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Sonys PS5 Experiences A 98% Increase In UK Sales Compared To January 2020

Christopher During has revealed on Twitter that PS5 the stock has made the sales of the console increase in the United Kingdom, with Sony’s last domestic console experimenting an increase of more than 98% in sales compared to it
last year period.
In addition to the console itself, God of War Ragnarök managed to reach second place in the list of all the United Kingdom formats, again thanks to the PS5 stock levels increased significantly.
The PS5 stock arrives fast and abundant.
In January in the United Kingdom, PS5 sales increased more than 98 % compared to the same month last year.
This week, God of War Ragnarök is number 2 on the lists… and that is due to the increase in stock levels.

-Christopher During (@chris_during) February 5, 2023,
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Sony announced during his latest financial report last week that PS5 had sent 32 million units worldwide.


In addition, the company announced record earnings during its Q3 Fy22 period, generating $8.8 billion thanks in large part to the continuous success of PS5.
Jim Ryan, president and executive director of Sony Interactive Entertainment, recently said that PS5’s shortage had come to an end, and it seems that he was not exaggerating.

God of War Ragnarok: How many hours to zero the game? See campaign calculation, 100% and hardcore mode

God of War Ragnarök is one of the highest expectations of this year. And by members of our team have already completed it by 100%, we can confirm that you are a very extensive title. Some may find it a little long for such a narrative game, but interspersing phases of history and secondary phases, it is difficult to release control. In this guide, we will see how long you will take to complete the main story of the game, your secondary missions or simply all your content.

ending the main story of the game

The first estimates spoke of about twenty hours, but it is still significantly more than that. It is an epic journey through all the kingdoms of Nordic mythology and parts of the plot require you to go through some of them again.

However, we strongly advise you not only focus on the main quests. Many secondary missions develop the characters and kingdoms of the game, adding a lot in general and rewarding the player.

But If you want to finish the game linearly in normal difficulty mode, you can wait 25 to 30 hours of play. This can vary depending on your combat skills and puzzles.

finish the game with secondary missions

There are many services requested by the inhabitants of the 9 worlds, as well as all the findings you will make exploring the open areas of the game.

There are about 40 secondary missions , ranging from the simple mission of eliminating monsters without much interest, to giant beings revealing new regions completely.

Once the credits pass, you will still have many things to complete in the world and new opportunities to improve rates. In normal difficulty, finishing the game with all the content in history should take about 50 hours.

Complete the game 100%

The victory over all the final heads that hide in all kingdoms and obtaining the collectible items will make it 100% of the game. Like no trophy is linked to the maximum difficulty of the game , complete God of War Ragnarök in 100% should grant you the famous platinum trophy.

You will need 65 to 70 hours of play to complete all content lists established on the map and reach the famous 100%world conclusion. Of course this may vary if you use guides, see tips or even be a skilled player.

Complete the game 100% in the difficulty God of War

Have you decided to face Ragnarök’s maximum difficulty? Well, a difficult task waits for you, but it’s far from impossible. The game is very generous with checkpoints throughout the adventure, making several attempts less frustrating.

However, unless you are a very skilled player, Go difficulty means that you will suffer in secondary chiefs and some more complicated enemies than average.

To get 100% in God of War mode, which involves deleting the most powerful enemies of the 9 worlds, we take more than 85 hours. The gameplay style makes all the difference, just like the equipment.

Great War Termination? God of War: Ragnarok Metacritic 94 points

The market expectation is rising due to popularity in domestic and foreign media released ahead of its release on the release of God of War: Ragnarök. At the end of November, the release of anticipation is attracted, and a fierce competition is formed.

God of War: Ragnarök reviews are published at 1 am on the 4th, and the PS5 version of Metacritic expert rating at 4:46 pm on the 4th is 94 points for 117 reviews. Nearly half of the 117 reviews were 100 points out of 100, and more than 65 points were given 90 points.

The overall evaluation is that it was more advanced than its predecessor in the whole part of story, battle, and exploration. First, the battle doubles the intense feeling of God of War, but adds a different way of utilizing weapons, and the enemy’s patterns are more diverse, and the fans are expected to deliver the taste that fans expect. In addition, weapons growth and cooperative cooperation with new colleagues have led a positive evaluation, and the stage is wider than its predecessor and the battle size has been expanded.

In the case of the story, it is said that it is interestingly solve the relationship between Crete, Atreus, and the rich relationship, which is developing and developing its own direction. In addition, the story of the surrounding characters such as Thor, Freya, and Mimic is also interesting, and long-teak techniques, which are developed than the previous work, are mentioned that it increases immersion. Game Spot said, There is a true and empathetic feelings at all cruel moments. It may vary from person to person, but in my case, tears often poured out. Most of all, God of War Ragnarök puts the Santa Monica narrative team on the best team in the game industry.

Lastly, exploration is that there is a taste of finding hidden elements such as the theme of each region, and the new place is opened when the side quest is solved. Most reviews include the main quest to target the side quests, and Mimic’s story is still interesting.

God of War: Ragnarök will be released on PS4 and PS5 on the 9th and supports Korean. In this title, Crete and Atreus should explore nine areas in the world and prepare for Ragnarök, which would be foretold that it would lead the world to the end. In the process, he appreciates the mysterious landscape, finds his colleagues in various areas, and encounters the Nordic gods and monsters. In terms of combat, a new ability for the two main characters is added, along with Leviathan ax, chaos blade, and guardian shield.

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