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Description of attributes and equipment Mario Strikers: Battle League

In Mario Strikers: Battle League, many classic Mario characters with their attributes and equipment are presented. In Mario Strikers: Battle League, each character has attributes strength, speed, shooting, pass and technology that can affect various equipment.

explanation of attributes

Each attribute affects the ability of your character in the football field, so it is important to monitor which characters and equipment are suitable for your game. Perhaps you need a team of fast players or, perhaps, a team of strong shooters. No matter how you want to create your own team, it is important to understand attributes. All attributes are described here.

  • Strength – affects the ability to capture and resist captures.
  • Speed – affects the speed of your run.

Mario Strikers: Battle League – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch
* Shooting – affects the speed and accuracy of shooting.
* PAS – affects how fast and accurately you can pass.
* Technique – affects hyperuriada and special movements.

The mechanism explained

Equipment can be equipped to change the attributes of each character. Each character has a unique equipment that can be bought for coins and put on your head, body, arms or legs. Most of the equipment improves one attribute and reduces the other, so make sure that you use equipment that is useful for the attributes of this character.

Equipment not only changes attributes, but also changes the appearance of your character. You can choose your equipment individually for each equipment slot to mix and combine styles. At the moment, it seems that the choice of equipment is limited, but in the future more can be added.

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Announced the first novel by League of Legends

Riot Games has announced the publication of League of Legends’ first novel.

First Ever League of Legends Games

His name is Ruination and will be published next September. It has been written by Anthony Reynolds, one of the main writers of the North American company, and will have as protagonists two LOL champions: Kalista, the spirit of revenge, and Viego, the ruined king.

According to Editorial Orbit Books in the advertisement, Ruination “explains the story of Kalista, the Military General of King Viego, while looking for a legendary kingdom that can have access to ancient magic, the only way to cure the poisoned Reina Isolde”.

Viego, Interestingly, also appeared at the Spin-off Ruined King of last year, a narrative RPG developed by the Airship Syndicate study and published by Riot Forge, which we said in his analysis that “does not fail in Execution or in concept, but it does suffer from a certain conformism. “

The English edition of Ruination will be published in September on paper, eBook and Audiobook, and according to Riot will also translate to “Large international markets” later.

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