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Smag-Angel Games, Global Publishing Contract

On the 16th, Smilegate Mega Port announced that it has signed a global publishing contract with Angel Games’ new cross -platform game ‘Wonders: The Arena’. Through this agreement, Smilegate Megaport will provide Wonders in all regions including Korea in the future.

Wonders is a new action adventure game of Angel Games, which has been recognized for its outstanding development power for ‘Road of Dice’ and ‘Top M: Great Journey’. It supports mobile and PC cross platforms to provide the best play experience anywhere. The characteristic of Wonderful is to enjoy the contents of various genres such as Logike, an action adventure -style real -time team, a boss raid that targets powerful bosses with cooperative play, and various mini games in one game. It can be.

In particular, the characteristics of each genre are newly interpreted by Wonderus’s own way to enhance the completeness and provide rich fun in any content. Users can experience new battles every time with the fun of control through manual operation and the choice of constantly changing battlefields.

The characters full of personality who reinterpreted the heroes of fairy tales who are familiar to users are also eye -catching. Each character can be fostered according to the user’s propensity with its own skills and play style. In addition, it also provides cute and sophisticated visuals that match the concept of ‘fairy tales’.

On the other hand, Smilegate Megaport plans to focus on the ability to become a global hit based on the know -how accumulated through successful global services. To this end, the two companies continue to quench to build close cooperation and further enhance the completeness of Wonders. The specific schedule will be released later.

Park Ji -hoon, CEO of Angel Games, said, “I am happy to be able to show ‘Wonderful: The Arena’ through Smilegate Mega Port, which is doing well in the global market.” I will do my best to show the new fun of Angel Games. ”

Game Distribution and Game Publishing challenges - FEJA4 - Dec 04 - 13H00 GMT
Kwon Ik -hoon, general manager of Smilegate Megaport, said, “It is an honor to be able to provide the ambitious work of Angel Games, which has proved its outstanding development power through various works. We plan to focus on all the global service capabilities of Smilegate Mega Port so that Wonders can become a global beloved IP. ”

Additional information about Wannus can be found on the introduction page.

1860 Munich: Stefan Lex and the view of the SVWW

The training conditions are great, Marco Hitler declared Lowest, 1860 is currently in the training camp in Turkey in Belem. The first unity was already crisp, reports the goalkeeper, who was allowed to experience the rare feeling to the end of the year 2021, to stay twice in a row without a goal.

After 2: 5 against Magdeburg and the turbulence around Molders, the team composed and considered together, as we want to continue. We had to find another approach — not only tactical, but as a community, said Led, the Molder as a play guide had inherited and with one goal at the outward wages at Borussia Dortmund II (2: 0) and the Würzburg Beleks (3: 0) before.

That was a start, Led studied the two threesome. In 1860 now, see that we wet constancy, not so often draw how to play at the beginning of the season, but also pull the games. I’m still convinced that we can have a good team and can tear something in the second half.

1860 München vs. Viktoria Köln 3-0 | Full Game | 3rd Division 2021/22 | Matchday 5
The view first goes to the game on Friday against Hans Rostock, the coach already wants a serious test. Not that we only carry ourselves with heavy legs over the place. Led hopes for the Ostseestädter a good test. But then next week, there’s about points. The SV When Wiesbaden comes to Gaining. The third threesome under leader Led waves.

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