players are waiting for the improved mobility of the abyss of the abyss, new mystifiers and ephemeers.