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Pokemon Go Fest Final 2022: The online ticker to the huge degree

tomorrow, on August 27, 2022, Inpokémon Go happens the large final event for the Go Fest 2022. Here at MeinMMO we will keep you approximately day in our online ticker all the time and supply you with the latest details regarding generates, raid managers and special study.

When does the Go Fest Ending start? The final event begins on Saturday, August 27, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. The final after that competes a total of 8 hrs till it finishes at 6:00 p.m. neighborhood time.

** What kind of event is this? will. Of course, there will be a great deal of generates and also perks for you on this occasion.

live ticker for the Go Fest on August 27th

_ An of this factor is our live ticker, which we on a regular basis upgrade for you during the GO Fest-Finales on August 27 from 9:00 a.m. Right here we will certainly keep you up to date on all present habitats, spawns, raid bosses and also special research. However we also sum up all the essential information, events and also promotion codes (if there are any kind of).

what you need to know before the final event

Below we will certainly describe to you what benefits an event ticket for the go-festival finale will bring you.

In order for you to ideally make use of the GO FISTE Finale, we have actually summarized the most important info concerning the event listed below.

Where do you get a ticket? In particular, trainers that got an event ticket for the global Go Fest in June can currently take a breath a sigh of relief, because the ticket content of the final event is currently included in this. You do not have to acquire a new ticket.

For everyone else, the ticket in the in-game store is available for around 11 euros under the Worldwide Occasions classification, relying on which supplier you utilize.

Can you just have fun with a ticket? No, the final event can generally be used by all trainers. Nevertheless, the material differ. If you have fun with a ticket, you can profit from extra spawns and rewards. There will certainly likewise be a whole lot of content for trainers who do not want to buy a ticket.

You can additionally have tickets provided by buddies or provide away some on your own. If you also have a legitimate ticket to the last, the ticket for your close friend just costs you 5.49 euros.

** Generate all beasts at the exact same time? In the adhering to overview we show you when which environment runs:

If you want to make use of the continuing to be time properly till the event beginning, it is best to prepare something for it. We reveal you 5 things below that you must make prior to the large go Fest.

  • 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.: Ultra invasion: Schabelle
  • 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.: Ultra invasion: Masskito
  • 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.: Ultra invasion: Voltriant
  • 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.: Ultra invasion: Anego

tomorrow, on August 27, 2022, Inpokémon Go takes place the large final event for the Go Fest 2022. The final event begins on Saturday, August 27, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. Can you just play with a ticket? Where do you get a ticket? ** In particular, trainers that bought an event ticket for the international Go Fest in June can now breathe a sigh of alleviation, since the ticket web content of the final event is already consisted of in this.

Final FantFinal Fantasyy 16s fight will not satisfy everyone

Around with the Final FantFinal Fantasyy XVI combat system, the expected new installment of the Square Enix saga. Naoki Yoshida, producer of the game, hFinal Fantasy justified the decision to focus the fighting on action . However, the creative is fully aware that the chosen path will not satisfy everyone, although it is confident in attracting a broader players spectrum. He explained it in an interview with comic days.

Of course, I don’t think we are able to satisfy everyone , so I told all team members that the first thing we have to do is create something that is fun. Thus, the producer hFinal Fantasy once again recalled the reFinal Fantasyons that have led to the study to leave behind the fighting system for shifts and commands.

The objective: reach more public

We want everyone to, especially the younger generations, play the title. Yoshida hFinal Fantasy pointed out that many teenagers and twenty people have heard of the saga, but they have never tried it. In addition, today’s MaInstream Games are intuitive : You press a button and the character triggers a gun or a sword. The traditional style of command shifts is no longer familiar to them.


It is not the first time that the producer and also director of Final FantFinal Fantasyy XIV justifies the elimination of clFinal Fantasysic shifts. According to his argument, this is the reFinal Fantasyon why they have decided that the battle system is focused on action: We want players around the world to think that Final FantFinal Fantasyy XVI is a great game *

Final Fantays XVI is in development for PS5 and will go on sale in summer of 2023 . In a recent interview with inverse, Naoki Yoshida himself hFinal Fantasy revealed that the saga is having problems adapting to current video game industry.

Fantastic Makjang Fairy Tale Collection Type RPG, Mercy Fantasy Opened

Chase Online Company (C.O.C) announced on the 18th that it will launch a formal service of the collectable RPG ‘Mercy Fantasy’ developed by Tapplus.

The Mercy Fantasy, which ended today, is a collective RPG with a fantasy fairy tale waiting for any unexpected reversal. You can meet various figures and stories in a trip to find the real souls of fairy tales in the dark side of the mirror and to reveal the light of the fairy tale world.

As the core of the game, the game is 180 degrees different from the heroine in the childhood as we know. Like the game background, you can meet with a dark visual that is dark in the dark. More than 100 makers offer unique fun with their own charm and features.

Cumulative rewards are given even when offline, so you can easily foster fellows without having to hang on the game all day long, and based on this, you will create your own powerful decks and experience the fun of challenging boring dungeons such as magic vines, time corridors, and dreams. Can.

In commemoration of the official service, Mercy Fantasy will hold various official cafe events organized by August 31st. Until August 24th, the ‘My Light Fairy Tale’ event, which provides in-game rewards to users who fill the speech bubble of cut cartoons using game characters, shares their decks until 31st, It offers abundant benefits through ‘, smashing casserole’, which is a achieving stadium content ranking event, and ‘Your Guild Rolled on the Vine’.

An official of C.O.C officially launched a Merhel Fantasy with a fantasy fairy tale. We hope you will experience the Mercy Fantasy that conveys your fantasy 180 degrees. I’ll do my best, so please watch.

How to play a joint multiplayer game in Tower of Fantasy with friends

In Tower of Fantasy, players will be able to unite with others to perform various quests and defeat strong world bosses. Although you can wander around the lands alone, it is always better to have teammates and friends. The game has a number of strong enemies that can easily crush anyone, and the presence of several friends on your side greatly facilitates the task. So, if you are interested in how to play a joint multiplayer game with friends, we will help you. That’s all you need to know about adding friends and a joint game in Tower of Fantasy.

How to play a joint multiplayer game in Tower of Fantasy?

After passing the prologue and obtaining a jet satchel , you can see how other players travel around the world in Tower of Fantasy. You can add other players to your list of friends by clicking on their character. Several options, how to add a friend , Longeron , team invitations , and much more will be available on the player’s card. It is better to add friends first before sending them a team invitation. Press t and you will see a pop-up flag on the right side of the screen. Click on the flag to open lobby menu, and from here you can invite others.


In addition, you can also send an invitation to the team from the List of Friends menu. The lobby menu provides easy access to the closest teams and players, and also allows others to hire. Click on empty icons plus in the lobby to see which of the friends is on the network and is available for invitations. Click on go button to start a joint game after your teammates join the lobby.

How to change the goal of the team in Tower of Fantasy

In the lobby, players will also be able to set a command goal. You can also choose the upper and lower levels of the level for joining others. The goals of the team include interstellar study, joint operation, the study of the world, vagrant bosses and the free goal. Be sure to choose the right option before unite with other players in Tower of Fantasy.

To obtain additional information about Tower of Fantasy, read the sections Where to Find ThornMato in Tower of Fantasy and All Ruine Places in Astra in Tower of Fantasy in Pro game guides.

Is there a guild in Tower of Fantasy?

You can freely explore the world of Tower of Fantasy and experience everything that he can offer, alone or in a group. In this common game with the open world, you can play with friends or strangers, but the question arises whether there is a guild in Tower of Fantasy.

Is there a guild in Tower of Fantasy?

Answer yes -but they are not called guilds in the game. Instead, you can create and join crews , the version of the guild Tower of Fantasy. We have little information about them, but we know that the crew can withstand 180 players before becoming complete. You should also be on the same server as your teammates.

The teams are also probably the best way to play and experience everything that Tower of Fantasy can offer if you are interested in this. multiplayer . You can create a gang with your friends or join it randomly. In any case, a gang is a good way to challenge more complex content and content of the final game.


You should also easily find other players for activities if you are part of the gang. Some games offer bonuses for playing with friends or guilds, which can also relate to Tower of Fantasy. As soon as the name is launched, we will have more specific answers.

To obtain additional information about Tower of Fantasy, read Tower of Fantasy sections: requirements for mobile devices and PC and what is Vitality in Tower of Fantasy? In professional game guides.

You can play Final Fantasy XIV for free until June 30

In the megapopular MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV from Square Enix, you can play for free until June 30. But not only everything can take advantage of such an attraction of unheard of generosity. The free period is laid for those who had previously paid the subscription to the Final Fantasy XIV, but for some reason quit playing.

The second nuance is that you can play for free only four days. The countdown begins from the moment of the login in the game. And the third condition-the account should be inactive over the past 30 days.


And for everyone else there is a trial version in which players provide the content of the main game and the first addition.

Shiya “Tactics Ouga” reimy? Skueni “Tactics Ogre: Reborn” Trademark Application

According to the Site “Trademark Watch”, which examines the commitment status such as a trademark, Square Enix has filed a trademark of “ Tactics Ogre: Reborn ” on March 31.

Although this application is not clear except that “Tactics Ogre: Reborn”, “Tactics Ogre” is the SRPG “Tactics Ouga” that the company is currently owning IP. This title has finally stopped the series deployment of the remake work “Tactics Ouga fate” released for PSP in 2010 and the series expansion has stopped, and “Reborn” is expected from the word “REBORN”.

In addition, Square Enix launches “Triangle Strategy” on March 4 and has made “THE DIOFIELD CHRONICLE” on March 10, and has been focusing on simulation games in recent years, and half a year ago The presence of play tests for “Final Fantasy Tactics” and “Legendary Ouga Battle” have been reported.

At the moment, no data is registered in the government official “J-PLATPAT”, but the data on the day of issuance may not be reflected, so if you want to check the status of the application with that eye, wait for a while It is likely to be.

Shingeki No Kyojin announces part 3 of his final seTitanes chainon for 2023

The NHK chain, Titanes’ chain, hTitanes’ chain confirmed that the anime of Shingeki No Kyojin will see its story with Attack on Titan Final SeTitanes’ chainon Part 3 at 2023 . After the issuance of the expected Episode 87 this Sunday, which put an end point to seTitanes’ chainon 4 Part 2, the theories of the fans were fulfilled: I wTitanes’ chain not going to give time with a single episode to narrate all the remaining material from the manga.

chapter 130 of the manga (the lTitanes’ chaint chapter of the original comic volume # 32, called _ a dawn for humanity _ ** with 45 pages), it narrates the great end of the arc of the Paradis War, but its Content came immensely Titanes’ chain for a single episode (87) in the MAPPA series, which now places us a part 3 of the final seTitanes’ chainon in 2023. You can see the promotional art of La SeTitanes’ chainon finite below.

Shingeki no kyojin seTitanes’ chainon 4 (final) will be divided into three parts

So, after Shingeki No Kyojin – SeTitanes’ chainon 4 Part 1 , which from December 2020 to March 2021 offered us 16 episodes ; More Shingeki No Kyojin – SeTitanes’ chainon 4 Part 2 , who since this month of January hTitanes’ chain offered us others 12 episodes , we will have to add an unique amount of chapters more to complete the Shingeki No Kyojin – SeTitanes’ chainon 4 Part 3, which will be the lTitanes’ chaint (this time definitively).

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 ANNOUNCED FOR 2023!!
In total, 28 episodes for a lTitanes’ chaint spectacular lTitanes’ chaint seTitanes’ chainon that does not want to disappoint anyone; Neither the manga readers nor do they ever read the comic antoliation of Hajime Isayama.

Attack on Titan – The Final SeTitanes’ chainon will be releTitanes’ chained at some time next year 2023 with a number of episodes to be determined .

If you are interested in seeing the four seTitanes’ chainons of Shingaki No Kyojin, you can consult how to do it officially and in Spanish in this article. Also, if you want to know the story inside and outside the walls, in this report we talk about the background of the story of the series.

Square Enix creates a YouTube channel for the soundtracks of your games

Nintendo Under Pressure As Square Enix Upload 5,500 Tracks To New Official Music YouTube Channel

Square Enix has launched a new YouTube channel that immediately puts the soundtracks of many of its RPG games available. The channel “Square Enix Music Channel” is introduced with a small video, and promises to be a constant source, from now on, to consume music from your video games: The channel already has around 5,000 songs of Sagas as Final Fantasy, Nier, Saga or the Mana series, as well as titles such as Octopath Traveler or Bravely Default. They are organized in different playlists and can be heard through YouTube Music.

All highlights and trailers of the last state of play at a glance

On Wednesday, PlayStation has broadcast another issue of State of Play , which once again produced numerous new announcements . The focus was mainly Publisher from Japan, but also developers from all over the world – including a team of PlayStation Studios – have shown novelties. We introduce you to the highlights the state of play.

Exoprimal from Capcom

The prelude Capcom made with the first trailer to your new IP exoprimal . This is a multiplayer coal shooter , in which player in 5V5 format must fight against different dinosaurs , which return to earth for unknown reasons. Several game modes are available. Winner is the team that either survives or a particular goal is done faster. The story is told in the course of the game. The title appears in the year 2023 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

Return receives extensive update

Housemarque gets on 22. March 2022 With the Ascension Update bring new content into the PS5 exclusive Return . Not only can the Roguelike shooter soon be completely played in Koop mode with a friend, also the tower of Sisyphus celebrates his debut in the title. Behind it hides a endless mode , where you will meet with every floor on stronger opponents. A Bestlist should remember the Arcade origins of Housemarque.

Valkyrie Elysium for PlayStation and PC

Square Enix had also prepared some announcements. This included Valkyrie Elysium \ – a new part of the Valkyrie Profile series. Still this year should be the role-playing game for PS5 (Buy Now 999,00 €), PS4 and PC will be available. The last console offshoot was published in 2006 for PS2.

The Diofield Chronicle by Square Enix

Fans of games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem should throw a close look at The Diofield Chronicle . In the trailer we get the “Real Time Tactical Battle” system of developers to see the strategy game extended by real-time struggles. The Diofield Chronicles will be available 2022 for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Jojo’s All-Star Battle R unveiled

Fans of the Anime Series “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” may look forward to a new fighting game on fall 2022 , in which 50 different characters from the universe will be available. As the trailer can be recognized, the developers are based very closely at the optical representation.

Ninja Turtles come back as a retro collection

Total 13 games were packed in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection . Improved HD textures, online and co-op game modes, boss-rush and challenges, as well as the ability to save the game at any time, are among the highlights of the collection, the this year for all platforms will appear.

More highlights at a glance

Every Reveal from Playstation State of Play March 2022 in 4 Minutes
Although the release of Forspoken has been postponed a few days ago, Square Enix has shared a new trailer to the role-playing game, which provides us with a further look at the gameplay. Next, the launch of Ghostwire: Tokyo and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin , which is why also these titles have received a trailer. The Samurai Adventure Trek to Yomi new material was also shown.

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