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Monhan Rise: Sun Break The Save Data Increase Problem is solved in the latest apde -expanded measures for remodeling quests

Cap com has distributed the update data Very.12.0.1 in the hunting ACT Monster Hunter Rise: Sun break for Nintendo Switch/Steam.

In this update, it was carried out mainly on bug revisions. Increasing the increase in the save data size that occurred in the switch version, and measures for unauthorized puppet strategy quests (remodeling quests) have been expanded.

In addition, in continuous input of gesture pose sets with restricted gesture in Very.12, adjustments were made up to four times per second. In addition to this, various bugs have been revised. The full text of the official website is as follows.

  • As a result of verifying the continuous input of gestures and pose sets, adjust the safety of the communication lobby and adjust up to four times per second.

  • Correct the defect that the puppet slot expansion of the big sword Chrome Heaven, ORD Making GS, and Poison Mash Road are lacking.

  • Overcoming the puppet fixes different defects between players with less than 100 puppets and more than 100 players.

  • M ★ 6 In the quest of White Flame You light, using Hiogikawaz under specific conditions will correct the bug that a rare species of Tamamitune will go around the same place.

  • If you do not hold the play right of Monster Hunter Rise: Unlike, you will fix the problem that the application will end if you perform equipment search with a processing shop or item box.


  • When the event demo scene is played, change the auto save at the same time.

  • Change unauthorized puppet strategy quests so that you can not order from the quest counter.

  • Change the chat log that promotes attention if the quest is determined to be an illegal quest when participating in the puppet study quest.

[Nintendo Switch Version] Correct the defect that increases the save data size when setting puppet hierarchy armor in the guild card Publishing Equipment.

[Steam version] If you are running the sound utility software Pacific Audio, you will fix the bug that crashes when connected.

  • Use of download content and Internet communication play must be updated to the latest version.

GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox ends with the reign of Elden Ring in UK; Spectacular debut

GTA 5 is still unstoppable . The launch of the new generation version hSeries raised the title of Rockstar to the first position in the United Kingdom during the lSeriest week. The Sandbox dethrones Elden Ring, which goes down to the second position after a fall of 39% in digital sales compared to the previous week.

GTA 5 in Numbers: Demonstration of Force

If we wean GTA 5 digital sales in this framework, 55% of the units were sold in PS5 ; Xbox Series X | S, on the other hand, occupies 35% of the data. The rest completes it by 6% on Xbox One, 3% in PC and 1% on PC.

Percentage disparity Between the two versions of new generation is influenced by the price disparity. GTA 5 in PS5 wSeries launched to the British market by 8.75 pounds (9.99 euros), which is accompanied by GTA online for free. In Xbox Series, on the other hand, it is sold by 17.49 pounds (19.99 euros).

Your arrival marks another milestone: In its first week in the market it is already placed Series the second launch of that market in digital format . It exceeds him, this time, Elden Ring.

Top 10 at the close of the week of March 20 is Series follows:

1. Grand Theft Auto 5

two. Elden Ring

3. Grand Theft Auto Online

Elden Ring is open world perfection
4. WWE 2K22.

5. WWE 2K22.

6. Gran Tourism 7.

7. F1 2021.

8. Stranger of Paradise: Final FantSeriesy Origin

9. Red Dead Redemption 2

10. Person 4 Ultramax Arena

GTA 5 in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S debuted on March 15 exclusively (for the time being) in digital format. Includes devoted improvements to squeeze your hardware, Series an optimization for ray, 4K 4K and 3 display modes, which includes a performance mode with 60 FPS target. You can read the options available on this link.

Grand Theft Auto V worked for its third console generation – with new pubs for publications, but no more spectacular phlegmity

Grand Theft Auto V - Chasing the Truth: Marnie Allen Email
Grand theft Auto V has already reached its third console generation yesterday with PS5 and Series S | X versions. In its beginning, the GTA V of 2013 has been published in honor by a discount on both new carpenters. With Xbox, the classic adventure in the online gambling is cleaved at EUR 19.99, the PlayStation 5 version may, in turn, grab to 9.95 euros. The most recently published gta onlinen a couple of published _gta Onlinen is reacted until the June 14th. Earlier in the larger scenery of the scenic landscapes, the Assistant Publications Offaler may look at Alta:

GTA 6 is an official: Rockstar confirms a new development delivery

The next delivery of the Grand Theft Auto Saga is already under development. Through a message on the official website, Rockstar Games hAuto series announced the releAuto seriese date of the fifth delivery of the saga at Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5, but hAuto series also taken advantage to launch the pump: GTA VI is already in developing. Of course, this wAuto series somewhat expected, but now they have finally officialized it.

“With the unprecedented longevity of GTAV, we know that many of you have Auto seriesked about a new delivery of the Grand Theft Auto series,” start. “With each new project we embarked on, Our goal is always going much beyond what we have previously offered , and we are pleAuto seriesed to confirm that the active development of the next delivery of the Grand Theft Auto series is in progress”.

According to the developer, they hope to share more information , but they will do so Auto series soon Auto series they feel prepared . Thus, they have Auto seriesked users to stay attentive to Rockstar Newswire for new official details. In Meristation we will also be vigilant before any news that may arise in the future.

Rockstar Confirm GTA6 And Say Development Is
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GTA V, A game in three generations

Rockstar Games launched Grand Theft Auto V in a distant year 2013 . He did it in systems such Auto series PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, although time later adapted the product to Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PC. This is therefore the third generation in which the successful title of the also creators of Red Dead Redemption 2 makes an appearance.

The lAuto seriest launch of the Saga hAuto series been, however, GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition , a collection collection that includes GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San AndreAuto series. RemAuto seriestering came out with errors and bugs, which is why Rockstar Games had to apologize to users.

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