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Cod Warzone 2: The brand-new Open Globe

What did we understand regarding the setting until now? DMZ will certainly be a brand-new setting in War zone 2, which gamers additionally play Battle Royale. DMZ was repeatedly compared to the hardcore shooter Escape from Markov or with the PREP mode Hazard Area from Combat zone 2042.

It was stated that they started on a large map as well as need to deal with to the end, other gamers as well as NPCs desired to prevent this.

The Recall of Obligation: War zone 2 (COMPUTER, PS4, PS5, Xbox) will bring a brand-new setting with Open World on November 16: DMZ. The mode has been contrasted to the survival shooter Escape from Markov for months. Currently, there was initial info on the mode and an assessment by the shooter specialist on Twitch, by Shroud.

We were speaking about an extraction shooter with elements of a parlor game as well as development. For veteran viewers of Mango it sounded like the Dark Area from The Department 1:

  • Locate loot
  • Protect loot versus various other gamers as well as NPCs
  • Bring loot to safety and security

Activision Snowstorm invites streamer-except the one whose name is not called

These are now the new information: on November 9th Activision Snowstorm has actually currently given even more information regarding DMZ. Phone call of Responsibility had welcomed some wonderful banners to an occasion in Los Angeles.

Before the match, the players made a loadout on weapons and chose what they run the risk of. This appears to be the important gag from DMZ, you always have to weigh up danger versus incentive.

Incidentally: once more, Dr disrespect had to remain outdoors and spat poisonous substance and bile. The brand-new public relations group from Activision Snowstorm simply does not have it. But many various other large shooter streamers from YouTube and Twitch existed: Shroud, Drupe, Symphony as well as others.

Since when you pass away, you lose every little thing you carry with you.

_ Sum beginning of the occasion there were technological difficulties: _

In a suit, Drupe was able to open a structure with a special item, a Garrison, in which effective NPC guard strong devices and also loot. Drupe was quickly eliminated by soldiers who used an indicator, as Dote sports reports.

_ Die stream Nadia is in consistent uncertainty of unfaithful. That’s why you take a look at the weak scenes: _


When attempting to get the captured devices to security, he stopped working: due to the fact that the arrival of a helicopter notified the whole area as well as the LPO team was eliminated once again.

Shroud is the new DMZ mode not hardcore as well as non-stop sufficient

What does the upper shooter claim? The streamer Shroud was at the occasion and also mentioned the supposed resemblance to Retreat from Markov. Shroud is something like the outright instance on Twitch when it concerns shooters:

In any situation, Shroud did not locate a large support on the DMZ. He lacked Markov’s firmness that he would certainly have liked DMZ rather hardcore.

It’s not also almost like Markov. You can’t also claim it resembles Markov, however casual, because it is not. It is his very own thing, and it additionally wants to be his very own point.

DMZ will certainly be released together with War zone 2 on November 16. We have all info for you:

Cod War zone 2.0 starts on November 16-release enjoying time, preload, DMZ setting

The Recall of Duty: War zone 2 (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox) will bring a new mode with Open World on November 16: DMZ. The mode has been contrasted to the survival shooter Escape from Markov for months. What did we understand about the mode so far? DMZ will certainly be a new mode in War zone 2, which gamers conversely play Battle Royale. DMZ was consistently compared with the hardcore shooter Escape from Markov or with the PREP setting Hazard Area from Combat zone 2042.

DEAD BY DAYLIGHT In July, the result report of large -scale balance adjustment -Approximately increased killings by murderer, 30 seconds in matching time, etc.

BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE is the largest ever in the 6.1.0 update distributed in July 2022 for the asymmetric horror survival game Dead by Daylight in the 6.1.0 update distributed in July 2022. We published the results of balance adjustment.

In the 6.1.0 update, the character development system has been reviewed, some parks are strengthened and weak, and diversity in the park configuration, and the basic performance of the murderer is slightly enhanced, and the overall, overall killing. The main purpose was to improve the rate, and to implement a matchmaking bonus, alleviate the play population bias between the camps, and reduce the time required for matching.

In order to measure the results of this update, information such as records and other results compared before and after the 6.1.0 update was released. According to the report, the average murder rate by the murderer increased by about 8%to 61%. In addition, the average matching time has decreased by 32 seconds to 59 seconds. In addition, the information published public, such as the current popular park usage rate, is as follows.

Murderer’s Takes hi

Average killing rate : From 53%to 61%.

Usage rate 1st place Park Energy Usage rate : From 13%to 19%.

2nd place Park Agony Hook: Pain in Resonance Usage : From 20%to 17%.

3rd place Park Barbecue & Chile usage rate : From 40%to 17%.

Other popular park : Susana Sudoku, Last fun, Overcharge, Death phobia Call of the sea

survivor’s record

Average escape rate : From 47 % to 39 %.

Usage rate 1st place Park Self-Care Usage: 21 %.

Currently 2nd place Park Dead Hard usage rate : From 42%to 19%.

Current 3rd place Park Windows of Opochunian usage : 18 %.

Other popular parks: Supplant, proof of competence, full sprinting, grace: healing ring, given grace, frozen spine.

Matching waiting time

Average matching waiting time : 91 seconds to 59 seconds.

Average murderer waiting time (new chapter distribution date) : Up to 240 seconds.

Average survivor waiting time (new chapter distribution date) : Up to 40 seconds.

BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE explains that the number of murder and escape rates remains in the expected range, and that the hired parks are more diversity than before. On the other hand, since these data fluctuates every day, they will continue to observe and change and balance as needed.

The best equipment and class RA 225 in Call of Duty Warzone

The RA 225 submachine gun was presented to Call of Duty: Warzone with updating the 5th season Last Battle. Due to the high rate of fire and mobility, the new Vanguard machine gun is an extremely effective weapon of near-battle. Here is a guide for the best nozzles and classes RA 225 for use in Warzone Pacific.

The best combat zone for equipment RA 225

Muzzle: recoil amplifier
Store: City rapid 11 inches
Optical: Slantsy reflector
Reserve: Moravets MB
Substract: Mark VI skeleton
Magazine: 9 mm 55 round drums
Ammunition: subsonic
Back handle: glued handle
Perk 1: impulse
Perk 2: Fast

This is the best assembly of RA 225 that you can use to destroy your opponents in battles at near and medium distances. The nozzles used here are primarily aimed at improving the time for defeat (TTK) and the mobility of weapons. Firstly, we use the return amplifier and Urban Rapid 11 ″ to increase rate of fire, which, in turn, increases TTK weapons.

If you plan to use RA 225 as a sniper support, use Moravec needle 18 inches barrel, as it helps to control the speed of the bullet and control the return for better performance at medium distances. Then put on the handle with the tape, the Mark VI Skeletal butt and the Moravec MB trunk to improve mobility, such as speed, acceleration to shooting and aiming speed (ADS).

As for the store, we recommend using 9 mm 55 Round Drums drums, as they give your weapon maximum ammunition. However, if you play in a single or paired game modes of the game, the smaller 7.62 Gorenko stores 38 rounds is the best choice, since it increases the rate of fire, accuracy and mobility of the weapon in general.

Best Ra 225 Hipfire Loadout Warzone

Muzzle: recoil amplifier
Star: City 14-inch Pat
Optical: Slantsy reflector
Reserve: Moravets MB

Substract: Carver Tsevye
Magazine: 9 mm 55 round drums
Ammunition: hollow point
Back hand: grabbits from pine resin
Perk 1: Hand dexterity / Vital
Perk 2: Fast

This is an assembly for players who prefer their submachine gun to have the best accuracy of shooting from the hip. Although some hinged devices remained the same as in the previous equipment, the one that we changed is aimed at reducing the spread of fire from the thigh of the RA 225 submachine gun, which makes it an ideal weapon for close combat.

Best combat zone for setting up class RA 225

Main weapon *: Grau 5.56 / automaton / XM4
additional weapons : R 225
deadly : Semtex
Tactical *: Steam
perk 1 : serpentine
perk 2 : Excess
* perk 3 : amplifier

Stay with us in professional games for games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, go to our article on how the Supply Box UPEL murders work in Call of Duty Warzone?

Call of Duty Mobile is full of novelties for season 4: Wild Dogs!

In the groove of Vanguard and Warzone, Call of Duty Mobile is pare with great promises for the new season! For this fourth iteration entitled Wild Dogs, the developers put the package! Unpublished cards, new modes, modifications of the map Royal Battle… we tell you what awaits you on April 27th!


Released on October 1, 2019, Call of Duty: Mobile is, as the name suggests, an episode dedicated to smartphones and tablets. Available on iOS and Android, he incorporates many game modes (Battle Royale, Tan Battle, etc.) and borrows the Deblack Ops, Call of Duty elements: Warzone or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Most awaited by The community, this fourth season is also one of the most ambitious.

plethora of new features for season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile

In addition to obtaining the pomegranate at level 14 or the addition, at level 21, of Koshka, a powerful Sniper rifle, Call of Duty Mobile is preparing to accommodate new products aimed at strengthening the playing experience . We go around!

Unpublished cards

Satellite: Appeared for the first time in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the satellite map immerses the player in a desert environment in Central Africa. Very vast, this card marks the presence of an American manufacturing satellite, the KH-9 and offers many raised points and other hiding places to surprise the opponent. A kind of bowl that should tell the beautiful to the epic battles.

Khandor hideout: of medium size, this map will remind some memories to lovers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (and there are many!). It takes place in the city of Khandor, a city in the fictitious country Uzkistan. Citadine place requires, it offers countless plans to set up an urban guerrilla. Laboratory, Garage, Market Area… Everything is pretty concentrated, but promises thereto very rhythmic parts.

New event: Sandstorm’s Eye

What would you do if you were caught in a sandstorm? This is what the new Sandstorm’s Eye event offers. A huge sandstorm appeared in the desert center, which impacted the oil extraction. The enemy tries to exploit this meteorological fate and seizes many oil wells. Your role: Riposter to resume control of these strategic areas.

New mode: Ground War

It’s done (finally, the 27)! The call of duty mobile players will be able to participate in infantry and vehicle fights in the new Ground War mode. This section, appreciated by the Call of Duty Community: Modern Warfare thus joins the episode for smartphones and tablets. This mode will be practicable on the new satellite map as well as the Aniya Incursion Map.

New Multi tournament

Classification adepts? A new multiplayer tournament is appearing. At the key, you will be able to recover badges, objects and other weapons to boost your arsenal.

Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile, Wild Dogs, is released on April 27. Come on, more than two days to wait for interested parties!


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Sales of The Witcher 3 exceed 40 million, CyberPunk 2077 exceeds 18 million

The last financial call of CD Projekt Red revealed impressive sales figures for its two biggest games. The Wiccher 3: Wild Hunt, which came out for the first time in 2015, exceeded the 40 million frankly amazing sales, making it one of the most successful commercial role games ever created.

Cyberpunk 2077: “All Witcher Easter Eggs” - Part 1, Witcher Wild Hunt (Cyberpunk 2077 Easter Eggs)

Sales could be familiar with another peak in a relatively close future, when The Witcher 3 will be reissued as full publishing on PlayStation 5 and other platforms. However, this new version does not have a launch window at the time of writing; It has recently been delayed indefinitely and development has been moved internally to the CDPR. It should also be mentioned that the CDPR promised a free upgrade for the existing owners of The Witcher 3 on PS4.

And then there is CyberPunk 2077. Despite the scandalously mediocre state of the game – especially on the last generation consoles – during its launch in December 2020, it almost immediately sold extremely well. He has now exceeded 18 million units, which is a total of which most games could not even dream.

There is no doubt that many of these sales are due to the huge marketing campaign – and no doubt dishonest – the title, but at least CyberPunk 2077 is in a much better state today than it was at the time. In addition, the CDPR still works on future updates and content.

It is prudent to say that CDPR probably has a lot of profit with which to work, then – a profit that should allow the developer to create something special with his new Wiccher game, which was announced last month.

Call of Duty 2.0: Shooter Gigant could soon have a subscription

The Call of Duty series could soon get a paid abomotell, which can be read out at least from a job description of Publisher Activision Blizzard. Accordingly, it could not last so long, the ‘Cod 2.0’ model could come again this year.

COD 2.0 era with payment model

That’s why: In the already deleted job advertisement, Activision is looking for one or an Influencer & Talent Marketing Manager. As so unusual, in the job description, however, there is an interesting reference to a “COD 2.0 era”: (via CharliInel)

@LA Thieves vs @LA Guerrillas | Major II Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 1
2022 is a great opportunity for Call of Duty (COD), with an exceptional line-up on innovation in curated player experiences, multi-platform gameplay, subscription-based content, development of a mobile title, and a step towards Always-on community and player networking. We call the “cod 2.0”.

Abo service for Call of Duty? Of course, the subscription-based content is particularly interesting here. Although not more detailed, what they should involve, but of course, there would be cosmetic items and smaller bonuses that have no influence on the gameplay – such as in the recently announced subscription for GTA online.

More about the paid subscription GTA + can be found here:

__19 __2

more on the subject

GTA +: GTA online gets a paid subscription for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S


Not much known yet: Also information about possible costs or a start date of the AboServices are missing so far. Since in the tender but of 2022 is the speech, it could be so far this year. So it’s easy for us to see this feature already in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the end of the year should appear.

More news about Call of Duty:

  • Call of Duty Vanguard Play for free: Tests the new maps for two weeks
  • Does COD actually come to the switch? First game is already stuck
  • COD 2022 on Cyberpunk-Level: Modern Warfare 2 should devour to money

Official announcement is still missing

Since Activision has not yet officially announced the subscription service, you should enjoy this info with some caution. Although it comes from official body, but even if a paid subscription is currently planned, much can change.

That subscription models are successful, not least Sony with their PS plus service, which soon gets a complete overhaul.

What do you think of a subscription for Call of Duty and what should be included in it?

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