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Qatar 2022 album uploads a price in Mexico

With the World Cup in Qatar 2022 around the corner, many football passionate cannot wait to start this celebration with the already classic Panini print album. However, this year it has been more complicated than thought, since the inflation that is lived in Mexico and in Latin America has caused an increase in price that could prevent many from completing their collection.

Specifically, it is said that in Mexico and Argentina the situation that collectors lived has been complicated a lot due to a substantial increase in the album and in the Panini prints. According to expansion, in Argentina there has been an increase of 1000% in the prices of these products , as well as a shortage in newspapers.

Here it has been mentioned that the Russian envelope we saw in 2018 was only $ 15 Argentine pesos, while the Qatar edition is worth $ 150 Argentine pesos . Similarly, the album of four years was worth $ 50 Argentine pesos, while today it is available in $ 650 Argentine pesos. As if that were not enough, it has been mentioned that the sale of these products in the classic newspapers has ceased, since Panini has given greater weight to large branches in places and shopping centers.

For its part, in Mexico the situation has also been complicated accordingly. In our country, the Starter Pack, which includes a hard pasta album and a package with a thousand prints, could be purchased for only $ 1,400 pesos in 2018. However, today, this same product is available at $ 2,121 pesos, that is, we saw an increase of 51%. These are products prices:

-A album with hard paste costs $ 247 pesos.

-Moved Pasta Album: $ 89 pesos

-A on with five prints it costs $ 18 pesos.

-He with 104 envelopes: $ 1,872 pesos

-Ecoblister with 10 envelopes: $ 179 pesos

-How soft paste album with two envelopes: $ 59 pesos

Considering that Qatar album requires 670 prints to complete it, you better have your savings ready to spend much of your money in this collection. The Panini album is already available in Argentina, but will be on sale in Mexico and part of Latin America until September 7 . In related issues, you can learn more about Panini here.

Battleground Mobile, the first half of the global competition 2022 PMWI

-Thai Vampire esports, both major tournaments win

-Korea’s Damwon Kia, Main Tournament 5th record

Craftton said today (22nd) that it has completed the 2022 Battleground Mobile World Invitational (2022 PMWI).


The 2022 PMWI is a tournament with 18 teams who won the league in each region of the world and covered the world’s strongest team in the first half of this year.

The tournament was held in three years in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, in connection with the e-sports festival, Gamers Eight, hosted by the Saudi E-Sports Federation.

In addition to the main tournament held in the first week, and the extra tournament After-Party Showdown held in the second week, all Thai vampire esports won the championship. Vampire esports won all winners of the tournament and won a total of $ 700,000.

The main tournament participated in 18 teams, winning a total of $ 2 million and competing with a total of 18 matches a day. Vampire esports finished the first day of the tournament and fell to fourth place on the second day of the tournament.

Saudi Arabia’s Team Falcon, who ranked second, rose to the first place on the second day, but on the third day, he finally reversed the vampire esports, ranking second with only three points, making it $ 300,000.. The third-placed Mongolian Stal Wott esports and Nigma Galaxy in the fourth-team Iraq won $ 160,000 and $ 100,000, respectively.

Damwon Kia, who played as a representative of Korea, finished the 15th place at 15th, but after rebounding to the fourth place on the second day, he finished the tournament with the final 5th record and secured the last entry of the after-party showdown.

After-party showdown was a total of $ 1 million for 12 teams, including the top five teams of the main tournament, six teams by region, and R8 E-Sports of Saudi Arabia, who participated as a special invitation team.

Vampire esports showed a sluggish appearance in the after-party Sodaeun, but soon won the reversal championship by acquiring six chickens based on the overwhelming performance.

Damwon Kia finished second in the first day, but finished the tournament with the final seventh place. In particular, Damwon Kia won the second place in the special reward given to the team that shows a unique and fun entrance ceremony before the start of the game.

For more information about 2022 PMWI and other e-sports, visit the esports homepage https://esports.pubgmobile.kr/.

Tower of Fantasy, Sammere Voice Actor Seo Yuri Festival

On the 21st, it announced on the 21st that it will unveil its own video of the replica character series ‘Sammere’ of the SF Fantasy Multi-Platform Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’, which is developed by Hotta Studio and published by Perfect World Games and published by Perfect World Games..

In this video, you can check the information about ‘Sammere’ characters and unique systems. In particular, the interview with the broadcaster and the famous voice actor Seo Yuri, who played the role of ‘Sammere’, also attracts attention.

In the Tower of Fantasy, the user will take on the role of a pioneer who goes to the adventure of Aida. While adventure, the user meets partners such as a replica character with various charms, so the game has improved the completion by recruiting famous voice actors so that users can be more immersed in adventure.

As part of this, the replica character ‘Sammere’ was played by Seo Yuri, who created many scenes. Through the video, you can check Sayuri’s voice and interview with her, who completed the role of ‘Sammy’ who fights with her double pistol.

In her interview, Seo Yuri said, Sammy seems to be a very interesting person. I don’t care about a lot of things because I have a strong ability, but I think there’s an important thing in my mind. In other words, it raises questions about ‘Sammere’.


‘Sammy’, which shows Seo Yuri’s passion, is a person who boasts her best shooting among the elites’ Hell Guard executors. In her battle, this character makes her fear with her slender shadows and twin pistols like her lightning.

‘Tower of Fantasy’ is an RPG that allows you to have a vast adventure in a vast open world, and you can meet various replica characters through a unique replica system. ‘Replica’ is an advanced technology developed by the scientific research organization, Helgard, which allows others to learn and learn complex tactics by bringing the data by sources of weapons and memories of the elite combatant. In addition to entering both the replica battles, the replica system is applied so that users can interact and interact with the replica character.

SF Fantasy Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’ is a game with Unreal Engine 4-based cartoon rendering graphics. Users can freely explore, partners and defeat enemies in the open world of SF fantasy. In addition, you can feel the adventures and the pleasure of combat with character custom.

‘Tower of Fantasy’ is a topic that has achieved the top spot in the free game of the App Store since the launch of the global launch at the end of last year. It was selected as a feature from various media, and the number of users exceeded 10 million people and proved its success.

Tower of Fantasy, which is scheduled to be released on PC and mobile platform in the third quarter, is currently in advance, and more details on the game can be found on the official website or the official Naver game lounge.

Skebo ACT “Oriori World” -An the past 30 years of skateboard culture in a deep action game. The impact of World Industries and the manufacturer has also been received by [Developer interview]

An interview with the developer of the new indie game I’m worried about this project. This time, a Skateboard Action “ Orioliolli World ” to Developer released on February 8 for Roll7 Development, PC / PS5 / PS4 / XSX / Xbox ONE / Switches We will deliver. Interviews of concept artists and lead environment artists are also available. This time I answered the creative director.

This work is an action game that aims to “Narvana” while using the skateboard technique on the stage of the colorful and world “Ladlandia” and interacting with various characters. Easy Operation The player can enjoy your own original style, such as a refreshing feeling, a rich character customization that will repeat a number of versatile tricks. As the preceding play report is also posted, it is necessary to check if you are concerned about the details. It is also true for Japanese.

“Oriori World” is delivered for 3,300 yen (STeam).

– First of all, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

John Robbins (hereinafter JOHN) Hello. It is John of the creative director of this work. The most favorite game changes well, so there is nothing like this. When you start playing a new game, it will be my favorite game for 40 hours from then… or clear. And I feel like playing the next game again!

-Why did you start developing this work?

John “Ollioli” also “Ollioli2: Welcome to Olliwood” was also very high and won a lot of fans. These works were highly appreciated by critic people and players, we were very happy, but after making these games, we felt like our studios have grown and growing many I was. Therefore, we used the findings we got when we were making “Laser League: World Arena”, and returned to this series, and we wanted to make “Oriori” that we have dreamed all the time.

– Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

John I think the way of construction of the world of this work is probably the most characteristic. The branched route system allows the player to change or change depth in the stage, which can be said to be a very different factor as an action game. It did not intentionally wanted to adopt, but it was discovered when making a prototype, and I thought it was perfect for this work.

Another big feature is character creatation. It is very fine to be very fine, and it is something that can not be seen in such a type of game. It is not that there are 100 different colors of the same shirt, but I made time and love with time and love to become an item that I really want to wear.

– What kind of person do this work do you want to play?

John Target The player will be divided into two groups beautifully. The first is a player who plays more works of the “Oriori” series, and it is a player who wants to enjoy this series. Such people will be exciting to a new system. The stage of the early stage is easier than past work, but the end game has been challenging as much as ever. The second group may have never skated, with people who have never heard about “Oriori”, and may not be interested, but still their pace It is a person who wants to enjoy the action game and enjoy a cool world view and challenge. As a good place for this work, you can enjoy at your own pace, you can enjoy highly difficult actions as you like, and you can simply find the world of Ladlandia.

– Is there a work affected by this work?

John is not particularly. If something is wrong, this work is mainly affected by the “Orioli” series work. However, the style of the story and customization items is, of course, affected by the skate culture for about 30 years. Of course the famous skater, of course, I was inspired from World Industries, BLIND, and Santa Cruz, saying old skate patterns. And more, more inspiration is something that has come out from the head of the wonderful artists of Roll7!

– Did you have an impact on development by new coronavirus?

John Actually Roll 7 is active as a remote studio from 2015. Therefore, we have already been able to interact from home and interact online and work while stimulating each other. However, rock down has lost many benefits to work from home. It is because he was forced to work from home, rather than choosing to work from home. As if necessary, we have made it easier to adjust work time so that you can take care of children. In addition, we applied power to people with online events and gave people to interact more. Everyone was a very difficult time, but I was able to do as much as possible!

– Is it okay to deliver and monetize this work?

John Yes, there should be no problem. However, since he is organized about the rights, it is better to mute the sound music now.

– Lastly, please give a message to the Japanese reader.

Thank you for reading John interview. If you can play this work, I’m glad if you can make a character that is excited. May I have a wonderful journey in Ladlandia!

–thank you.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Pre

Recenze Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Nejrychlejší zombie postapokalypsa je jako švédský bufet
In a week it is so far and the long-awaited Open World Zombie Title Dying Light 2 Stay Human appears for consoles and PCs. While the pre-load is already available on Xbox consoles, PlayStation and PC players need to be patient until 48 hours before publication to download the title in advance. All console players can, regardless of the time zone where you are located on February 4, 2022 from 0 o’clock starts their dying light 2 adventure. For PC players, different start times for the zombie title exist depending on the region, which can be taken from the overview map provided by Techland.

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